Agenda 21... Obama Approves of UN Power Grab... Part I

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Among the 943 (or more) executive orders handed down by President Obama in his first term was an approval of Agenda 21. Executive orders signed by a US President grant legal and legislative measures that bypass the Congressional voting process.

Many believe that American Presidents have no business using them to enact laws that there was no vote on. It is believed that President Abraham Lincoln signed the first executive orders.

Executive orders under the guise of saving time and expense as opposed to a lengthy approval process by Congress, have actually been used to enact many questionable legislative decisions that were better voted upon with public knowledge.

President Clinton was notorious for his executive orders which created great consternation among legislators.

Foreign Control over US sovereignty

Agenda 21 was originally conceived within the United Nations body as an environmental initiative that supposedly preserved and protected the planet in the interests of people and nations.

As early as 1987 plans were being unfurled by the UN based upon a presumption by Secretary General Maurice Strong that an affluent American lifestyle could no longer be sustained.

It was received by President Bill Clinton early in his first term and approved by executive order in 1993. The hidden program within the Agenda 21 and the truly disturbing intentions of this scheme had not yet surfaced.

In fact, the term, "Agenda 21" has even been changed to "Sustainable Development" after many had found just how draconian and shockingly inhumane this initiative turned out to be. You will find this seemingly harmless new name tag now being used for the same program.

It is hard for me to imagine how any US President who cares for the people of this nation would ever approve anything such as Agenda 21.

It is quite apparent by President Obama's actions that he is neither aligned ideologically with American interests nor does he value the quality of life for the citizens he took an oath to protect. Yet, President Obama was re-elected under questionable circumstances anyway.

People are the expendable element

Agenda 21 is synonymous with earth worship at the expense and lives of human beings.

The true agenda of Sustainable Development is to use money, resources, and force to recreate a wilderness unfettered by human habitation while removing the rights and interests of American citizens under the international oversight of the United Nations in violation of the US Constitution which prohibits foreign treaties over the domestic zone interior of the United States.

The plan will actually unleash a plethora of laws and regulations that will limit human movements, restrict much of what we take for granted today as freedom, and confiscate lands already owned and developed for reversion back into wilderness zones.

Territorial division of the homeland

As much as half of the entire land mass of the continental United States would be reverted back to a wilderness status with re-introduction of wildlife into these zones where human presence will be removed and restricted from ever being there again.

As large sections of US lands are divided up into these uninhabited regions green belts will also connect these reconverted lands. Humans will become the restricted entities living in densely populated areas along rail lines housed in Stack'em Pack'em structures built by UN approved contractors who do not provide structural warranties or legal remedies for building failures.

People's movements will be limited to the main thoroughfare biking, walking, and automotive routes but most travel being relegated to the mass public transportation railway or biking along designated high volume traffic lanes. Very few will have access to independent car ownership.

Private ownership will be a thing of the past. Rural property ownership will be discouraged. Americans will find that their lifestyles have been drastically changed. The quality of human life will be sacrificed for the good of the environment and the animal kingdom.

President Obama's Czar, John Holdren, is a huge advocate of Agenda 21 and has written college papers that parallel some of the most offensive and draconian aspects of this sustainable development farce.

The UN will be empowered to fund and maintain a standing army that will force worldwide compliance with the Agenda 21 regulations. Does this sound like freedom of choice or friendly foreign relations to you?

Here is a list of technology, public works, human activity, and industries that are no longer considered sustainable under the Agenda 21 protocols:

  • Paved roads

  • Agricultural irrigation

  • Hydroelectric dams

  • The cattle industry

  • Independent farms

  • Dairy Industry and products

  • Private property ownership

  • Rural land ownership

  • Individual auto ownership

  • Consumption of meat and dairy

  • Most pet ownership

  • Lawn and landscape using grass

  • Air Conditioning

  • Sports recreational use of land and water

  • Analog electrical meters

The advancement of tyranny

Already communities across the nation are being set up and arranged for the forced adoption of Agenda 21 protocols. The UN is now imposing its will upon many cities with that help being coordinated with such federal agencies as HUD, the Department of Transportation, EPA, and numerous local level city governments who seek to comply.

Integrated into this population dense plan will be Fusion Center, (law enforcement intelligence sharing) private prison corporations, immigration holding facilities, and planned high volume traffic state corridor development agencies.

Using the color of law, the enactment of questionable codes and statutes they plan on drastically imposing changes upon small towns in order to acquire their land both public and private.

The specter of propaganda emerges again...

Supposed nongovernmental organizations (NGO's) have appeared during public meetings trying convince Americans who own their land, their automobiles, and their businesses that they should conform to UN Agenda 21 initiatives and give up their home ownership for cramped 600 square foot stacked and packed housing compartmented among other residents in the same circumstance.

These stack and packs are not equipped with air conditioning and residents must walk everywhere they have to go whether in freezing winters or blazing summers in Texas that can easily cause heat stroke. All in the name of supposedly controlling "Global Warming" another grand scheme cooked up by the elites of the world government.

Using classic Communist phrases such as "Social Justice" "Social Equality"  "Social Equity" these nongovernmental committees are partnering with local community citizens trying to change local laws, annex land, and even arrange eminent domain in order to confiscate land use for Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development use.

In Texas as many other states there are gun owners who would not be willing to back down should the blue helmeted UN troops suddenly show up to try and enforce Agenda 21 so a big propaganda push to encourage public support is being used under a number of different names such as "Imagine Cities" "Activity Centers" "ICLEI" "Sustainable Places".

Grant money is being offered to small city mayors to promote the proliferation of more Agenda 21 activity. Residents, ranchers, and landowners are under a persistent assault by NGO's, federal agencies in consort with the sustainable development farce, and even local citizens are becoming part of this UN sponsored power grab to confiscate people's basic rights here on American soil.

This is an unbelievable travesty being allowed and supported by our very own federal government and President Obama. This PR program the government knows is preferable to being caught publicly deploying militarized UN forces to coerce citizen compliance.

There's not much hope for America if it depends on youth!

This UN initiative depends upon the gullibility and lack of resistance by the same apathetic public that supposedly re-elected President reappointed Obama who has unleashed this plague upon Americans by signing an executive order to support the intrusion of a UN land grab operation on US soil.

This puts our nation under the indifferent and hostile mercy of world foreign government who think they can dictate to us what our lifestyles should be.

This is the beginning of the end for those who know what their Constitutional rights are, and support the original tenet of limited government and free choice within the American Republic.

The people had better wake up!


Doc Vega - November 24, 2012 - posted at Politisite


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Fri, 11/30/2012 - 2:59pm.