AGENDA 21 - An UNsustainable America

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A powerful lesson on the history of United Nations Agenda 21 and Global Governance ~ Michael Coffman - Lecture




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01:24 Global Warming, Coffman's scientific findings.

02:50 What is Global Governance?

03:48 Bureaucrats seeking to rule and who are they?

04:30 Coffman shows studies on how people will react.

06:31 What schools were teaching in the 1970's.

06:48 Two opposing views on property rights.

07:32 Constitution is based on the writings of John Locke.
Lock says Property Rights are most important.
Students of John Lock

08:02 Fredrick Bastiat and Sir William Blackstone

08:17 Thomas Jefferson, James Madison

08:28 Preservation of Property Rights
John Locke -- Property Rights are foundational to Liberty and Wealth Creation.

09:35 James Madison -- and other founders Government is instituted to protect property and various other rights of individuals...

Everything that belongs to you is a Private Property Right.
The purpose of Government is to protect Private Property Rights.

11:05 Thomas Jefferson -- The reason that Private Property rights were not mentioned but only in the 5th Amendment was that they were so
foundational that everyone knew about them.

Property Rights were foundational to every citizen in the Colonies.
The colonies did not want a strong central government.

11:27 The Founders created three branches of government in both within the Federal government and layers below.
Legislative, Executive, Judicial

11:44 Government was designed to be inefficient. The only way to make government more efficient is to take more liberties away from you. Taking Liberty away is an effort to Control you.

12:40 In the Articles of Confederation, no power was given to the Federal government and it was totally at the mercy of the States -- and it didn't work.

The constitution was written to overcome this and within it were established 18 enumerated powers.

13:21 In the Tenth Amendment (Article 1, Section 8) it states that what ever power is not within the 18 enumerated powers will be given to the States or the People.

13:45 Over the years, Progressive Judges have been able to expand the Federal governments powers.

14:47 Jefferson establish a rule called the People's Law with Tyranny on one side and Anarchy on the other. Jefferson said "All power is God-Given Unalienable Rights from God."

Man was designed to be free and therefore no government shall hinder that which was created without sever consequences.
We the People are sovereign over the government.

15:49 Coffman defines the levels of constitutional power intended for the individual, the city, county, state, and federal governments.

16:20 Hernando de Soto - 70% of small businesses were started with equity loans on personal homes.

Owning property is key to a healthy economy.
Dr. Coffman Defines "Dead Capital", and how it effects socialistic nations.

20:21 Dr. Coffman compares income between the America's less socialist government, socialist governments of Europe, and communist countries.

23:03 Important! - Our Liberty and our ability to create wealth is dependent on our Private Property Rights.
Dr. Coffman talks about his visit to South Africa.

26:00 Fredrick Bastiat of the French Legislature," in 1848" wrote a book "The Law " that described what the law should be under the Constitution.

27:30 Jean - Jacques Rousseau (the father of modern European socialism and communism) wrote a series of articles 180 degrees different from John Locke. Rousseau viewed Property Rights negatively and wanted a collective ownership by the state. Rousseau advocated the government should be sovereign over the individual.

31:50 Rousseau viewed Federal government superior over State government, and the State government superior over Local government. All government is supposed to be superior over the individual.

36:12 Thomas Jefferson - Washington will become oppressive.

37:22 U.S. Debt Clock statistics.
Dr. Coffman continues with emphasis on the National Debt and how it can destroy the nation.

41:25 Non Government Organizations like Acorn and how they are working to our disadvantage.

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