Looking Inside Government Bunkers... 'They' Are Prepping Like There Is 'No Tomorrow'... Why?...

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Once thought of as merely "˜conspiracy theory', underground government bunkers have been proven to be absolute fact. Why wouldn't our government have underground shelters set up for themselves? In case of an apocalyptic emergency such as a nuclear blast in Washington DC or an extra-terrestrial event such as a comet impact or the arrival of our second sun? ~ Photos - Audio - Video

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The photographs and videos below, including a video from The Pete Santilli Show with Vivos Underground Bunker CEO Robert Vicino, give more proof to the fact that underground government bunkers in fact do exist and that "˜they' are preparing for something HUGE!

What they do not do is answer the most pertinent question, what EXACTLY are they preparing for? As Pete's video below aptly explains, 7 billion people cannot be sheltered.

The story below with more from Sky Ships Over Cashiers.

Secret underground bunkers then and now...

The Greenbrier, a resort for the elite in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia since 1778, looks a bit like the White House in Washington, DC.  Ironically, a once secret survival bunker for all members of Congress lies beneath it.

The bunker's construction began in 1958 and was completed in 1961.  The elaborate 112,544-square-foot facility remained a secret until an article in The Washington Post blew its cover in 1992.  The facility's code name was "Project Greek Island" but now is known simply as "The Bunker."

None of this is newsworthy, but it's interesting to look at photos of the old bunker and imagine how much more elaborate today's secret bunkers must be.


Some entrances to "The Bunker" were hidden behind folding doors in the hotel.  The blast doors could withstand 25 tons of pressure yet easily could be opened with only 50 pounds of pressure.


There was a chamber where the entire Congress could assemble, separate meetings rooms for the House and Senate, a stage for press conferences, and a communications area that included television and recording facilities.

Greenbrier Bunks

The Bunker's 18 dormitories could accommodate over 1,100 people.  Behind the scenes there was a power plant, water purification equipment, and storage for fuel, food and medicine.

Greenbrier Medical Facility

Medical facilities included 12 hospital beds, an intensive care unit, operating rooms, decontamination chambers, a laboratory and pharmacy. There also was a 7,500-foot cafeteria and kitchen area.

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sun, 11/11/2012 - 3:30pm.