All Eyes On Austin Texas!... Huge Drill + Huge Threat = False Flag!

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A False Flag Alert is in place for Austin, Texas for the next two weeks as shared in this video from Dahboo77. A recent report of a terror threat for the area has been confirmed and adding to the mix is a two-week multi-level terror "˜drill' taking place in the same area as the terror threat. ~ Related article - Video

This is the perfect situation to watch out for, a huge terror threat and a huge terror drill both taking place during the same time period and in the same place.

With this terror threat document now confirmed, who leaked this document when it wasn't supposed to get out?

Is somebody sending us some kind of a warning?

Why did they rescind it?


AUSTIN (KXAN) - Texas Military Forces says a memo its commanders received about a potential terror threat in Austin was sent out by mistake.

The force protection alert outlines what it refers to as unconfirmed reports from the Department of Homeland Security about a potential terror attack in Austin sometime Thursday or Friday.

After contacting the Texas Military Forces Headquarters, KXAN was told the internal memo was not intended for public release.

It was sent out last week before all the details could be verified. The memo was later rescinded, but copies of the memo are now circulating on social media. It mentions Austin's famous 6th St. as a potential target area.


This is the exact type of situation to watch for... anywhere a ' HUGE DRILL' is taking place with a Huge 'Terror Alert' at the same time!!!

Be sure to listen to the call ins!




August 9, 2013 - posted at BeforeIt'sNews


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A Trojan Horse For Martial Law Takeover? The Austin, Texas DHS Terror Drill

Are the Austin, Texas Department of Homeland Security "˜terror drills' that will be going on in the coming weeks a trojan horse for the martial law takeover of America?

During the next several weeks, a "˜multi-agency' homeland security terror drill will be taking place in the Austin, Texas area, strangely enough, also the home of Alex Jones and a city mentioned in this Force Protection Alert story warning of Al-Qaeda style backpack attacks.

Agencies involved in the joint operation includes the FBI, the Austin Police Department, the Travis County Sheriff's Office, and even the University of Texas Police Department.

The Texas Department of Transportation said that during the drills, law enforcement will be frequently mobilizing in and around Austin.

"The public should not be alarmed if they observe unordinary law enforcement or first responder activity over the next few weeks in the Austin area," said DPS Director Steven McCraw.




August 9, 2013 - posted at BeforeIt'sNews


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 08/10/2013 - 3:04pm.