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Insider Drake, who recently stated that all of the corrupt elite will be rounded up in a 72 hour period, released a follow-up Q&A by answering some of the many questions that are on people's minds on a radio show hosted by Teri Lynn Hinkle. ~ MUST hear Audio

Is there some arrangement being made to prevent foreign interests from during this brief time, perhaps confusion, is there an opening for any of their activities, whatever those may be? (In other words, will the U.S. still be protected from nefarious foreign interests during this 72 hour period?)

According to Drake, "I doubt there will be any lapse in our security, period."

Will there be a total debt elimination?

Drake: "I am looking forward to a briefing  in the near future with, an involving, a combination of both people here and people elsewhere who have knowledge of a combination of very high level finances and the situation that we will supposedly be looking at.  From what I understand of the plan, the basis of the idea of credit is originated from the individual.  Therefore, as the individual understands that they are the creditor, then thought ought to be paying themselves.  However, you're paying bankers and other people for something that apparently are already yours and you're paying them again for something that you authored the credit for.  They should be paying you with interest."

In regard to international finance, nothing has been finalized yet but plans are already in place and are in their infancy of coming to fruition in accord with the non-aligned nations.

"So far from what I see, everything should be reset.  That should include debt of all kinds."

Drake identified two people, Tim Turner and Keith Livingway who, according to Drake, are trying to profit off of this movement. Turner is the self-appointed "President" of the Restore America Plan that is ridding on the coat tails of Drake's freedom movement. 

Also, there was an attempted hijacking of the website content by the start of a new website, which is NOT affiliated with website.

"  is the only place that is an official outage of what we do, what we've done, the recordings of the radio shows, along with David Wilcock's interview with me."

According to Drake, the reason why the banks are foreclosing on people's homes is because, "the banks want the cash and they do end up, when they foreclose, with a stipend of something between $20,000 to 80% of the base value of the retail value of that house."

How quickly will the education system in the U.S. be completely reversed so we actually learn the truth instead of being force-fed lies?

Drake: "The whole of the education system is going to be revamped.  They have also, over the period of quite a few years, have screwed with what we call history (HIS-story). Everything about it is going to be changed considerably."

After the arrest of the elite, will there be an end to smart meters, chemtrails, Agenda 21, NDAA, the Patriot Act, etc…?

Drake: "Yes, it means an end to all of the garbage because they don't need to do that. All of the laws, rules, regulations, the United Nations… is going to be reworked."

When will the mass arrests begin?

Drake stated that he cannot relay an exact time frame because it would mess up the plans that are already in progress.

How will the financial reset work?

This is currently being worked on.

In regard to bill collectors, Teri added, "I don't talk about financial information over the phone.  I need an address where I can communicate in writing and I need your name.  They'll give it to you.  Then you tell them to stop calling this number.  They won't.  After that, every time they call, log it.  You don't even need to answer it as long as you recognize that call.  Write down the date, time and the name of the company because after that first time after you tell them to knock it off and deal with you in writing, that is a cha-ching, where every single call is worth $500-$1,500 violation under the TCPA Act."

Drake added, "There is no such thing as a legal 3rd party debt collector unless they have a contractual arrangement with the principle.  They're required, as I understand it, to prove it upon request."

Teri stated, "I want to go on record loud and clear. Any claim that (Tim) Turner is involved in what is taking place in regard to the return to civil authority, connection with the military, the White Knights or any legitimate source of funding is an outright lie.  This process was completed by the people.  It has nothing to do with forming a parallel or interim government, none is needed and that would be considered treasonous by the people as well as the rest of the world.  There is no group, no organization and there are no leaders.  This is exactly what we were instructed to do by our founders if, and when, we found ourselves in the grips of a criminal, rogue government.  This is about the American people finally standing up and saying, "Take your job and shove it.  I quit and you're fired!""

What will happen with the supersoldiers and drones and how concerned should everybody be?

Drake: "Don't worry about it. Those matters are going to be taken care of as well.  The people that we deal with are at a level that they are well aware of everything."

Foreign troops are already here.  Now what?

Drake suggests to go to to read Wilcock's next article which will cover "primarily what is called, "˜Divine Intervention'.  I've already got a report from one of my people that stated that there were two battalions of opposing forces, facing each other…guns ready.  Both sides were given the order to fire.  Everybody pulled the trigger and it went "˜click'.  That's not possible to have that much ammunition that don't work."

Drake added that "our supposedly opposing forces were offered the opportunity to invade our country.  Consequently, both of them said, "˜No way'."  Drake accounted that because most Americans have guns and that an invasion would result in 85% losses, nobody was interested in this proposition, adding that it's possible that some of these troops might be going into the mountains looking for the hidden elite.

Both Drake and Teri warned of how the people of the U.S. should not incite any violence.   Drake stated, "99% of the things that can be done by the bad guys are going to be things of the sort that they try to scare everybody into taking some kind of stupid action.  One of those stupid actions is rioting. Another one is general violence with weapons.  The other one is that the military is all bad guys, which is a big lie, and you should shoot them on site."

Teri added, "The only way that they can justify a national emergency for their little Marshall Law is to goad the American people into firing the first shot."

Drake believes this was the premise for 911, which was a political action that led to the formation of the Homeland Security Act which took away many of the rights of America cvitizens.  This 25,000+ act came up 1 week after 911, which is questioned by Drake as to why it was proposed so quickly after 911.  According to Drake, the source for the HSA is AIPAC.

Another question posed if this movement was in connection with the Gnostic Illuminati?

According to Teri, "No, absolutely not.  What we have done is done by the people.  It is done under the instruction of what Thomas Jefferson wrote, what he gave us to do.  This has to do with we, the people, our founding documents, our Constitutional Republic, the way it is supposed to be and a return to the civil authority and common law.  It's taking our country back from a criminal, foreign corporation that is currently posing as a government. As yourselves this question: Is it possible to be a citizen of a corporation?  No.  Is it possible for a corporation to be a government? No, it's a business.  Why do you believe that a corporation, which is registered on Dunn & Bradstreet, how is it that you are obeying so-called rules, statutes, codes, executive orders and decrees coming from a corporation, a foreign one at that?  Even your money system is owned by a foreign corporation, the Federal Reserve.  Who owns another foreign corporation out of Puerto Rico, the IRS.  That is nothing but another foreign corporation which is the collection arm of the Federal Reserve which is about as federal as Wal-Mart.  Are you an American under American rule of law or are you the employee under the authority of a company, a business, a corporation?"

From this writer's perspective, this movement appears to be bona fide, so stay tuned for additional updates!

Message from Drake on website:

It has come to my attention that a lot of people want to know who I am. I will offer a part of the base of what I know without endangering myself or others. The basis of the knowledge I hold is extraordinary in its scope (content and reach) and those whom I am in contact with.

Not being willing to take anyone's word for it, I went behind the scenes and found who "˜they' were talking to. This involves most of the "˜news' web sites many are familiar with, credible or not.

My military service includes nuclear weapons, very high security clearances, and Vietnam. Most of the "incidents" from this time forward, I was involved in at some level, major, minor, and local. I started in the field of information in the late nineties and progressed from that time forward. I use a portion of the old cold war spy network, people in several sensitive positions, and those who agree to pass along info no one else gets. There are several contact avenues that also offer info, military, political and citizen eyes. In all, an extreme information highway.

The validity of what I've sent out has been the best at the time, almost all of which was verifiable. And yes, I was called on to prove a lot of it at first. This was not an easy task and caused me to be able to protect and out the info at the same time, I learned how.

Forces in the main stream media took most of what I offered and called it everything but true, and I was a nightmare head case trying to cause problems through the use of my imagination, and the internet…

Those who own the media control its content, most of which is questionable at best…I know, because I was directly involved in a few of those "˜international and local incidents' that were reported as something else altogether…So I have first hand knowledge of this.

I have been a patriot since taking my oath of service in the 60's. I had always been raised to be a patriot, but that oath haunted me all the time…until I decided I would start taking action.

The present information I have shared comes from a plan I was privileged to read some years ago. To date it has been in the works well over twenty (20) years. Many old fashioned old timers knew better than the direction our country was headed, even way back then, so they started writing the plan. It deals with offering the basic freedoms our country was founded on, and how to return to that freedom.

My research extends into a lot of law, application, and the origin of law itself. The offerings used in the manner in which I stated them to be used, when used correctly, I never lost. This includes local, state, federal, and international applications.

A group of individual people in individual states, has completed the paperwork that sets our nation free.

It is my hope that we all can keep our freedom this time…that is up to We The People.

The extent of the information offered on the recording is, at this time, the limit I use to protect the many who are involved in our efforts. If anyone who reads this believes that freedom can still be available, then I urge all those to play the recording to others of a like mind.

A qualified person does not have to be a rocket scientist. Try finding someone who is so honest it hurts to be around them. A person who knows the meaning of right and wrong according to their conscience…and who listens to it. In order to start to turn things around, it will take as many people as possible to stand up in any way they can. Put together groups all over our country at the local level. Get everyone to know each other and look into using your group to put the right kind of people in office.

Who am I to speak and by what authority do I do so?

  • It is each persons constitutional "˜duty' to remove a repressive government…the present one qualifies.

  • I feel a moral obligation to stop the theft so hungry children in our own country of plenty, can eat.

  • It ain't doing this for me.

  • It is for my children and grandchildren, because their future hangs in the balance…

  • I feel it is the least I can do for them.

  • As one voice in the wilderness…I CRY FREEDOM…!

~ Drake




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