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Who are the Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors? -- By Maurice Ellsberg

I am a first time investigative reporter who became very interested in the Gulf Oil Spill right after the Deepwater Horizon sank. After reading about the GCBD early on, I wanted to hear more about the work they were doing but soon received many alarming and disturbing reports by those who were intimately connected with them at one time or another. Hence, I was compelled to publish this expose.

The following story is the product of months of intensive investigation regarding a group of individuals who call themselves the Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors (GCBD). They are led by one Delia LaBarre of NOLA and jointly founded with her sister, Deborah Dupre(a former board member of the GCBD*), who is originally from Louisiana and up until recently living in Hawaii. As unbelievable as this report may sound, the facts and incidents contained herein have been confirmed and validated by many ex-members of the GCBD. This expose is meant to provide a warning to any and all who might be tempted to join this extremely dubious and destructive enterprise. At best the GCBD represents an intention to help the beleaguered residents of the Louisiana Gulf Coast. However this initiative has devolved into something far from that original design. And, it is the leaders who must be held directly responsible for this turn for the worse.

Deborah Dupre is acknowledged by many to be a disgrace to her "profession" which appears to be an internet reporter. In this capacity many have labeled her a menace to society. Delia LaBarre is literally a barefoot doctor with no formal medical training or background who has no proper hygiene process/procedures in place for the way she dispenses her nutraceutical medications and various health products. Some real barefoot doctors, who have been in her home and witnessed the handling of open containers of various ingestible healthproducts, were shocked at the lack of cleanliness and proper procedures necessary to keep the contents sterile and free of contamination. Clearly, the entire amateur operation known as the Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors was in blatant violation ofthe relevant LA Public Health codes and regulations.

Furthermore, there are some licensed healthcare professionals who believe LaBarre has been practicing medicine without a license at every turn throughout the development of their enterprise. More significantly these two sisters - Dupre and LaBarre are sisters born under the same roof in Louisiana - both employ a very dubious modus operandi (MO) in the eyes of many who joined the Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors at their invitation over the course of the past nine toten months. All of these individuals are now ex-GCBD members because of what they describe as an ongoing pattern of illicit behavior, which is as reprehensible as it is abhorrent to those who witnessed or were victimized by them.

Just who are these two sisters who have terrorized the State of Louisiana since the Gulf oil spill first began. Deborah Dupre is an internet poster who attempts towrite articles on a layperson's news platform known as Everyone who was interviewed for this article pointed out that went into a formal partnership with Thomson Reuters[1] back in December of last year.Reuters Corporate Headquarters is located about a tenth of a mile from BP Corporate Headquarters in the City of London. Many have asked whether Dupre, a paid writer for Examiner, went over to the other side after she began postingarticles and comments which were highly and unjustifiably critical of the various citizens' movements which have advocated in various capacities for the coastal residents on the Gulf of Mexico.

Even before Reuters went into business with Examiner, Dupre garnered a reputation for writing articles which lacked any kind of research or fact checking, were unprofessionally written to the point of embarrassment, and containedinformation which was either fabricated out of thin air or grossly exaggerated. In a phrase she has been identified as "one of the most irresponsible and immature writers on the internet today." If you have any doubt about the level of hercommentary or analysis, this author challenges any reader to simply google her name and read her articles. Clearly, they speak for themselves in their childishly sensational tone and content. To call her an author or journalist is anextraordinary stretch by any standard.

It is very important to point out that not one single person interviewed would agree to be quoted for this article. Everyone spoke of the poison pen wielded by Dupre and were deeply concerned about her penchant for revenge and retaliation.It was not so much that they feared her; rather many spoke of her irrational and unpredictable behavior which often translated to writing pieces or comments known to be completely untrue and profoundly destructive to the objects of her scorn.One individual who was the subject of her character assassination spoke strongly of the need for Dupre to brought up on criminal charges. In that way it was contended society would be spared her venom and vitriol by keeping her away froma keyboard while doing her time in a prison cell.

As for LaBarre, this expose ought to serve as a very serious caveat to any potential donor to the GCBD. According to the Madison Mission in North Carolina, the GCBD were the recipient of thousands of dollars of alternative health products which were never paid for. Four of the products made up the backbone of the GCBD "detox kit" and were shipped at various times during the oil spill cleanup period to Delia LaBarre, but payments in the form of donations were never received by Madison Mission. From those ex-GCBD members with whom we spoke, it was clear that donations were provided to LaBarre, so the question remains why she never paid for these products which included: (i) Detox Clay (ii) Activated Charcoal (iii) Vitamin C Tablets and (iv) Super Nutrition. Because of the personal nature of other financial irregularities that were described by various ex-members and which we have promised not to divulge, one might carefully consider any solicitation from this group before a donation is offered.

The primary concern voiced by the several nurses, healthcare professionals and environmental health advocates who had the occasion to visit LaBarre's home was the unacceptable condition of her working space. From a quality control perspective, there simply was none. Unhygienic, unsanitary, totally disorganized and chaotic, completely non-compliant with typical health standards are just a few of the descriptions. Some went so far as to imply that the entire living space was an unmitigated disaster area. Everyone questioned the suitability of her process and procedure for dispensing the various detox formulas and other alternative nutraceuticals. Detoxification can be a very complex and subtle process, so her protocols and recommendations were also seriously questioned as to the timing and amounts. Many pointed out that a "one shoe fits all mentality" is not the best way to deal with very sick individuals each possessing markedly different profiles, both physical and emotional.

Deborah Dupre and Delia LaBarre:
Sisters Cut From The Same Bolt of Cloth

Such are the comments reserved for both Deborah Dupre and her sister Delia LaBarre who have made very few friends, if any, and lots of enemies both locally and beyond NOLA. Professionals coming in from outside the Gulf Coast areaare the ones most likely to be caught unaware by these two predators. Little did most of them know, and we are talking about well over twenty individuals who have been victims of what has become known as the Louisiana Inquisition. Itbegins with an invitation to folks who have excellent credentials, valuable experience, stellar reputations or something to offer what the GCBD need or want. Delia actively seeks them out because of her attempt to acquire the legitimacy whichshe obviously lacks. When she doesn't get what she wants the inquisitional attitude then emerges … in stages. When one fails to comply with her requests, wishes, suggestions or dictates the process of personal destruction begins. That'swhere Deborah, the GCBD press agent comes in.

This pattern of conduct, which was witnessed by every person interviewed for this article, was defined by the following MO. As soon as a "problem" emerged or difference of opinion surfaced which the "sisters" did not take kindly to, theoffending individual would be subjected to the foulest kind of ad hominem attacks on their character, their behavior, their credentials, their health status - virtually anything that was perceived as a weakness which could be exploited tomarginalize them as a prelude to expelling them from the group. This cruel and ruthless process of character assassination was played out time and time again as evidenced by email threads sent out by the GCBD members only forum whichwere read by this author. One innocent victim after another has independently corroborated this pattern of behavior with remarkable similarity as if taken from the same page out of the same playbook.

Whenever there was need for a "guillotine" (French Revolution style) to finish off any particular victim, they always resorted to the ultimate judgment of labeling the newly marked "defendant" as an infiltrator. The many labels they used to further denigrate theseunfortunate folks include COINTELPRO, Homeland Security, infiltrator, controlled opposition, BP agent, black op, psyop among other disparaging terms which spell the death knell for anyone doing real environmental health advocacy work. The inquisitionalattitude, as well as certainty about their verdicts and subsequent sentences handed down, were so quick and unfounded that many were dumbstruck at the pure insanity behind their process. Delia quickly became known as the Tomas deTorquemada of NOLA. And, of course, sister Debra was always the willing enabler, co-dependent and collaborator in these acts of personal destruction.

After Dupre publishes an article with unseemly and spurious content, she enlists the aid of her internet trolls to post comments - either anonymously or with false names - at the end of the article. None of these individuals have any knowledge of the facts, yet they write these ludicrous comments which are completely devoid of truth. In concert they act much like a lynch mob leaving comments that are more ill informed (and vicious) than the original content of Dupre's articles. Whoever is the object of their scorn and invective then becomes the target of the many facebook sites that are connected to the GCBD. They then travel like a pack of jackals moving from blog to blog, facebook page to facebook page tearing up reputations and the good work of others after having been empowered by Dupre. Clearly this perverted process starts with LaBarre at the GCBD after she has handed down her usual verdict and whipped up the sentiments into a frenzy against those she has tried and sentenced .

In the case of BK Lim and Dr. Tom Termotto, Dupre somehow convinced Ian R. Crane to produce a portion of his special Gulf Oil Spill video dedicated to what Crane/Dupre falsely labeled "controlled opposition". It's critical to understand that Dupre and Crane both get paid for what they do; Dupre is compensated by and Crane sells his conspiracy videos. Both of them are responsible for seriously jeopardizing the lives of some of the most committed Gulf oil spill advocates in ways that have been described as "shockingly and recklessly cavalier". One well respected and longstanding journalist in the alternative news realm found Dupre's reporting to be "absolutely reprehensible"; another called Crane's videos "pure fiction contrived in the spirit of making money at the expense of others". Those "others" typically are volunteer environmental health advocates who receive no compensation for their work; nor do they receive any reimbursement for the many expenses that they incur to advocate their causes.

Dear reader, please understand that this article is being written and published as a warning to many unsuspecting souls who will be infiltrated by them, and then be accused of being infiltrators. This group known as the GCBD is trulydangerous and needs to be exposed for who they are and how they operate. Too many good people have been taken down without knowing what hit them. In the words of every ex-member interviewed for this article, "reputations have beendestroyed, careers ruined, the future for some was made very bleak because of the level of their defamation of character through both libel and slander".

One of the individuals was recently savaged by Dupre's writing spoke of her tactic of stealthily gaining his confidence by making him feel his advice and counsel was valuable and unique. The personal matter she needed consultation onwas in regard to a piece of property that she owned which the local oil company was going to take by eminent domain. She very well knew the outcome because others in her family had been paid stipends by the oil companies to transport oilacross their respective properties as well. Now we ask how much does she receive in the form of her monthly stipend and how else is she beholden to these oil companies, which she appears to oppose in every other way?

The harshest comments were reserved for Dupre because of how unsparing she is with her internet platform to wreak havoc on people's lives, families and livelihoods. Among her most despicable and repugnant actions are those directed atsome of the most dedicated advocates who were involved with the Gulf oil spill. The following story paints a picture which is too much for many of us to bear; nevertheless it must be told so that others may be put on notice about just howlow she will sink in her effort to acquire her fifteen minutes of fame.

BK Lim and Dr. Thomas B. Manton are both true heroes of the Gulf oil spill according to all who know of their work. Tom Manton (former President/CEO of the International Oil Spill Control Corporation) was killed in a prison in NorthFlorida after being falsely accused and incarcerated for a crime he did not commit. He worked tirelessly under extraordinary duress and with serious health conditions in his attempts to bring some sanity to the handling of the Gulf oil spill.  BK Lim is a Malaysian born geohazards specialist who is nonetheless a true American hero for his courageous service in revealing the truths about BP machinations before, during and after their oil gusher blew at the Macondo Prospect in theGulf. The reputations of both of these great men were systematically tarnished by Dupre, as well as by those she enlisted to perpetrate these heinous misdeeds. Tom Manton had only recently been murdered for what many believed was hisaggressive posture toward BP and their criminal handling of the oil spill when Dupre began to undermine his legacy. Few have ever seen such flagrant disrespect as demonstrated by her toward these two heroes. Particularly in this regard washer conduct shockingly outrageous and contemptible toward BK Lim whose very existence she attempted to put into doubt, as was much unwarranted criticism she also heaped upon other noted Gulf advocates.

Dr. Tom Termotto, formerly with the Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference, was one such advocate who was completely savaged by Dupre's libelous articles and comments. It was shortly after he delivered a eulogy in honor of Dr. Tom Manton on the Rense Radio Network that he fell victim to the proverbial GCBD witch hunt. According to many emails which circulated in the wake of this "Voices of the Shattered Gulf" special program, both Dupre and LaBarre saw to it that Dr. Termotto's character was destroyed with such ruthlessness and without a shred of evidence. Dupre's article was an undisguised hit piece which proved to be an act of character assassination that few could tolerate, and it effectively destroyed the Gulf oil spill citizens' movement. The general feeling has since been that if these two sisters will so cavalierly defame others through libelous articles, emails, facebook postings and comments, as well as slanderous radio interviews, why would anyone want to go anywhere near the Gulf of Mexico. By many, they're perceived to be more dangerous that the Gulf oil spill itself!

We are sorry to say that we did not receive one positive comment about the GCBD or the two principals who misguided this hapless venture. So many have been hurt emotionally, wounded professionally and injured financially bysacrifices that were made to give their time and energy to such an apparently worthy cause. They speak of their lessons learned as something that only a group as maddening and unethical as the Barefoot Doctors could somehow offer.Although very disheartened, some still remain in the area to continue their good work eschewing any relationship whatsoever to the GCBD. Their reputation (GCBD) now precedes them wherever you go in Louisiana, and beyond, such is thedamage they have done to so many individuals and other groups.

It is hoped that by this very hapless expose many more will be forewarned about this group that calls itself a health advocacy group, but is really a dysfunctional clique centered around two sisters who ought to be in prison - Delia for herkleptomania (witnessed by other GCBD members) and possession of stolen property (owned by ex-GCBD members); Deborah for her character assassinations and relentless defamations of character. Please pass this around through yoursocial networks so that all may be put on notice regarding this unfortunate social cancer in our midst. It ought to be treated as it is - an infectious disease which needs to be quarantined for everyone's well-being.

By Maurice Ellsberg
I am a first time investigative reporter who became very interested in the Gulf Oil Spill right after the Deepwater Horizon sank. After reading about the GCBD early on, I wanted to hear more about the work they were doing but soon received many alarming and disturbing reports by those who were intimately connected with them at one time or another. Hence, I was compelled to publish this expose.

A Message from the Author:
For anyone who doubts the veracity of even a single assertion in this article, we would highly recommend that you reserve judgment until you read the lawsuits being filed against Deborah Dupre and charges being filed against Delia Labarre.The plaintiffs - and they are numerous - have compiled a substantial body of evidence which surely indicts and convicts these two individuals for their wanton and gross misconduct. We trust that when you read the emails (screenshots whichdo not lie and are cross referenced by many different individual computers) that you will arrive at the same conclusion which many unrelated parties have come to. Deborah Dupre and Delia LaBarre both need to be held accountable for theirmany egregious actions.

If nothing else, many Gulf advocates sincerely hope that the Louisiana Health Department will take the appropriate action and shut down this organization for good. The potential medical repercussions and health ramifications of their publictransgressions are simply too many and too great to ignore.

Warning to other Internet Authors:
It came to our attention while were investigating the past writings of Deborah Dupre that she has a practice of both paraphrasing and quoting other authors in a most misrepresentative manner. Whether she takes quotes out of context orcompletely puts her spin on an attempted paraphrase, the authors who were subjected to this inappropriate license expressed profound dissatisfaction and regret that their words were so distorted from the original article; theirintention was twisted beyond recognition or their themes and ideas were misappropriated altogether.

The following comments have been made in regard to the internet writing of Deborah Dupre. Please bear in mind that she labels herself as a "advocate of international human rights" and yet demonstrates no reluctance to ruin the reputations of very courageous and committed environmental advocates. We only post them so that the uninitiated will be duly informed in the event that their services are solicited by the Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors, orthat they are contacted by Dupre to be interviewed for a "story". These characterizations are typically indicative of her scorn and the depravity of her writing, and were made either directly to various interviewers researching this piece or ascomments on other internet articles. As follows:

"Her last expose sounded more like a fit of jealous rage - incredibly petty and mean-spirited."

"Thoroughly shocking and totally shameless - how else to describe Dupre?"

"Deborah Dupre has no conscience. Her writing always borders on the ridiculous or flirts with the ludicrous."

"She simply writes whatever she wants to; she just makes stuff up."

"This woman needs to be in handcuffs or a straightjacket … that'll keep her from writing her mental diarrhea."

"What Deborah Dupre does is criminal - pure and simple."

"She ought to be locked up for giving false testimony against good people."

"Dupre has no scruples or moral compass."

"Dupre is not a journalist or an author. Much of her writing is pure garbage."

"I know very well the subject of one of her articles personally, so to see how she would bear false witness against a good person revealed her true character."

"She is a very poor excuse for a human rights advocate. Can you imagine, she calls herself a human right advocate and then trashes some of the biggest heroes of the BP Gulf Oil Spill!? What unbridled audacity! What sheer hubris!"

"Deborah Dupre should not be allowed to write for the rest of her life so much damage has she done to the Gulf oil spill movement. She single-handedly destroyed a vibrant movement. Shame on her and her sister."

"I'm a preacher, and this lady needs to do penance for a long, long time. Truly, we pray for her."

"If you read any of her articles they are written as if by a schoolchild -very immature tone - many patronizing to a subject matter or an individual/group to an extreme. She sounds like a high school cheerleader with a computer (No disrespectintended to high school cheerleaders with computers)."

"Dupre ought to be barred from the internet."

"This woman is scary. I mean really SCARY."

"Deborah Dupre is a perfect example of everything that can go wrong with the world wide web. She thinks she can make stuff up, post it and then walk away from the damage that she has done to a person's good name."

"Dupre needs to know what goes around comes around. And it's gonna come fast given all the reputations she's ruined."

"Does Dupre really think she can write with complete impunity? Everyone is held responsible for their actions (and postings). We're talking rough karma for this lady."

"Is that Deborah Dupre or Deborah Depraved you say?"

"Someone please take away her pens and pencils; rather permanently hack her word-processing capability."

Deborah Dupre's articles are not about the Gulf oil spill or human rights abuses; they're about her and her deluded vision of reality."

"What is the phrase for they who have no commitment to the truth - without conscience?"

"To destroy reputations so cavalierly, and then justify your actions even after the truth has been disclosed is as revolting as it gets." "Good, innocent people are ruined by her and her ilk."

"These two sisters have gotten away with way too much abuse and victimizing. It's time for the Louisiana Health Department to shut down the Barefoot Doctors. They've got no business doing what they're doing."

*Deborah Dupre did not respond to any emails or telephone calls of any of the deeply concerned GCBD ex-members involved with this investigation. Dupre did disclose to differentGCBD members that she herself was forced to resign her board position with the GCBD last year when the consequences of their indiscretions and wrongdoing began to catch upwith the organization.

[1] Thomson Reuters, one of the largest multi-media outlets in the world, established a reputation very early in the Gulf oil spill as being transparently aligned with and biased in their favorable reporting to BP. Just as BP is known to "operate to failure", Reuters is widely regarded as the quintessential MSM perpetrator and purveyor of dubious reporting (bad practice); of course,in their case, it is the field of journalism which they have thoroughly corrupted.


Maurice Ellsberg - May 11, 2011 - Gulf Oil Spill Investigations


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