Rick Perry 2012... Bilderberg Behind His Presidential Run

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The ex-campaign manager of Al Gore's 88' dismal presidential run, Neo-Con TX. Gov. Rick Perry is dipping his toes into the 2012 presidential race, coincidentally, as the Bilderberg conference convenes in St. Moritz, Switzerland. ~ Aaron Dykes - June 10, 2011 - Video

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Bilderberg, notorious kingmakers in the U.S. and Europe tapped Perry in 2007, inviting him to the conference meeting in Istanbul and presumably vetting him for higher office. Has his moment now arrived?

With a GOP primary field weak in viable-but-malleable globalist
candidates, Perry may well prove to be a rising star. Current U.S.
media is
buzzing with speculation of his imminent entry.

Bilderberg have long worked to own both horses in each cycle of U.S. Presidential race. Bill Clinton, an obscure governor when he attended Bilderberg in 1991 before his 1992 presidential run, is a prime example of a candidate selected and run by Bilderberg.

Bilderberg is also responsible for selecting British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and David Cameron.

Gov. Rick Perry has been building his credentials as a pseudo-Tea Party leader and supposed proponent of succession, so he may prove to be a marketable product to the grassroots populists rebelling against the establishment GOP.

In reality, of course, he is another pawn. His own rise in politics in the mid-80s came at the hands of one Karl Rove, known alternately as "Bush's Brain," who convinced Perry to flip from
Democrat to Republican.

Perry became George W. Bush's Lt. Governor, rising to Governor once Bush the Younger gained the White House in 2000. He is now the longest serving governor in office.

Weeks ago, Perry's office discussed the possibility of his entering the GOP primary at the end of the Texas legislative session. Now fresh rumors about his entering the race coincide with the end of the regular session.

His speculative run is buoyed by the news that his top political aide David Carney has just quit the Gingrich campaign, which has fallen flat. Carney and related aides are considered key to Perry's campaign viability. CBS writes, that Perry is...

"serious" about a run, but "There was no way Perry would run for president without his top political consultant, Dave Carney… Unfortunately for Perry, both of those guys were working on
Gingrich 2012… Now, Gingrich's entire team has up and quit. And all of a sudden Carney/Johnson are available. And Rick Perry is for real.

Veteran Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker wrote last week about Perry's
likely entry into the 2012 field, pointing out that he may be Bilderberg's "
Ace in the Hole"...

Perry has repeatedly denied that he is running for president, but
several campaigns have been put forth to draft the three term Texas governor. In addition, Perry keeps pushing himself as a Bilderberg wild card. At Republican events, he has described the type of nominee the GOP needs (like himself) without naming himself.

Bilderberg, true to form, wants the U.S. recession to continue
throughout 2012 and for oil prices to remain high and increase further. This could make Obama a one-term president. But at this point it appears Bilderberg's "other horse" is headed for the stable, to be groomed as their ace in the hole.

Tucker identified Perry as a likely presidential contender back in 2007. President Barack Obama reportedly attended Bilderberg in Chantilly, Virginia in 2008 alongside Hillary Clinton, whom he had just dominated in the primary.

Undoubtedly, he gained approval and backing during their shadowy meeting. Bilderberg regular James A. Johnson admittedly led the search for Obama's running mate in 2008, vetting potential candidates.



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Aaron Dykes - June 10, 2011 - posted at Sodahead


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