Obama's Administration is Advancing Sharia Law Agenda In U.S.A.

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Islamic law (Sharia) contradicts the notion that all human beings are entitled to be treated with equal dignity and have inalienable rights. Islamic law separates believers from nonbelievers, sanctioning inferior status, if not outright death, for the latter. ~ Joseph Klein

In this worldview, religious tolerance is a one-way street. Women in Islam are degraded to submissiveness under misogynist laws. Children are taught to hate. Critical thought that questions official Islamic doctrines is regarded as the crime of defamation of Islam, punishable by death.

The Obama administration has joined the chorus of apologists and "makeover artists" who insist that only extremist fundamentalists practice Islam this way, and that they are no different from fundamentalists of every religion. Genuine Islam is gentle and peaceful, they say.

Although there are many Muslims who truly believe their religion can embrace reason and modern-day humanistic values, they are not the ones who are the most outspoken and influential in defining Islamic ideology today.  

In far greater numbers than just those belonging to the most violent Islamic terrorist groups such as al Qaeda, it is the ideologues who belong to or sympathize with popular movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates who regard Islam as a universalistic, supremacist socioeconomic, and political ideology. They relentlessly seek to transform existing global institutions, including international law, so they comply with sharia.

The Obama White House is unable or unwilling to distinguish between true reformers and the phonies who operate by stealth, deception and lies (known as taqiyya).

Through his words and actions, Obama is helping to sugarcoat an evil ideology and amplify the Islamists' taqiyya. This may well be largely the product of Barack Obama's Islamist associations and their influence over him for many years.

The following are the top seven ways in which the Obama administration is helping to advance the Islamists' cause.


7. "Islam in America Brand"—Courtesy of Obama's State Department


The Obama State Department has undertaken a campaign to help Islamists rebrand their radical ideology.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has appointed Farah Pandith to serve as special representative to Muslim communities. She is in charge of a new office that is responsible for outreach with Muslims around the world.

Obama's State Department under Clinton also announced in 2009 an Islam branding program through its Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP). The Bureau was tasked with publishing:

Three articles for Ramadan 2009 addressing the concept of an Islam in America "˜brand'; advocacy (civic and political) of the Muslim American community; and community innovation/community building. The writer will contact Muslim American experts in each of these fields. These articles will be available on America.gov in English, Arabic, and Persian.

While promoting the Islamic "brand" and a multicultural celebration of Ramadan, the Obama administration asked Georgetown University, a Catholic institution, to cover the name of Jesus inscribed on a pediment on the stage when President Obama spoke there in April 2009.  Apparently, both re-branding radical Islam and covering up Christian symbols when Obama speaks are part of his definition of multiculturalism.


6. NASA Turns From Space To Enhancing Muslims' Self-Esteem As Its Primary Mission


I have always thought that the primary mission of NASA was to reach further and further into outer space. Not so, under President Obama's watch. The primary mission now is to reach out to the Muslim World… whatever that may mean.

NASA administrator Charles Bolden told al-Jazeera in an interview that President Obama has ordered him to "reach out to the Muslim world."  He said:

When I became the NASA Administrator — before I became the NASA Administrator — [Obama] charged me with three things: One was he wanted me to help re-inspire children to want to get into science and math, he wanted me to expand our international relationships, and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering.

In a speech at American University in Cairo on June 15, 2010, Bolden welcomed his audience with the greeting  "As salaam alaykum" and then said:

When my president, Barack Obama, came here to Cairo one year ago, he came to speak of a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world… We at NASA are fond of referring to the International Space Station, now marking its tenth year of permanent human presence in orbit around Earth, as one of the greatest engineering feats in human history.

It is humbling, however, to be here in the shadow of the Cairo Citadel and the Great Pyramid at Giza and speak of the engineering wonders of the world. These monuments are a great testament to the vitality of the Egyptian culture and the strong skills of its people, and a unique vantage point for considering the potential for U.S. - Egyptian cooperation in the frontiers of space…

Soon after President Barack Obama stood in Cairo, just over one year ago, and spoke of Partnership between the United States and Muslims around the world, he asked NASA to change that ratio by reaching out to "non-traditional" partners and strengthening our cooperation in the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia and in particular in Muslim-majority nations. NASA has embraced this charge.

Is this some sort of affirmative action for Muslims in outer space? It appears so. Will the Obama administration feel the same way about an Egyptian-American "partnership" in space even if the Muslim Brotherhood assumes control of Egypt in the not too distant future? Probably, as demonstrated by the administration's attitude towards the Muslim Brotherhood discussed in the next section.


5. The Obama Administration Legitimizes the Muslim Brotherhood And Its Radical American Islamist Affiliates


The Muslim Brotherhood is an extremist Islamist organization devoted to instituting sharia law as broadly as possible. Its central creed is that the sharia should be the basis for "controlling the affairs of state and society." As the founder of Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood also continues to be committed to the destruction of Israel.

In its manifesto entitled Towards a Worldwide Strategy for Islamic Policy, the Muslim Brotherhood outlined a 12-point strategy to "establish an Islamic Power on the earth."

It has also planted roots in the United States, including having founded or being linked to the unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist funding case, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). The Holy Land Foundation was an Islamic "charity" which was convicted in 2008 by a federal jury for giving more than $12 million to Hamas.

Nevertheless, the Obama administration has an aggressive outreach program to the Muslim Brotherhood. For example, when the president delivered his speech to the Muslim world in Cairo in June, 2009, his administration made sure that Muslim Brotherhood members were invited to attend.

The White House has invited the president of ISNA, one of the unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation case, to two of its Ramadan dinners.

And that's not all: President Obama invited the Director of the Washington, D.C. office of the radical Muslim Public Affairs Council to join the president and cabinet officials at the White House as he announced Elena Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court.

This no doubt in recognition of the fact that when Kagan had served as Harvard Law School's dean she had promoted the study of sharia law, including by opening an Islamic Finance Project.

More ominously, the Obama administration has gone out of its way to whitewash the Muslim Brotherhood.

For example, Obama's Director of National Intelligence James Clapper made the following, highly erroneous comments about the Brotherhood before a House Intelligence Committee hearing on February 10, 2011:

The term "˜Muslim Brotherhood'…is an umbrella term for a variety of movements, in the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried Al Qaeda as a perversion of Islam. They have pursued social ends, a betterment of the political order in Egypt, et cetera…..In other countries, there are also chapters or franchises of the Muslim Brotherhood, but there is no overarching agenda, particularly in pursuit of violence, at least internationally.

As the New York Times reported in a front page article on March 25th, the Muslim Brotherhood is at the forefront of the political leadership taking shape in post-revolutionary Egypt. These radicals are apparently striking some sort of deal with the military whom the United States has armed and trained. The young, educated secular activists who initially propelled the revolution have been pushed aside.

But the Obama administration does not seem at all troubled by the prospect of the Muslim Brotherhood's playing a significant role in the new Egyptian government. In fact, it appears to welcome such a outcome.



4. The Obama Administration Defends Islamists Who Demand Special Treatment



Under President Obama, the federal government is enforcing special accommodations for Muslims employed by non-Muslim owned companies.

For example, in response to complaints filed by Somali Muslim employees with the help of Chicago-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) decided that JBS Swift violated their civil rights.

Swift had dismissed those who refused to work during Ramadan because they were not permitted to take special time off during work hours for prayer. The demand would have disrupted work schedules, leaving their fellow non-Muslim workers to pick up the slack.

The EEOC chose to send its decision by letter directly to the Islamist CAIR organization, showing their close relationship in the Obama era.

In another example, Attorney General Eric Holder has decided to sue a suburban Chicago school district for denying a Muslim middle school female teacher three weeks of unpaid leave to abandon her students and make a pilgrimage to Mecca. The teacher wanted to perform the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia which every adult Muslim is supposed to make at least once in a lifetime if he or she is able to do so.

Ironically, the Obama administration is suing over a practice that discriminates against women. Under Islamic law, a woman is not allowed to perform Hajj alone and must be accompanied by an adult Muslim Mahram (father, husband, son or brother etc.).

For an administration that claims it regards a quality education for our public school students to be one of its highest priorities, it is a bit strange that it's willing to fight for the "right" of a Muslim teacher to abandon the students in her charge so that she can trek to Mecca for a few weeks.

In any case, the religious requirement for a Muslim to perform Hajj is once in a lifetime if financially and physically able to do so. This teacher, Safoorah Khan, had no more than two years of service under her belt at the suburban Chicago school when, in 2008, she decided that she could not wait any longer to make her pilgrimage.

After the school district twice denied her request, the teacher wrote the board that "based on her religious beliefs, she could not justify delaying performing hajj." She resigned shortly thereafter.

In November 2008, Khan filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which punted the case over to the Justice Department after finding that there was reasonable cause to believe that discrimination had occurred.

Eric Holder's team in the Justice Department's civil rights division decided to bring the school district to federal court on Khan's behalf.

The relief that the Obama administration is seeking is a court order requiring the school district to adopt policies that reasonably accommodate its employees' religious practices and beliefs.

The administration also demands the school reinstates Khan with back pay and pay her compensatory damages.

There is nothing "reasonable" in Khan's demand for making her pilgrimage on her own timetable and for three weeks, when such a pilgrimage lasts only five to six days. If anyone deserves "compensatory damages," it is the school system which has to defend itself against this frivolous lawsuit.

Attorney General Holder has called protecting the "˜civil rights' of Muslims a "top priority," and his department has filed other legal actions on behalf of Muslims. As usual, the Obama administration is pandering to accommodate the demands of the radical Muslim community so that they can practice their beliefs, as Obama promised during his 2009 Cairo speech, "as they see fit."



3. The Obama Administration Bashes Israel


The Obama administration has been more hostile to Israel than any previous administration in the history of American-Israeli relations.

President Obama first signaled his intention to come down hard on Israel by initially demanding a complete freeze on settlements—including on any growth in existing settlements.

Even though the Obama administration subsequently vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution on February 18, 2011 - declaring Israeli settlements to be "illegal" - it immediately piled on Israel with denunciations of its settlement policies. It did so in as strident a manner as the Palestinians and Hezbollah.

In her formal statement to the Security Council after the vote, our UN Ambassador Susan Rice told the Council not to interpret America's opposition to the resolution as support for Israel's settlement activities.

Rice said that America rejects

in the strongest terms the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity. Continued settlement activity violates Israel's international commitments, devastates trust between the parties, and threatens the prospects for peace… we agree with our fellow Council members - and indeed, with the wider world - about the folly and illegitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity.

In other words, despite the veto of this particular UN Security Council resolution, the Obama administration has lent full rhetorical support to the intentions of the resolution's sponsors.

Their intention is, of course, to isolate Israel further in the international community by declaring all of its settlements to be illegitimate and the cause of the breakdown in negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel.

Samantha Power, a Special Assistant to Obama, believes that the U.S. should cut off aid to Israel and consider providing a "Mammoth Protection Force" to protect the Palestinians from Israel.

She said that even if it meant "alienating a domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial import" (i.e., Jewish Americans) the United States should stop investing "billions of dollars" in "servicing Israel's military" and invest the money instead "in the new state of Palestine."

Power complained about what she called the "sins of our allies in the war on terror", lumping Israel together with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Russia and Uzbekistan.

Power obviously has President Obama's ear. He has clearly bought into this narrative of Palestinian victimhood, exploited so cleverly by radical Islamists and the hard Left.

In his June 2009 Cairo speech to the Muslim world, for example, he referred to Palestinian dislocation and suffering "for more than sixty years."  

Yet the truth is that there were no Israeli settlements or security fences in the West Bank for twenty years after the Palestinians and the surrounding Arab nations rejected the original two-state solution under the United Nations' partition plan.

An independent Palestinian state could have been created in those twenty years, but it was the Palestinians themselves and their patrons in the Arab world who failed to seize the opportunity.

The Obama administration also refuses to acknowledge the fact that Israel has already made painful sacrifices for peace with the Palestinians, including unilaterally withdrawing from Gaza and Lebanon.

Instead of leading to peace, this has led to greater violence from Islamic terrorists north and south of its borders and within Israel itself. Israel has offered a very generous statehood deal three times in the last fifteen years (twice in 2000, once in 2008). The Palestinians responded with more violence.

This administration turns a blind eye to the reality that Israelis face every day of their lives - powerful forces surrounding them that do not accept Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state.

It is time for the Obama administration to stop facilitating the radical Islamists' agenda by engaging in the dangerous game of blaming Israel for not reaching a peaceful resolution of its conflict with the Palestinians because of red herring issues like settlements.

The White House has to come down firmly on the side of the one country in the Middle East that truly shares our Western democratic values.



2. The Obama Administration Helps The Islamic Assault On the First Amendment


Radical Islamists relentlessly seek to transform existing global institutions, including international law, so they comply with sharia law under which it is a crime to criticize Islam or its prophet Muhammad. The Islamists demand that limits be placed on freedom of expression under international law. In effect, they wish to establish an official internationally protected religion: Islam.

The Muslim Brotherhood states on its website that:

Intellectual freedom can't be cited in matters related to beliefs

The spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi has demanded action from the United Nations in accordance with sharia-based conceptions of blasphemy:

The governments [of the world] must be pressured to demand that the U.N. adopt a clear resolution or law that categorically prohibits affronts to prophets—to the prophets of the Lord and his Messengers, to His holy books, and to the religious holy places.

The United Nations has complied. Under pressure from radical Islamists who dominate the agenda of the United Nations Human Rights Council, this UN body has passed resolutions defining "defamation of religions" as a violation of international law, overriding any right of free expression.

Islam is usually the only religion specifically mentioned as requiring special protection. The General Assembly, where the United States has only one vote out of 192, has routinely adopted these resolutions as well.

It is alarming, to say the least, that the Obama administration not only decided to join the UN Human Rights Council - the source of the UN's free speech suppression resolutions and made up of some of the world's worst human rights abusers (including, until just recently, Libya).

The Obama administration also decided to cosponsor its own resolution with Egypt that feeds right into the Islamists' agenda. It condemns "the promotion by certain media of false images and negative stereotypes" and calls for action against anything that smacks of "negative racial and religious stereotyping."

President Obama's choice to head the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Cass Sunstein - the husband of Israel-hater Samantha Power -  supports suppression of free speech on the Internet. Sunstein believes the Internet should be regulated to ensure that "falsehoods" are not disseminated. He said that:

[A] "˜chilling effect' on those who would spread destructive falsehoods can be an excellent idea.

To that end, Sunstein proposed a "notice and take down" law that would require bloggers and service providers to "take down falsehoods upon notice."  Falsehoods as defined by whom?  The government no doubt.

This will suit Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations just fine. CAIR has already intimidated certain radio stations that have broadcast criticisms of Islam or depicted Muslims in what they consider to be a negative light.  CAIR regularly monitors conservative broadcasts and has distributed guidelines to broadcasters about what they should and should not say about Islam. 

Consistent with the Islamists' strategy to leverage the UN international legal norm against "defamation of religions," CAIR has used the American legal system to bring, in its words, "a defamation lawsuit against those who make false claims against the Muslim community."



1. The Obama Administration Refuses To Acknowledge That We Are At War With Radical Islamists


The buzz phrase in the Obama administration to describe our fight against radical Islamic terrorism is "countering violent extremism." It is forbidden to use the words Islam and terrorism in the same sentence. Instead, they use such euphemisms as "man-made disasters."

This "soft power approach" is deliberately designed to avoid offending the Muslim world - an extension of Obama's apologia in his June 2009 Cairo speech during which he told Muslims how sorry the United States was for all of the supposed wrongs the West committed against them.

It is also forbidden in Obama-land to use the term "jihad" to describe the ideological Islamic force we are fighting. President Obama's top homeland security and counterterrorism official, John Brennan, said it was inappropriate to use "jihad" in such a negative context because in the Islam religion, he claims, jihad means "to purify oneself or to wage a holy struggle for a moral goal."

President Obama himself reinforced this political correctness with his non-answer to a straight-forward question about jihad posed to him by a student in India during Obama's trip to that country.

In response to the question, "What is your opinion of Jihad?" Obama said:

"Well, the phrase Jihad has a lot of meanings within Islam, and is subject to a lot of different interpretations. But I will say that, first, Islam is one of the world's great religions. And more than a billion people who practice Islam, the overwhelming majority view their obligations to their religion as ones that reaffirm peace and justice and fairness and tolerance. I think all of us recognize that this great religion in the hands of a few extremists has been distorted to justify violence towards innocent people that is never justified".

Obama was responding to a questioner in Mumbai, the scene of a horrific attack by Islamic jihadists. One would think that he would have used the opportunity to call on all peace-loving Muslims to rise up and reject the meaning of "jihad" that is associated with radical Islamic ideology - that killing the infidel in the name of Islam is justified under sharia law.

When one considers the real meaning of jihad according to Islam's Prophet Muhammad from sources such as Bukhari (the Hadith, which are oral traditions relating to the words and deeds of Muhammad), the fact is that an overwhelming percentage of the jihad references are about war, not an inner struggle. 

The Koran itself is full of hate-filled violent passages. The Obama administration is helping the Islamists whitewash the words and deeds of the Islamists' own warrior prophet.

The following are just a sampling of Koran verses that sanction hatred and violence against non-Muslims:

"Kill the disbelievers wherever we find them." (Koran 2:191)

"I will inspire terror into the hearts of unbelievers: you smite them above their necks and smite all their fingertips off of them." (Koran 8:12)

"When we decide to destroy a population, we send a definite order to them who have the good things in life and yet sin. So that Allah's word is proven true against them, then we destroy them utterly." (Koran 17:16-17)

Before you can effectively fight the enemy - whether on the military battlefield or in the war of ideas - you have to understand who they really are and expose their true ideology to the world.

The mortal global enemy whom we are fighting today are Islamists who are inspired by their sharia-based ideology.

Sadly for our country and freedom-loving people everywhere,the Obama administration is making their job a whole lot easier.

Joseph Klein - March 26, 2011 - RealNews

Joseph Klein is the author of a recent book entitled Lethal Engagement: Barack Hussein Obama, the United Nations and Radical Islam


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