Black Friday Gun Sales Crash FBI System, Twice! Meanwhile UN Gun Ban Approved And Signed By Obama!

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Americans love their guns! We love our guns almost as much as we love our freedom. While many American "˜zombies' and "˜debt slaves' spent their Black Friday's buying electronic gadgets like I-Phones and televisions, preppers and other "˜awakened' Americans were stocking up on something else entirely, guns, and massive amounts of them. ~ Related article - Video 

According to The Hattiesburg American and FBI records, the FBI fielded 154,873 calls, a roughly 20 percent increase from last year's previous one-day record of 129,166, for background checks.

The requests came in such volume throughout the day that FBI call centers experienced two brief outages — one of 18 minutes and one for 14 minutes — during the busy day, FBI spokesman Stephen Fischer said.

With the recent re-election of Barack Obama as president, many Americans are concerned that the US government will soon implement a gun crackdown, confiscating weapons across the board and implementing a United Nations gun ban treaty.

With the end of the 2nd Amendment now clearly in many Americans thoughts, many feel that this may be their last chance to stock up.

According to the story, gun "dealers attributed the continuing gun surge to a variety of factors, including an increase in women buyers and concerns that lawmakers in President Barack Obama's second term could impose stricter gun laws."

"With the recent election, some people are making buying decisions just in case something (new law) happens," said Don Gallardo, manager of Shooter's World in Phoenix.… UN APPROVAL:  SIGNED BY OBAMA


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Gun BAN APPROVED by UN and Signed by Obama!

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 11/28/2012 - 10:06am.