Was the Strange Death of Obama's Grandmother 'Planned'?...

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Did Obama murder his grandmother, Toot, who held a deep dark secret that would have crushed his candidacy--the fact that both she and his grandfather were Communists that had been investigated by the House UnAmerican Committee. ~ Videos - photos

The videos examine the many questions surrounding her death, Obama's motive, his curious behavior, and the method he used to kill her.

Obama has many questions to answer, including...

*why she was not brought back to the hospital after it was learned she was suffering from a "relapse" of cancer,

*why she was cremated instead of being buried next to her husband, and

*why Obama left her apartment and snuck around the back of her building in an attempt to hide the evidence of his poisoning by mercury.

It is clear that Toot suffered classic symptoms of mercury poisoning shortly after Obama's first visit in August, 2008, and died only 9 days after his second visit in November, 2008.

Since mercury poisoning is cumulative, Obama's second dosing of his grandmother surely killed her. He could not allow his grandmother, an active Communist in the 1950s, to remain alive, to give interviews and potentially derail his campaign.


*** (NOTE... Sorry these videos have no audio and some frames are hard to read or go too fast. Pause the frames until read and move on to the next. The most important thing to keep in mind while watching this video is the information they contain! ~ SadInAmerica)



Such a coincidence that Obama's grandmother die on the eve of election day, I don't think so, watch this video and decide yourself.



May 26, 2012 - BeforeIt'sNews


Before Obama...



After Obama...



You decide...



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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 05/28/2012 - 4:03am.