A Disaster is Being Created by Greed!... HAARP is Destroying the Polar Ice Cap!... Big Trouble Ahead!

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The incredible HAARP project now spreading across the globe has investigators scrambling. Evidence has built during the past decade that applications of HAARP employing advanced Tesla technology are manipulating weather, modifying the climate, triggering artificial earthquakes, and-according to one physcist-experimenting with the basic nature of spacetime. ~ Terrence Aym

Recently amazing new evidence has come to light that a massive new project linking HAARP to a mysterious pyramid at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean may be generating incredible power that could pose a danger to the world.

Now researchers have dug up evidence that another strange pyramid buried deep under the permafrost of northern Alaska exists.

Ominously, it is not far from the HAARP installation and could conceivably be used as part of the advanced power grid of ancient pyramids around the world that seem to be systematically activated releasing raw thunderbolts of plasma energy into the disturbed ionosphere and far, far beyond.

Most stunning of all is the emerging evidence that the high energy power grid is re-directing the electrical power slamming into the ionosphere from the increasingly violent sun and using it to intensify the raging Arctic Vortex storm.

The whirling vortex-a virtual hurricane over the North Pole-is destroying the ice, breaking up the Arctic cap and transforming it into what one amazed scientist calls a veritable 'slush.'

Tesla pyramids once powered the Earth

Investigators across four continents have compiled evidence and data-sets leading to the conclusion that the HAARP science project is much more than an installation designed to study the properties of the Earth's ionosphere.

Intense research by many knowledgeable investigators and scientists outside the project has revealed strong evidence of geological manipulation on a planetary scale.


Some have been able to tie the early work of genius Nicola Tesla to the current HAARP experiments of weather manipulation and geomagnetic tampering.

A network of HAARP installations has been mushrooming up around the globe with installations appearing as far away as Australia and the Antarctic. [See Antarctic HAARP Activation]

The implications that HAARP can be weaponized is fully understood by Russia and China. They too have rushed to create their own HAARP grids located on their own territories and in distant outposts. [See HAARP Wars]

But the longer term implications of a planetary weapon network take on a much more sinister and dangerous aspect with the recent revelations that HAARP can activate long dormant pyramids, re-energizing them and drawing upon-even directing-the mighty structures' latent energies.


Pyramids: super power generators

More than one researcher, including some electrical engineers, have made the case that some of the more ancient pyramids are actually gigantic machines that generate power.

Some have even built models that prove their contention that pyramidal structures are natural reservoirs of energy and can act as huge capacitors and generators of electricity.

Among the first to propose the theory was Christopher Dunn. He introduced the theory to the world with his article Advanced Machining in Ancient Egypt that revealed machining techniques far more sophisticated than most orthodox Eqyptologists realized.

Evidence exists that part of the energy that accumulates within pyramids may be hyperdimensional in nature. Some researchers suspect that pyramid energy vortices are creating torsion fields and generating energetic scalar waves.

Recently some of the world's great pyramids shot incredible energy beams into space.


HAARP reactivating the pyramid power network

Like the vestiges of undersea cities, undersea pyramids exist. Some have been located off the coast of Japan, under the waters of the Caribbean, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and at the bottom of the Atlantic by ocean explorer Tony Benik. Who built these mysterious pyramids and how did they come to be on the bottom of the ocean floor?

No one knows.

The technology is ancient and may be based on physics from 50,000 years ago that today's re-emerging science can only guess at.


Unleashing the torsion field genies trapped inside the sleeping pyramids may unleash cascading events that could eventually prove uncontrollable.

Nevertheless, HAARP forges ahead. [See HAARP Triggering Pyramid Energy

Geoengineering the Pole

How can anyone or anything get away with geoengineering the polar ice cap and expect to avoid detection? They can do it by using high-energy scalar waves directing the power of the turbulent sun through the radio frequency sensitive ionopshere and focusing it all upon the highest latitudes.

The result is interpreted by climatologists as global warming or climate change. Few suspect the break up of Arctic ice is being caused artificially. Fewer still truly understand the ramifications and reasoning behind such a systematic destruction of the ice cap.


David Talbott of Thunderbolts.info observes: "Thousands of amperes flow beneath the surface [of the Earth], varying according to conductivity.

Since the Sun can affect Earth's magnetic field through geomagnetic storms, fluctuations in telluric currents can occur when there is an increase in sunspots or solar flares, because they create oscillations through the mesosphere into the ionosphere."

The oscillations created by the disturbed and energized ionosphere, drawing power from the angry sun and intensified by the HAARP technology, propigates scalar waves through the permutation of the telluric currents below the ground.


The rising heat caused by the rising energy serves to intensify the Arctic Polar Vortex churning it into a historic frenzy that's speeding the breakup of Arctic ice and destruction of the polar ice cap.


What is the ultimate objective? A dubious scientific experiment? A bold bid to control the weather? Or is it to achieve the navy's desire of an ice-free passage through the formerly icebound top of the world?

To a degree, it's all of those and much more. The ultimate goal is not to free up the ice to create a passage, but to remove the ice making what's deep below it easily accessible: oil and minerals worth trillions of dollars. A veritable treasure trove of some of the Earth's most sought after riches lies under the Arctic ice.

Ice free waters and trillions in resources

The U.S. Navy has drawn plans for a mighty Arctic fleet navigating the waters an ice cap once occupied. They boast the Arctic will be free of ice before 2025. Is it wishful thinking? Belief in man-made global warming? Or knowledge of the HAARP project's systematic destruction of the North Pole?

A matter of control

Just how controllable is the energy that's being released? Has HAARP already lost control of the Polar Vortex over the Arctic? It may be that the Masters have pushed too far, too fast.

After all, the total destruction of North Pole ice means an unmitigated disaster for much of the Northern Hemisphere: massive climate change, reduction of ocean salinity affecting major currents including the shutting down of the Gulf Stream that keeps the British Isles warm, and crop failures on an Apocalyptic scale that puts the current drought to shame.

Millions could starve.

The legacy of toying with supersciences not fully understood can lead to mayhem and misery instead of mastery.


Terrence Aym - August 15, 2012 - posted at BeforeIt'sNews


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 08/16/2012 - 3:35pm.