Stanley Ann Dunham... Obama's Fake Mother???... You Decide

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Stanley Ann Dunham

Investigative researcher Martha Trowbridge continues unraveling Obama's past... ~ Nathan M. Bickel

The picture (below) of the Lord's archangel, Michael, defeating Satan; the signature pic that appears on Investigative Martha Trowbridge's website which exposes Obama's ID frauds.

Increasingly, more Americans are becoming convinced that Obama is one of the devil's favorite disciple (sons). Will he "fall" in like manner (from Air Force One) as Lucifer fell as lightening from heaven?

Could Obama possibly possess the same fate as the recent demise of 2 FBI agents? Or, Is the Triune God allowing Obama's life to be extended so that he can genuinely repent of all his Satan-like lying lifestyle sins?

Investigative Researcher Martha Trowbridge masterfully exposes 3 digital "identifiers" in her latest article exposing Obama's background criminal fraud:

Stanley Ann Dunham - Passport to Obama Identity Fraud

Trowbridge's research is demonstrating how the Obama enablers utilized digital photography [photo shopping] to create Obama's fake mother, "Stanley Ann Dunham." Please note that pics (in Trowbridge's article) on the left of the 3 sets of pictures, are passport bogus pics.

They are digital [computer] creations and are not genuine photographs of the said person.

Please feel free to enlarge each picture by clicking onto them with your computer mouse.

[Please note that the "Elizabeth Duke" Terrible Truth website articles are free with registration]

The First Picture Set:

Note the obvious "neck mass" of the two faces. Look specifically at the pointed arrows. They point to protrusions.

It seems the obviously fake passport image of "Stanley Ann" derives from the same person as Elizabeth Duke - an FBI Most Wanted Fugitive Domestic Terrorist, whose person was (illegally) and strangely taken off that said list in 2009 by Obama and his Mexican gunrunning Attorney General, Eric Holder.

[Note also - the same FBI pic of Elizabeth Duke on the FBI website page]

The Second Picture Set:

This passport pic of "Stanley Ann Dunham" was reportedly made available 1 yr. after Obama took office. Why did it take Hillary Clinton's State Department so long to release this botched pic? [Note the passport pic (itself) below]

This passport pic of

Note the above muddied colored (supposed) passport pic of "Stanley Ann Dunham" (to the left of this page). Have you ever seen such a botched and molested passport pic as this one?

Then, note the similarities of the right nostrils in both pictures (on Trowbridge's website article). Are you beginning to "get the 'picture?'" [No pun intended]

What the Obama cabal has perpetrated these past years, is to photoshop pictures, thus "creating" Obama's "Dreams" book fraudulent storyline. Ever see the pic of Obama (supposedly) sitting between his "Hawaiian grandparents" at a New York park setting?

Look at the fake left hand of "grandfather Dunham," resting (not touching) above Obama's left shoulder.

Also, why is Barack wearing an apparent leather jacket when his "grandmother" is in a comfortable summer dress?

Is Obama also wearing a scarf?

The Third Picture Set and Subsequent Pictures:

Note the mouth area of the pictures. Follow Trowbridge's explanation. Also note the last picture set and the grotesques pic on the left (of this page) of the manufactured (fictionalized) "Stanley Ann Dunham."

Obama Will Be Deposed - Much of the evidence contributing to his political departure will be the very fraudulent pictorial [mis]representations his enablers manufactured:

This Moralmatters author continues to maintain that as a whole (at least to this point in time), unsuspecting Americans have been duped [brainwashed] to accept Obama's own worded self manufactured storyline.

Given the short history of Obama's White House occupation, it has become obvious (or should become obvious) that Obama is a pathological liar. Consequently, all that he has purported himself to be via his "Dreams" book about his "Dunham history" must be logically held in utter suspect.

How can an honest person accept, hook, line and sinker Obama's storyline past, in light of the present and growing evidence against it; - and, realizing Obama's personal (consistent) history of lying deceptions?

That's like believing that government always tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Finally, it is this author's firm conviction and observation that the same Obama who has perpetrated his lying past by fraudulent digitally created photoshopped pictures, will ironically and eventually be (in part) scrutinized, exposed and politically deposed by the very deceptive and fraudulent digital pics that [once] deceived the unsuspecting (and wanting to believe) masses.

[Please note after the related links, the 3rd (last) pic of the aka "Stanley Ann Dunham" passport]:

Related to the above mini commentary - Latest 3 articles of Investigative Researcher Martha Trowbridge:

Please note this website's related articles:

The aka, "Stanley Ann Dunham" [purported] "passport:"

This passport pic of

This passport and pic of "Stanley Ann Dunham" was reportedly made available 1 yr. after Obama took office. Why did it take Hillary Clinton's State Department so long to release this botched pic?

Does it remind you of Hillary's botched non efforts with the Benghazi massacre that killed 4 Americans and (of which Obama) is presently silencing survivors from testifying?

Please also note:

 Pic of private investigator, Neil Sankey, who discovered in May 2013, that the Elizabeth Duke indictments and arrest warrant  had been dismissed in 2009 under Obama, by the NCIC (National Criminal Information Center by FBI).

Pic above is of private investigator, Neil Sankey, who discovered in May 2013, that the Elizabeth Duke indictments and arrest warrant had been dismissed in 2009 under Obama, by the NCIC ("National Criminal Information Center" by the FBI). Connect the dots with this obvious damning piece of information.

Ask yourself and try to connect some important dots: Why would Obama be interested in dismissing an indictment against Elizabeth Duke?

Obama Dismisses Indictment Against Fugitive Bombing Terrorist - Is Tsarnaev's Indictment to be Dismissed Next? - by Montgomery Blair Sibley


Lost to the memory of most, Elizabeth Duke was indicted on May 11, 1988, along with six other individuals for acts of violence against the United States, including the bombing of the United States Capitol on November 7, 1983.

A fuller description of the Indictment is contained in the United States Attorney's 1988 Press Release regarding the Indictment.

If you want to put Elizabeth Duke's Indictment in historical context, I suggest The Evolution of a Modern Domestic Terrorist Group by James E. Wilson.

After her arrest in 1985 in Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Duke was released on $300,000 bail over the strenuous objections of the United States Attorney.

She subsequently failed to re-appear as ordered and a fugitive bench warrant was issued for her arrest... -



Pastor Emeritus Nathan M. Bickel - August 5, 2013 - posted at MoralMatters


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 08/07/2013 - 3:56pm.


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