Did You Know... Family Court or Family Law is a Created Business Invented, Marketed and Protected by American Bar Association?

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Family Court or Family Law is a made-up business of fraud and collusion invented, marketed and protected by the American Bar Association, ABA-member lawyers and supportive and collusive ABA-member Judges and their friends, the 'experts'.
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Family law is a brilliant racket created to extort your family's life savings through unending litigation prolonged deliberately by 'lawyer instigated' conflict at a time when you are most vulnerable and in need of help.

The system has no interest in actually divorcing you until you are picked clean of your life savings. Once picked clean, the system drops you for the next victim.

For years, 'Therapist' Marsha Kleinman committed the most atrocious professional violations imaginable in family court by routinely coaching innocent children to say they had been sexually abused by their fathers in order to gain a leg up in custody battles for her clients and revenue for her professional practice.

For years, the state denied such criminal action could possible occur. By state law, children are subjected to vaginal rape exams for each and every false accusation perpetrated by unethical and fraudulent lawyers, judges and 'experts' in their games for revenue.



Marsha Kleinman has put innocent men behind bars and destroyed the lives of countless children. The FCLU President's own uncle, a retired family court judge who plied his trade in New Jersey, worked with Ms. Kleinman and put these men behind bars.

Professional behavior such as Ms. Kleinman's is repeated daily in courthouses across America by similar 'experts' and is fueled by family law attorneys and condoned by the family court system for revenue.

In fact, the false sexual abuse accusation is #4 in their sick Family Law Playbook.

The FCLU is NOT affiliated with the ACLU who has expressed no interest in defending family rights.

The FCLU is 100% gender, religion and ethnicity neutral and aims to educate and protect all.

Ironically, Family Court is neutral as well - Family Court does not care if you are a man, woman, child, white, black, Asian, Middle Eastern, European, American Indian, Eskimo, etc.

Family court only cares that you have cash - cold hard, liquid cash.

For all too many Americans, family court quickly becomes an unrestrained, court-system generated circus designed to pit one parent against the other in order to transfer a family's life savings to matrimonial attorneys and court 'experts'.

Once in the family court system, it can be years and hundreds of thousands of dollars before an average family emerges from the system - broken, slandered, extorted, exploited and forever damaged beyond repair.

Winners are routinely punished while the losers are routinely rewarded in family court - all to enrage and embroil families in dispute for more and more fees.

Over 120,000 families are bankrupted by the family court system each year fighting deliberate false accusations of substance abuse, domestic violence and pedophilia.

Once damaged, few people have any fight left in them to fight the system. We do and we fight for you. Our first advice for divorcing families is to stay as far away from matrimonial attorneys and family court judges as possible.

The more exposure to the family court system, the less your family will end up with and the more adversarial your relationship will be.

The family court acts as the front end sales and marketing arm for lawyers, 'experts' and a host of other unnecessary service providers including the jail system and orders their costly use to victims on a daily basis.

Family court is quite literally American Bar Associated (ABA) controlled, state sanctioned job creation, racketeering, fraud and theft of family assets. The ABA fights tooth and nail to block any reform in the interest of defrauding innocent families.

In addition, many family court insiders belong to the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts - www.afccnet.org, which is nothing more than a think tank for more fraud such as pet custody disputes.

Insiders call it 'Conflict for Cash'. We call it 'The Brilliant Racketâ„¢'.

No honest, trusting and vulnerable family would ever expect to be exploited by what they consider a safe haven to solve their family problems - Family Court.

The American Bar Association is a 410,000 member strong, $210 million dollar organized labor union which fights and lobbies to protect the industry and generate handsome fees for lawyers through ambiguity of laws, argumentative case-law and collusion.

All lawyers and judges are members of this elite community of collusion, big business & fraud.

Judges, after a few years on the bench, retire with their taxpayer's pension and join the very law firms they enriched while on the bench in order to receive exorbitant pay as 'consultants'.

The family court system is one of the most powerful courts in the American judicial system and routinely violates fathers', mothers' and children's Constitutional Rights with lack of due process restraining orders, forced alienation of children from fine, fit parents and court ordered separation of property without legal justification.

By breeding and instigating malicious mothers and fathers, matrimonial attorneys and the family court system create 'deadbeat dads and  deadbeat moms' by turning fine, fit parents into destitute, broken citizens separated from their children, property and finances.

Family court, through a system of ABA controlled, antiquated, deliberately ambiguous, arcane, self-serving laws and cumbersome court rules, routinely creates fatherless & motherless children that devastate children, mothers and fathers and undermines the fabric of American society.

As women continue to earn more money in the workforce, this system is turning against women with alarming speed and frequency.

The family court system's unregulated environment enables opportunistic matrimonial attorneys to exploit families at their most vulnerable time and entrap families in multi-year, financially ruinous divorce litigation and bitter, attorney-created acrimony deliberately instigated to line their pockets with your money. Families are literally picked clean by the system!

In family law, there is no constitutional right to jury, due process or an attorney. As a result, elected or appointed Judges have tremendous unsupervised power to conduct their court rooms as they see fit.

Compound this fact with the problem of underfunded and opaque ethics regulations of attorneys, judges or court appointed experts and you have the recipe for disaster for families stuck in a collusive court.

The trio of judge, attorney and expert have 100% transparency into the assets of their victims and have scary powers to hold children as ransom in money grabs.

It's truly an abomination and, as Americans, we have a moral imperative to fix this situation and apply civil rights to the courts that decide the lives of our children.

How can this possibly be?

Family court is big business. A Business created by lawyers for lawyers. Divorce is a $100 Billion a year industry with massive lobbying and marketing budgets. $100 Billion, not from corporate budgets but from your life savings and children's college funds!

It's a system of increasing financial benefit to matrimonial attorneys & court 'experts' and diminishing returns for your family - all while being marketed to you as a winning strategy and your only option to succeed during divorce.

It's nothing more than state supported job creation and legally mandated transfer of wealth. Anyone challenging what we say on this site is personally profiting from the system - period. Research their background.

When one parent is destroyed financially, the whole family suffers. Only the legal profession has ethics boards and fee arbitration panels because they are so fraudulent. All these boards are run by lawyers - collusion by definition. Every week, we receive tragic stories.

Divorce has no place in a court room where divorcing couples are routinely disrespected and treated like criminals by our appointed and elected civil servants. Divorce should be a regulated, thirty or sixty day event just like home real estate transfer.

The process needs fixed legal fees for paperwork, fixed accounting fees for asset division, alimony and child support calculations based on standardized schedules.

Shared physical custody needs to be set at 50/50 with offsets for parental schedules. A regulated time frame, conflict and legal abuse syndrome is minimized, families remain solvent and children remain protected.

The family court system will lose its power to remove children from fine, fit parents, bankrupt and destroy productive members of society and create adversarial situations that push people to dangerous limits.

A 30 or 60 day system of divorce, divorce rates would likely trend downward which shall improve the fabric of American society. The current industry model of making a mountain out of a molehill for revenue is at the end of its abusive, greedy, self-serving and destructive cycle.

Fortunately, the era has arrived for reforming the divorce industry and family court for American citizens.

Our Mission is to harness the strength, energy and determination of thousands of disparate, autonomous fathers' and mothers' groups and millions of damaged parents and children and channel that power into a force of ONE NATIONAL VOICE to enact modern legislation and a system of checks and balances.

We will not stand by as irresponsible family court laws, willing courts and 10,000 American Bar Association matrimonial attorneys dictate, prey on and destroy the lives of millions of Americans.

The power of social media and education of the problems will drive the message to our civil servants that change can no longer be ignored by them. Our strategy is well-engineered, our vision is focused and our committment unwavering.

What do we do?...

* We utilize innovative programs such as CEMAâ„¢, VRPâ„¢ & JIPâ„¢.

* We work to establish state reform commissions.

* We introduce new legislation, we conduct social and economic research studies.

* We work with national labor unions.

* We utilize select litigation for constitutional or ethical breaches.

* We rely on private investigators.

* We conduct civil servant lifestyle investigations and utilize the power of the press, public education and the production of our television documentary, Family Court - The Brilliant Racket© to reach our goal of family court reform across the United States.

The FCLU aims to protect families from the family court system until the family court system protects families.



Our CEMAâ„¢ Certification Program is available to all ABA matrimonial attorneys who apply and pass our background investigation program. See CEMAâ„¢ in the About Us section. If your attorney is not CEMAâ„¢ Certified, demand one that is.




The VRPâ„¢ program is available to all FCLU members. See VRPâ„¢ in the About Us section. Register your personal legal & civil rights violations in the Take Action section and Complain Today!



Another innovative program developed by the FCLU, our Judicial Investigative Program, represents a higher level of checks and balances for a system in need of change. See JIPâ„¢ in the About Us section. Register your judicial tip, lead or complaint in the Take Action section Today!


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Information from the FCLU does not constitute legal advice and is not meant to be acted upon without guidance from your Legal Counsel. 

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 06/16/2014 - 9:45pm.