The Winged Beatle... Paul McCartney Died Nov. 9, 1966 in a Car Crash

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As shocking as it may seem, the real Paul McCartney is dead. He was imposter-replaCIAed in 1966 by a double. Over the past year, I have researched this "conspiracy theory," (called PID for short) as well as the use of doubles in general. I have discovered some shocking and disturbing information.
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I would like to share my research, and I hope to present it in an easily digestible format, but I know it is a lot to swallow.

Some of the tangential issues I have discovered over the course of my research into PID include:

  • public figures (& doubles) used as puppets to manipulate the masses;

  • elimination of opposition to this elite by horizontalization (the likely assassination of James Paul McCartney with impunity);

  • deception of the public by a cartel of media groups controlled by a governing Luciferian elite (Illuminati);

  • social control through Psychological Operations (PsyOps); and

  • Info War in cyberspace using disinformation, debunking and counter Intelligence techniques to discredit ideas and individuals who oppose their plans.

Paul McCartney Vs. Faul McCartney

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Let's start with the "official" PID story: Paul was killed in a car crash November 9, 1966 and was replaced by look-alike William Campbell. This rumor first began in England in 1967. However, it picked up steam in the Fall of 1969 when clues allegedly planted by the Beatles themselves began to be uncovered.

On September 17th , 1969 The Drake Times-Delphic published what is widely considered the first printed account of Beatle Paul McCartney's supposed death.

Days after Drake undergrad Tim Harper asked the question "Is Paul Dead?" on the TD's front page, college papers across the country ran with the story and the theory of "Paul is Dead!" raced across America.

Bart Schmidt, "It was 40 Years Ago, Yesterday…," September 18, 2009.


The teeth have it.

Paul McCartney is really dead...
This is confirmed by an investigation of "

One of the most famous legends of rock:

Paul McCartney died in 1966 and what we know today would be just a lookalike who has replaced him. A legend who seemed to have been dismantled and forgotten. But now two scientists have conducted an investigation for "Wired": The objective was to demonstrate that everything was false, but the results were rather surprising …

The object of the dispute is the "PID", or the legend "Paul Is Dead". Dedicarcisi were two experts, computer forensic and Francis Gavazzeni Gabriella Carlesi. The objective was to demonstrate that all these rumors were false and unfounded, urban legends, in fact, throw a meal in the media and fans. The studies conducted by two experts however have led to quite unexpected results.

The story in brief:

Paul McCartney, the original is actually killed in a car accident in 1966, a crash occurred on board of his Austin Martin after an argument with other band members. From that time to replace it would be a double. Would have been the Beatles themselves to disseminate texts confirm this in the coming years more or less subliminal messages by allusive covers such as "Abbey Road", a message engraved disk on the contrary.

Gavazzeni Carlesi and are based on anthropometric and craniometrica, comparing, through archival footage, the shape of the skull, teeth, etc... in the before and after 1966.

Since these tests, however, one can express it only in terms of compatibility and not of certainty, the results would still fail: that is, the person known as Paul McCartney before 1966 would not be the same we see in pictures after that date. Case reopened?


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