RFID Tracking of Your 'Rationed' Food Coming Soon!

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Isn't technology wonderful? Don't you just love all those advances to "˜help' you in your ever increasing drudgery through the daily minutiae of life? ~ Neil Foster

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all those little tasks you used to have to drearily do every day could be solved by some electronic gizmo?

Your mobile phone keeps you in touch with your friends and them in touch with you at the press of a button.

Your X-Box can have you mind-numbingly entertained whilst you're playing with your friends on the other side of the world, you know, those ones you've never met, without having to leave the comfort of your electrically heated leather sofa.

Or how about that Sat Nav that tells you where you're going in any voice, with any accent, of any celebrity of your choosing just to make sure you don't get slightly lost or are too blind to read road signs or even a map in which case you shouldn't be driving!

When you lose little Johnny in the supermarket that convenient chip you had injected into him will help you track him down in the confectionary isle where you probably knew he was anyway as you get a text alert to warn you he's more than 10 meters away.

My my, you really must be short sighted in which case you'll never be able to read the small print on the food packaging but nevermind, the food's perfectly good for you because your government says so.

But, what with one thing and another, you won't be too worried about reading the labels on food packaging. You'll be more worried about finding food on the shelves at all if the predictions of food shortages are anything to take seriously. But surely not eh?

Nevermind though, if it happens help is at hand in the form, of I'm sure, a very affordable RFID tracker refrigerator.


This will help you save food and discard any that's gone a second out of date, giving you notice, as this information is transmitted to the fridge RFID reader by the RFID chip in all your food packaging and storage containers.

It will ensure that once you've located little Johnny in the deep, dark recesses of his bedroom video game emporium and sit him down for dinner, that he'll be eating only the most sell by date conscious genetically modified junk food that mummy can buy with her fantastic new implanted RFID consumer control chip.

The problem with this is that the whole point of rationing is that you're only supposed to have your "˜share' of the food supply in carefully calculated amounts under the pretext that there will be enough of a minimal amount to feed everyone in society, excluding those handing out the rations of course who will be sumptuously well fed as real poverty, under the guise of austerity, is imposed on the rest of us.

So you'll have this high tech refrigerator which can tell if you've kept food a second too long or indeed if you have extra food in your fridge which you acquired, by whatever means outside the use of cash which will no longer exist at this point in time.

You will have to explain to the local community inspector when he bangs on your door to demand access to your fridge to assess what extra food you have in it.

You see, the fridge will have alerted them too done at the local soviet council office taking whatever punishment they deem necessary like cutting your food ration even further to punish your indiscretion.

The step on this road is that you will then have to try to explain how and where you acquired the extra food, without cash, without access to external sources beyond those rationed to you. You see, the food rationed to you will be in a way "˜means tested'.

You'll be regularly weighed, as will your children and any others living in your meager home, with food being rationed to you on its calorific value to keep you just about fit to work without giving you too much in the form of excess energy with which you may be able to indulge yourself in a leisure activity.

You've got to grasp the reality that you're only going to be fed to enable you to work for a certain amount of hours, for a certain amount of days, for a certain amount of weeks, months and years until you are of no use to the system.

What happens to you at that point is anyone's guess.

But never mind, that's all conspiracy theory isn't it?

Are you willing to take the chance or will you finally understand that you're paying for your own electronic slavery shackles?


Neil Foster - March 25, 2011 - SovereignIndependent


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 03/26/2011 - 9:09pm.