Why Are Mercenaries Replacing Troops... In Iraq?

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Most U.S. troops may have left Iraq, but the occupation continues in ways that are far less transparent to the American people. An army of bureaucrats and mercenaries still occupies the Middle East country, despite claims from the White House that the Iraqis are free. ~ Audio

Late last year, Obama greeted returning veterans at Fort Bragg, N.C. and announced that the eight-year war had come to an end. "Over the last few months, the final work of leaving Iraq has been done," Obama proclaimed. "Dozens of bases with American names that housed thousands of American troops have been closed down or turned over to the Iraqis."

Though that may have been enough to satisfy some, Obama's formal announcement of troop draw-downs hardly qualifies as a complete withdrawal.

In its largest diplomatic mission since the end of World War II, the State Department now commands more than 16,000 civilian employees at four major diplomatic centers and seven other facilities throughout the country, as well as 5,500 armed mercenaries under contract by private security firms.

Keith Johnson for AmericanFreePress


And then, of course, the real reason for our presence in Africa is revealed:

Much of this warfare is being promoted under the rubrics of humanitarian aid and combating piracy. While those may be two reasons for establishing a bridgehead on the African continent they do not tell the complete story.

Secretly, the objective has been to wage war against a range of perceived enemies, with fewer boots on the ground and less accountability to the American electorate.

When Barack Obama sent 100 Special Operations troops to Uganda in 2011, his declared aim was to hunt down leaders of the so-called Lord's Resistance Army, founded by Joseph Kony. That, however, was a smokescreen.

As of Feb. 5, 2012, the U.S. military presence in Uganda has expanded, working to eliminate another group that has never attacked the United States—Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen, which operates in nearby Somalia and elsewhere in East Africa.

Some of these nations are not merely hosting U.S. military trainers but have secret bases from which Special Forces can be dispatched to hit targets across the region.

The largest base is Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti, but there are other U.S. sites in Ethiopia, which have been designed as launch pads for attacks on groups in Somalia and Yemen and for covert operations against Iran.

Ethiopia, which has its eyes on Sudan's oil, has had a long relationship with the Pentagon. As far back as 2003, it provided training facilities for the U.S. 20th Mountain Division.

Richard Walker for AmericanFreePress


Add in this -

Associated Press - March 23, 2012

The U.S. intelligence community will be able to store information about Americans with no ties to terrorism for up to five years under new Obama administration guidelines.

Until now, the National Counterterrorism Center had to immediately destroy information about Americans that was already stored in other government databases when there were no clear ties to terrorism.

Members of Congress had called for expanding the center's record-retention authority, saying the intelligence community did not connect strands of intelligence held by multiple agencies that led up to the failed bombing attempt on a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas 2009.

"Following the failed terrorist attack in December 2009, representatives of the counter-terrorism community concluded it is vital for NCTC to be provided with a variety of data sets from various agencies that contain terrorism information," National Intelligence Director James R. Clapper Jr. said in a statement late Thursday. "The ability to search against these data sets for up to five years on a continuing basis as these updated guidelines permit will enable NCTC to accomplish its mission more practically and effectively."

The new rules, which replace guidelines issued in 2008, have privacy advocates concerned about the potential for data-mining information on innocent Americans.



The PTB want us to be distracted from the truth.  While people fret over gas prices, and the Obamacare debate...

Executive Orders are passed without so much as a ripple in the sheeple's incessant grazing in the pasture of penury; gulping down huge mouthfuls of apathy and ignorance, and  they can't even see or smell the pack of wolves stalking around in plain sight. 

Drones? They are here. 

Special ops?  Right here on American soil. 

Internment camps?  See HERE.


This radio interview is long, but well worth hearing.

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Part 2

SEVERE WARNING-STEVE QUAYLE 3-1-12 w_Greg Evensen 1 of 2


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