Report Shows... American Lotteries Rigged Since 1970's!

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A recent Department of Commerce report, which has seemingly been brushed under the rug by the Obama administration, reveals that as many as 31 State lotteries in the United States are currently rigged to favor players with certain personality traits, which are identified by the numbers they choose to play through a cocktail of psychology and mathematics. ~ Matt Rock

The 371-page report cites witness testimony, historical data, and mathematical analysis to prove its thesis… that a majority of state and multi-state lotteries have no randomization whatsoever, and are rigged to favor players who exhibit personality traits that indicate they'll spend the winnings in a way that benefits the state the most.

How does this work?  In 1957, A little-known German mathematician and psychologist, Otmar Stahnke, conducted a study on lucky numbers, which showed conclusively that people choose numbers primarily based on a variety of personality traits. 

People with certain traits were typically drawn to those same numbers.  Stahnke's work was picked up by MIT students after his death in 1964, and in 1973, the New York State Lottery commissioned students at Cornell University to adapt MIT's research to their lottery system. 

In 1976, the Cornell students succeeded, and New York became the first state to rig its lottery for local and state financial gain.

Typically, lottery winners tend to share a number of traits with one another.  The winners tend to be married, with 0 to 2 children.  They're often aged between 38 and 55.  And in most instances, they tend to have recently endured financial hardship. 

Other factors, such as gender, education, ethnicity, and physical health, are typically factored in when specific elements of a local or state economy are struggling, and only certain types of winners would boost those economic values.

Today, according to the report, 31 states use the algorithms first envisioned by Otmar Stahnke, as do the two biggest multi-state lotteries in the nation, Mega Millions and Powerball.  Seven other states have previously attempted to use the system as well, but often failed due to a lack of the strong demographics needed for the algorithms to function properly.

The report was apparently filed on May 1st.  Why did it take so long to reach the public?  According to one anonymous insider, who leaked the document to National Report, the Obama Administration didn't want it to be released.

"The view at the White House seems to be, `hey, no one is getting hurt here,'" the insider explained.  "They think that because these lotteries pump so much money into education, and because the winnings are helping their states out, nothing should be done about it, and revealing the study to the people would cause unnecessary unrest."

"I disagree with President Obama and his staff on this.  I think the people deserve to know the truth here.  They deserve to know that the lottery is a sham, and they don't have any realistic chance of ever winning it."


Matt Rock - May 17, 2014 - posted at NationalReport


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 05/24/2014 - 7:10pm.


Rich (not verified) | Wed, 05/28/2014 - 6:25pm

I also see similar comments on rigged lottery draw. Only way to make it publicly acceptable level is to move out the draw facility to public area where people can watch the natural drawing. Why does the numbered balls refill in every draw? It should be kept for years so no tampering can be done. All draws including daily shouldn't be carried with computers so that it will make a fair drawing method. It needs definately reform.