Audio Confirmation... Obama Stayed At The Same Hotel As Whitney Houston Around The Time Of Her Death!

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What are the odds of catching our Obama in the same hotel at exactly the same time Whitney Houston dies? The corporate media says... nothing. Was the media told to keep quiet and not expose Obama's hotel visit? A very evil thing happened this night... You decide... ~ Video

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Obama Stays at Hotel Where Whitney Houston Died




February 11

The number 11 is a number that has been chosen by
the Alchemist believers that man can be Gods or a
Superiority over all the living. This triditional belief
comes from an Ancient Alchemy of Pagan Symbolistic
Mysticism of believing Man can be a God or Superior
only if one carries out evil deeds as programmed or as
indoctrinated by form of brainwashing. This form
of believers are called Antichristos or Antichrist.

They have chosen the number 11 to identify the
Antichrist system that identifies the symbol of the 11th
horn, meaning, "Antichrist who comes to bring death"
Who bares Great Power and who bares the
Numerualological Identity of Eternal Superiority.

This Numerualological Identity of Eternal Superiority
is #44. Why is the #44 the Numerualological Identity of
Eternal Superiority? Because it Is the symbolic number
that Represents infinity or eternity. How 4 + 4 = 8 .
The #8 is the Numeralogolical Eternal Superiority Identity

Barack Obama Bares the Numeralogolical Eternal
Superiority Identity! How? Because, he is the 44th
President and he bares the seat of Superiority.
By the Alchemy of Antichrist standards, Obama has been
ordained as Eternal Superiority AntiChrist!

You ask how? Well lets find out shall we. First of all lets all
have a look at the Illuminati's victim Whitney Houston.
Whitney houston was a Victim of the Illuminati, Masonic
Music Industry. Christians Call it Satanic or Satans system,
but it is not.

All Satan is is an executioner or enforcer against
anyone who refuses the Eternal Superiority AntiChrist who has
proclaimed himself a God over all!

Watch this video will explain more thank you all and this also explains why Obama was in this hotel in that moment:

and watch this :


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 02/25/2012 - 1:09pm.