Obamas Are Not Welcome in America's Garden

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While the doomsayers continue to sing the Swan Song of Americans in loud and screeching voices,  most Americans are covering their bases, Dub and Deb style. ~ Judi McLeod

Dub and Deb are the husband and wife team behind Ridin' Out the Recession, now the fastest growing feature on Canada Free Press.

In the mounting political unrest sent almost daily from the Obama Regime, real life continues sunrise to sunset. No one needs permission from the Oval Office to survive.

Obama's message, omnipresent only two years ago, is becoming more and more blurred. People are tuning out on his running dog news networks and tuning in to the Internet and to talk show radio.

Obama and his Czars waited decades too late to turn the United States of America over to the UN's One World Government, proof positive that you can't expect success after sitting around toking since the 1960s, dude. 

Years of living life on earth have long ago taught the people to put their families first and it would take more than a politician leading a Shadow Government to have them give up on their own survival.

King of the World Barack Obama and his soft-living bureaucrats at the world's largest, talk-only bureaucracy, have written off the populations of nations too quickly.  For them to advance their Marxist goal of One World Government, they need to kill off the indomitable human spirit of untold billions.

Today the Pond, Tomorrow the World is only the stuff of comic books and movies. Insisting on living in a pretend world surrounded by movie stars inevitably brings the rude awakening of reality.

Even amidst the largely manufactured disasters of economic depressions, political unrest and insurrections, people are getting by.

In America, the people know enough that until the course becomes clear to ignore the political strategies of a 2012 bound Barack Obama and his band of merry Dems.

They know there was nothing magic or special about the president before he invented himself through booklore and that there's nothing special about him now so have moved on.

Not difficult to see straight through people who push Nutrition on the same Americans, who have have turned back to gardening and canning as the best way to feed their families.

Simply put it is not the little people who count on specially flown in pizza but the high handed, squandering luxury Obamas,  and the little people who continue to teach their families and friends that the best veggies come from the home garden and not supermarket shelves.

Nor can Nutrition Nazis like Michelle Obama teach the masses anything about gardening.  She used sludge on her White House garden, while the little people use the same cow and sheep manure that their grandparents did.

The silly Obamas keep People Pique on their strategy radar by always leaving Dodge for another "vacation", not realizing that the vacation folk most look forward to is the permanent one; the one in which Barack and Michelle with family and friends go abroad to lord it over some other country in ultimate luxury, the last vacation from which they never return.

In the meantime, scares will abound daily in the panic-pushing mainstream media.  Radiation from Japan has found its way to American milk. Bird and swine flu are making a comeback.  North American nuclear reactors are built along earthquake fault lines, global warming, hot or cold,  is going to kill off the entire human race.

Then there is the uptick in natural disasters.  People have been surviving whatever Mother Nature has thrown at them since time immemorial.

It is the soft living politicians and UN bureaucrats who panic, not the people.

This is what people going about their own business trying to survive the recession may have missed in one morning's news headlines today: "Budget Negotiations Reach `Tentative Deal'."  (Wow, we can all draw a big sigh of relief!)

This is one bound to torment those of even minimal intellect: "Obama polls hit new low, Hillary Nears All-Time High." (Get the Easter goodies out of the freezer!)

How about this one in reference to Japan: "UN Calls for Wider Evacuations".  (Forget the calling. How about being right on site to ensure that it happens?)

Even some of our on-side news friends at Fox sometimes leave room for complaint.  Every time I see them putting up a silly question with the instruction, "You Decide", I answer in the same fashion as so many others: "We already do".

Meanwhile this message to Obama:  When millions render that most special prayer known as "Our Father", they're talking to the One in Heaven.


Judi McLeod - March 31, 2011 - CanadaFreePress


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 03/31/2011 - 10:09pm.