Gulf of Mexico... Louisiana... Extermination... A Cataclysm in 3 Acts

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Since the 50's geologists from the USGS, DOI and NOAA have warned about drilling in the GOM due in part to the fragility of the sea floor and sub-sea floor geological composition including volcanos, fault lines -- including the New Madrid...  ~ An execellent explanation and timeline of events - Documentary

...and a network of salt domes lying several hundred feet below the sea floor extending up through the land mass of the Gulf Coast states in a region encompassing what is known as the Louann Salt Layer.

The following is a presentation of the events surrounding the GOM devastation and ensuing Gulf states destruction. For the sake of continuity, this will be presented in 3 acts.

(1) Disaster

(2) The Year Following the Disaster

(3) Current Status and the Underlying Intent of the Disaster

Each of these segments stand alone on their own merit, but it is important for you to view them in order so you grasp the full scope of this diabolical plan.


GOM...Louisiana...Extermination...A Cataclysm (Full Length)



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