EXPOSED!... Donald Trump is a Masonic False Opposition!

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Donald Trump's Presidential bid  is a classic example of Masonic false opposition. Notice the Masonic descendent triangle sign in this early photo. ~ Henry Makow

Enlarged Photo

The Illuminati intends for Barrack Obama to be reelected in 2012. The only way this will happen is for the Republican vote to be split.

Think the 1912 election when they brought Theodore Roosevelt back in order for Woodrow Wilson to defeat William Howard Taft.

Think 1940 and Wendell Wilkie, a pro-war "Democrat turned Republican," false opposition in case Americans didn't elect FDR.  

Think the 1992 election when they ran Ross Perot in order to split the Republican vote and elect Bill Clinton. If Perot hadn't run, Bush Sr. would have been re-elected. (Apparently, he had angered the Zionists by referring to their control of Capitol Hill.)  Perot got 20 million votes. Clinton got 45 million and Bush got 39 million.

Trump's feud with Barrack Obama is about as real as his feud with Rosie O'Donnell. 

Trump has declared he will "probably run as an Independent" if he doesn't win the Republican nomination. Recently, he was tied for the lead in the polls with Mike Huckabee.

My guess is he will not get the nomination and will split the anti-Obama vote, paving the way for another four years of the Kenyan. My hunch is he will choke on the "Birther" issue.

Trump has tailored his position to co-opt the opposition. He is "Christian, pro-life,  anti gay marriage and so for the death penalty especially for terrorists."

"I'm a Protestant, I'm a Presbyterian," he told the Christian Post. "And you know I've had a good relationship with the church over the years. I think religion is a wonderful thing. I think my religion is a wonderful religion."

He attends church "as much as I can. Always on Christmas. Always on Easter. And when there's a major occasion. And during the Sundays. I'm a Sunday church person. I'll go when I can."

Now, there's conviction.


We can thank Brother Nathaniel for alerting us to the hokey nature of the
Trump campaign and the fact that his David Axelrod (aka "political adviser" "handler") is another Illuminati Jew by the name of Michael Cohen.


Cohen supported Obama in 2008, but has "grown disappointed with the president, so much so that he now describes himself as 'offended' by the administration's agenda. America, Cohen said, has become a "third-world nation," echoing words that have become a familiar refrain of Trump's.

 "I thought it was the greatest thing ever," Cohen said he felt during the first months of the Obama presidency. "This fantastic orator was going to make a change in this country. He was going to do things that Bush clearly did not do."

His distaste for Obama, and Trump's professed interest in pursuing the Republican nomination in 2012, led Cohen, businessman Stewart Rahr and other supporters to create "Should Trump Run?" as a way both to spark -- and gauge -- interest in a potential Trump presidential bid."

And who is Steward Rehr? Surprise! An Illuminati Jewish billionaire, who made his fortune as a pharmaceutical distributor. He is the 183rd richest man in America (139 of the top 400 are Jewish) and one of the 400th richest men in the world.  (Trump isn't in the top 400.) 

If you think Trump and his backers are going to change anything, even if Trump became President, I have some real estate in Florida ....

Politics is a charade put on by the Illuminati with the mass media as its cheering section.

We don't realize how we are totally manipulated.
Our political, economic and cultural lives are psy ops.

Henry Makow PhD - April 19, 2011 - HenryMakow

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 04/19/2011 - 2:15pm.