Red Alert!... CPS Offices Being Installed In Schools!!!... Get Your Kids Out Of Government School!


ERIE COUNTY, N.Y.  22 Suburban public school districts in western New York are deciding that the best way to protect the children, is to open an office in every school, and place staff from the Erie County CPS and Social Services.
~ Andre Gabriel Esparza - List of school districts - Video

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Radiation From 'Manhattan Project'... Causing 'Cancer Clusters'


The Manhattan Project was the military program that developed the atomic bomb. This project was considered by most people to be a conspiracy theory for years until the bombs eventually dropped. Whole towns were built to test the first nuclear weapons. ~ John Vibes - Videos

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Big Government Just Keeps Getting Bigger... Obama Jobs Now Outnumber Manufacturing Jobs by a HUGE Margin!


According to data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, government jobs now outnumber manufacturing jobs by nearly 1.8 to 1. Almost 22,000,000 people work for local, state, and federal agencies, compared to 12,329,000 workers in the manufacturing sector. ~ Joshua Krause - Related article

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Is ANYTHING Made In America?


America may not be not perfect, but it was the most successful, most productive, most diverse, most free nation in the history of mankind. Unfortunately, as America turned its back on God, it is now slowly slipping into bondage. ~ Videos

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Larry Nichols... The New Clinton Chronicles 2015


Clinton insider, Larry Nichols, tears open the Clinton machine and exposes their colossal list of lies, deceptions and depravities. From Bill Clinton's bizarre sexual history and involvement with trafficking cocaine into the U.S. too Hillary's trail of death as secretary of state and her rise to the presidency: the blood is spilled as the gloves come off. ~ Videos

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Another Government Shutdown September 30th?


Much of America's political focus has understandably been on the 2016 presidential race. There is, however, a more immediate problem on the horizon. Congress has two weeks to pass a measure to keep the government funded beyond Sept. 30. If no agreement is reached, federal agencies could be shuttered again — the second time in three years. ~ Ryan 

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How The US Dollar Lost Incredible Purchasing Power Since 1938


Money is only as useful as to what it can purchase. The Fed has created a system where debt is now equal to money. Big purchases like cars, housing, and even going to college are only feasible by mortgaging your future for many decades.

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Comparing the Cost of Living Between 1975 and 2015... A Good Look at Forty Years of Tricks and Lies!


Inflation is widely misunderstood by the public. Even economists tend to have a hard time coming to a general agreement to the true definition of inflation.  When you ask the person on the street what inflation is they usually respond by saying the "price of things going up" which is more of a consequence of inflation,
rather than the cause. 

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Donald Trump Announces His Gun Plan... "Protecting Our Second Amendment Rights Will Make America Great Again"


The Second Amendment to our Constitution is clear. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Period. The Second Amendment guarantees a fundamental right that belongs to all law-abiding Americans.
~ Donald Trump

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PepsiCo Using Unlabeled 'Mystery' Ingredients Developed By 'Aborted Fetal Cells' Company Senomyx


How long has this been going on???
Beverage giant PepsiCo has once again partnered with Senomyx, the San Diego, California based chemical company that gained nationwide attention back in 2011 for using aborted human fetal cells to develop flavor chemicals, to create even more flavor chemicals for its products. ~ Videos - Audio

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List of Companies Using Aborted Human Fetal Cells As 'Flavor Enhancers'!... Store Owners Need To Know About This!


This has to stop! Every store owner and manager needs to know what is in the food and drinks they sell. All store owners want to believe they are selling top quality and safe food products. Seeing this information will prove they, as well as their customers are nothing more than test subjects... guinea pigs for big profit companies and corporations. ~ (more from KTL at the end of this article)

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15 Missing Planes That Were Never Found


From a pilot who claimed to be followed by something that wasn't an aircraft to disappearances over the Bermuda Triangle, here are fifteen missing planes that were never found. ~ Video

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'Master The Human Domain'?... Obama's New E.O. Orders Federal Agencies To Begin Behavioral Experiments!... Be Very Afraid!


Obama's Executive Order is based on research done by Cass Sunstein author of 'Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas'. ~ Stephan Stanford - Videos

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Marine Goes Balistic!... Blows Whistle on Syrian False Flag and Real Agenda Behind It


Ken O'Keefe... "We have tortured and killed and maimed and raped around this planet. We don't operate under international law; we have the law of the jungle" ~ MUST SEE Video

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Priceless!... Citizen Stops Cop for Violating the Law Asks for I.D.... Gives Cop a Warning!


We, the people, are sentinels of our liberties and cops are NOT above the law… no matter how much they may think they are.  If you see a cop (which is simply a citizen with a badge, uniform and gun) doing something illegal, it is perfectly within your rights as a citizen to hold him accountable. ~ Video

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The 9 Lives (and Deaths) of Osama Bin Laden - a Concise Summary


When Obama pronounced Osama Bin Laden dead in a televised announcement heard round the world, he was at least the ninth major head of state or high-ranking government official to have done so. ~ James Corbett - Videos

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Books The Secret Government Hopes You'll Never Read


There are books that get heavily promoted, wind up on bestseller lists everywhere before the ink has even dried on the pages, and you randomly see everyone at the airport carrying a copy under their arm as if they are being handed out for free with the plane tickets...

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School Lock-Down Drills?... Bus Evacuation Drills?... PA School Requests 'Emergency Food Bags'?... Parents Should Be Very Leery!


Children will become the leverage to lure in the parents. There are two drills that are conducted in every public school across America, and parents should be leery as to the end game intent of these drills. The drills are popularly known as bus evacuation drill and school lock-down drills. ~ Dave Hodges - Videos

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The New Inmates of America's Police State... Students Attending Government Schools


Schools have become a microcosm of the American police state, right down to the host of surveillance technologies, including video cameras, finger and palm scanners, iris scanners, as well as RFID and GPS tracking devices, employed to keep constant watch over their student bodies. ~ John W Whitehead

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RED ALERT!... ISIS Calls On Muslims In America To Go To Homes Of U.S. Soldiers and "Slaughter Them"!!!


Send this information to all military personel you know!
"You could literally search for soldiers, find their town, photos of them, look for address in Yellowbook or something," the tweet read. "Then show up and slaughter them." ~ Jana Winter, FoxNews - Related article - Videos

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The Bible Reveals When Jesus Was Born!... It's NOT December 25th As We Were Taught!


The Christmas story found in the Holy Bible (Luke 2) is cherished by all Christians. The birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is the most important event in history, next to the day of His resurrection.

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Russian Media Is Talking About What Is Coming In September... US Media Just Talks Nonsense


Why does the Russian media seem to be far more on the ball than the mainstream media in the United States much of the time? Could it be that Russian reporters have more freedom to talk about important issues than U.S. reporters working for the major corporate conglomerates? ~ Michael Snyder

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LEAKED... 'CLASSIFIED' NASA Memo... Asteroid to Impact Houston Texas Area September 28th... Russia Doesn't Hide It


Houston, we have a problem ... The Internet rumor mill is swirling with a screenshot (below) of a supposedly classified NASA Web page that has since been removed which states that an asteroid called 2015 PDC-H5 was discovered on March 13, 2015 and is expected to make impact in the Houston, Texas area on September 28, 2015. ~ Videos

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Bank Holiday???... During Next Crisis, Elite Likely To Close Banks For 10 Days!


When China falls and the global "tailspin" occurs and the ripples start being felt across the globe, central banks have the legal mechanism in place to simply prevent depositors from accessing their money for up to 10 days.
~ Susan Duclos - Video

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Old Donald Trump 1988 Video Uncovered


Donald Trump was a guest on Oprah Whinfrey Show in 1988. She had some inreresting questions for him 25 years ago and his answers were 
equally as interesting. Check it out... Video

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