Newtown, CT... Changes Were Made To The Connecticut Statewide Emergency Radio Network 33 Hours Before Sandy Hook Shooting

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The Newtown truth tug of war is getting stranger with each day. Below you will see some screenshots from of information on the Connecticut Statewide Emergency Radio Network (CSERN). There is a list of changes made beginning approximately 5 hours before the shooting at Sandy Hook. The system is briefly explained from the same site. ~ Alton Parrish - Chart

Update Posted on 2012-02-10 12:59:39

This is the new statewide Project 25 TRS, that will not only replace the older Connecticut State Police, Motorola Type-II legacy system, but provide a statewide interoperability platform for all public safety first responders.

Known as CSERN, the current plans call for system to be built-out from west to east across the Constitution State. At this time, the timetable for conversion of the 800 MHz sites is not known.

Long-term plans being discussed, call for the creation of the New England Wireless Interoperability Network (NEWIN) by early 2017, that will combine the statewide Project 25 trunking systems currently under development in neighboring Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. This would be possible under the Motorola ASTRO 7.11 platform and higher.

Likewise, additional VHF and UHF Project 25 simulcast, and stand-alone layers can be added in major metropolitan areas like Boston. NEWIN, would allow first responders using dual-band radios the ability to use both frequency bands, to intercommunicate with with each other at the scenes of major emergencies and full-scale disasters across all of southern New England.

The list of changes (Click all pictures to zoom in)

Credit: WTF News

As a bonus, for the occult numerology crowd, the CSERN change list includes 33 changes from the day of the shooting.

Another list includes city names, but one site added that morning, is mysteriously blank. No location data, no city name.

The coincidence was too strange to ignore, so thinking maybe it had a simple explanation or was not official, WTF News inquired through the office of de facto spokesman Lt. Vance of the Connecticut State Police. It turns out they sounded just as confused and offered to call us back.

Of course this is conjecture, but given that an eerie FEMA drill and a separate but just as eerie "active shooter drill"took place, both just miles away, both with similar circumstances to the real attack, on the same day? Just coincidence?

Like the Aurora, CO shooting?
or the Pentagon cop attacks?
What about the the 7/7 attacks in London?
Then of course there's 9/11.


Alton Parrish - January 21, 2013 - posted at BeforeIt'sNews




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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 01/23/2013 - 1:55pm.