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Easter, as known by modern day Christianity, is the celebration of Jesus's resurrection on the 3rd day following his death by Crucifixion.  It is celebrated by both Christians and Non-Christians around the world and has become a multi-billion dollar Industry, oh wait… um, Holiday. ~ Kendra Gilbert - Video

Easter is always acknowledged and celebrated on a "Sun" Day.  In ancient times this was the day of "Sun" worship, honoring the glory of the life giving energy received by our Sun as it ascends and sits at the right hand side of God.  This, directionally speaking, would be the EASTERn Sky.

This "Spring Festival" which is meant to honor the rebirth after the cold deadness of Winter, has taken multiple religious forms throughout the world, all depicted by different Gods within their respective cultures.

In essence, it is Mythology.

It is very important that we consider who actually wrote the Bible if we want to truly understand it. The Greek Mythologists are responsible for the myths behind our cultural beliefs today, and so it only makes sense that we would use their own language in order to decipher it's meanings.

When we consider the entire idea behind Easter, the "Springing forth" of new life after the Death of the Winter, the actual name JESUS is very significant as pointed out by David Fideler (Jesus Christ Sun of GOD)

If you spell the name JESUS out in Greek letters, this is what you will see:

=   10

= 8

= 200

= 70

= 400

= 200

8 8 8

Much like the Hebrew language, the Greek language assigns a numerical value to each of their alphabetical letters.  As you can see, the name JESUS or "IESOUS" equals to 888.  This is very significant because in Greek Mythology, 888 is the SUN, the Light of the World.

The number 12 is also very significant to the story of JESUS, especially when we accept the metaphorical reference to our SUN and other Planetary Bodies.  The movement of our Sun/Son of God through the 12 constellations or "signs" refers to the 12 disciples, and according to some researchers such as Bill Donahue and Santos Bonacci, the 12 cranial nerves.


Jesus, the Sun/Son, with the Crux behind his head.
Notice, there are 12 with him as he descends…

There are also many other metaphorical references to the Life and Death of JESUS hidden in the celestial mythological story such as:

  • The immaculate conception of JESUS, born of a Virgin.  Astrologically speaking this is the 9th Month…which is September, VIRGO (depicted as a Virgin, a full term Human Pregnancy is "9"³ months)

  • The SUN/SON is crucified during the Winter Solstice, Dec 21st…while the SUN/SON descends to the constellation CRUX, which is…you guessed it - the Southern "CROSS".

  • It is there that it is in a "Tomb" for a duration of 3 days and 3 nights which are Dec 22nd -  24th and then rises once again on Dec 25th (The New Birth).

How we could ever take such a beautiful story of creation, death and rebirth and turn it into such a diluted misinterpretation symbolized by GMO candy, non biodegradable junk and billions of hard boiled eggs…is truly a travesty.

The truth is, Easter is really supposed to be in December…the crucifixion actually happens in December, as does the resurrection.  Why is this?  In December our Sun passes, or descends in the direction of the Southern Cross during the Winter Solstice. 

December also marks the time when our Sun rises out of the "tomb" of the Winter Solstice, after 3 days and 3 nights (the three darkest days).  Then, also in December, our Sun is reborn and ascends or "rises" on the 25th.

So basically what this means is that the Easter Holiday we celebrate in the Spring is NOT the resurrection of the SUN but the Ascension of the Sun to the Right Hand Side of GOD.

Yes, this also means our Christmas is celebrated in the wrong time of year as well.  It should be celebrated in September, which is when the Sun is born of the "Virgin" Virgo.

Many people don't want to change their ways of thinking because this would ultimately mean accepting that we have been lied to, duped into accepting a version that benefits the modern day agendas of the Corporate World.

If we were truly in harmony with Nature, we would be celebrating Christmas in September, the Birth of the Sun, and  the Crucifixion and Resurrection in December.

So what does the word Easter mean exactly?  Well, immediately the directional term "EAST" is clearly visible, which is the direction in which the SUN/SON ascends to be with the Father, the right hand side. 

However, if we look at the actual definition taken from an encyclopedia it states that it is derived from the Middle English word "˜Ester', which is derived from the Old English word "˜eastre'.  Eastre, more commonly known as Ishtar, happens to be an Ancient Pagan Goddess of Love, Sex, Fertility and War.

Now, there is still a lot of speculation about whether Easter is associated with Ishtar, some people consider the word "˜Easter' as being an English word and feel there is no connection, even though our own encyclopedia clearly stated so…

However, what we do know is that the English language was derived from German, Scandinavian, Celtic, Greek and Latin languages and new words are even still added to our dictionary today, so it makes sense that the likelihood of a connection is more than quite possible. 

Personally, I feel that this controversy is merely one of religious bias as Christians have wanted to stomp out the very essence of Paganism for centuries, and after all, Easter is a "Christian Holiday" how dare it be associated with a "Pagan God"….

So what's up with the Rabbits and Eggs?  The beloved Easter Bunny has become the perfect symbol of fertility and procreation during a time when our Earth becomes a literal delivery room for all living creatures. All life "Springs forth" from an egg or seed, another wonderful symbolism for the continuation of LIFE.

Bill Donahue of www.HiddenMeanings.com does an absolutely superb job explaining the Myth behind the Easter Holiday in the following video:



It is very important that we begin to reconnect with the true nature of our world, reclaim the lost wisdom our ancestors once possessed and lost through years of religious war, greed, programming and hidden agenda which have become the corportized holidays of today's world.

Yes, we should be celebrating.

Without our Savior the Sun rising, we would plunge into an eternal Winter where darkness and death would forever be upon the Earth.  Sadly, no amount of chocolate or hard boiled eggs could ever save us from that.


Kendra Gilbert - April 19, 2014 - posted at DailySpiral


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 04/19/2014 - 9:03pm.