Agenda 21... ALERT!... Obama Implementing Agenda 21 Policies Through Latest Executive Order

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On March 15, 2012, President Obama has released Executive Order - Establishing a White House Council on Strong Cities, Strong Communities in accord with the United Nation's Agenda 21 objective to turn America into a controlled country under their global governance. ~ Susanne Posel - Videos

Obama plans partnership with local communities and the US government to "provide them with comprehensive technical assistance to use and compete for Federal resources".

The US government will then "enable them to develop and implement economic strategies to become more competitive, sustainable, and inclusive".

UN Agenda 21's Sustainable Development is defined as the integration of economic, social and environmental policies to ensure a reduction in consumption, social equity and preservation of biodiversity. Some examples are:

  • Smart Growth

  • Wildlands Project

  • Resilient Cities

  • Regional Visioning Projects or Local Visioning

  • STAR Sustainable Communities

  • Green Jobs/Building Codes or "Going Green"

By creating a welfare state of dependence, the government's assistance claims to be able to lift America out of its economic distress. This perversion of the actual plight of the average American is insulting.

It has been the lack of prosecution of the central banking cartels that created the economic devastation we all face each day. The Obama administration has ignored this truth.

As a big brother control, this executive order will not help to alleviate our decaying cities, but simply place them under government regulation.

Obama claims that only with regional collaboration and comprehensive planning with the US government will stabilize economic growth, create jobs, and lead to sustainable redevelopment of our American cities. This rhetoric is nearly copied directly from the Agenda 21 documents from past Earth Summits.

Obama wants to gain governance over resources and implement US government objectives under the guise of suggestive communication with state and local governments.

Simply put, when the US government provides the financial backing, they can create any outcome they desire. By using the cloak of sustainability and economic growth, the Obama administration is seeking to obtain voluntary control of our towns and cities from our local governments.

Obama has established the Council on Strong Cities, Strong Communities (Council) within the Department of Housing and Urban Development, to be chaired by the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to oversee the implementation of governmental control over our communities.

These bodies already have strong influential power. This action simply strengthens their reach into our lives.

The Strong Cities, Strong Communities Council will implement technical assistance, planning, and financing tools and implementation strategies. These will be coordinated and aligned across agencies to assist communities in building local capacity to address economic issues, engaging in comprehensive planning, and advancing regional collaboration.

As with Agenda 21, this governmental intervention will take all the power out of the local residents of towns and cities. The US government will have supreme control by way of financial manipulation.

As the local level is forced to change independent strategies, the government will assist the supposed flailing local governments with predetermined and sustainable economic opportunities... as long as the local government's do as they are told by the Obama administration.

This governmental reach extends to the local laws, non-profit organizations, business, labor organizations and enforcement of these laws.

State and local governments will be forced to adopt policies of the Strong Cities, Strong Communities Council in our school districts, elected officials, faith and community based organizations, philanthropies, institutions of local importance, and relevant persons of expertise.

All these avenues will be under the control of the US government and Agenda 21 methods. Mayors and city employees will be forced to participate in this initiative under financial duress.

This power control is most effective in securing governmental policies are implemented, regardless of the public's wants or needs.

It is at the local level that citizens can still stop Agenda 21. The Obama administration knows this is true and is seeking to take that power away with this executive order.




While we still can, we must contact our local governments and voice our disdain at the Obama administrations power grab and takeover of our private lives with this intrusive executive order.

Write to your local elected officials, attend community meetings and vote against Sustainable Developmental plans whenever you can.

The more attention we bring to this hidden goal of the UN, the less likely we will face a totally controlled future by an international body under the power of global governance.

The time is now; but our time to effectively halt the UN's takeover is dwindling.


Susanne Posel - March 18, 2012 - BeforeIt'sNews


Source OccupyCorporatism


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sun, 03/18/2012 - 11:44pm.