Nuclear Disaster = Massive Population Culling and International Monetary Implosion... Huge 'Win' for NWO

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GCN's Dr. Bill Deagle, host of The Nutrimedical Report, predicted months ago that there would be a nuclear meltdown of this nature somewhere in the world, and now he has a dire warning, particularly for people on the U.S. West Coast... be prepared to be irradiated! ~ Rachael Woodhouse

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In an exclusive interview, Dr. Deagle told GCN News that citizens of Japan are in for a horrible host of multi-generational health problems. "We have two issues: radiation exposure, which is due to beta particle emissions or electrons, and gamma rays which are gamma particle emissions that can displace or knock out sections of your DNA or destroy proteins or cell membranes. That's radiation."

"The first thing that happens is that if you have low level exposure and you're outside the zone, you're probably not going to receive sufficient radiation, to get what we call radiation burns or secondary trauma where you get a first, second, or third degree physical burn, or you get a traumatic injury. The people of the immediate area of Chernobyl had secondary injuries on top of radiation exposure."

"The real dangers come from what they call the radio isotopes. The particular reactors in Japan are the worst of the worst," Deagle said, stressing that the Fukushima meltdown is worse than Chernobyl.

But unfortunately, this isn't a problem limited to one nation, not that any nation is more important than another, but Dr. Deagle has a stern warning: this radiation is coming to the United States.

"Reactor No. 2 has gone critical," according to Deagle. "The other two reactors were going critical and are still proceeding. One of them is a plutonium and the other is a uranium reactor, and they have not been able to maintain the water levels in both reactors. [This] means that there is a breach of the cooling chamber in the reactor core, [which] means that the nuclear radioactive material is being mixed with sea water and now getting into the environment."

What will bring the radiation? The jet stream. Dr. Deagle discussed the issue earlier today with Dr. Asaf Durakovic, a triple-boarded specialist in radiation medicine, and he concurs with Deagle that Americans on the West Coast must immediately prepare.

"Firstly, when you get radiation exposure, it depresses your lymphocytes so you're at risk of getting infections," Deagle cautioned. "So there is a likelihood that this nuclear event will increase the [chances] of a worldwide pandemic of some virus. Number two, it's going to affect the people downwind in Tokyo, where there are 40 million people."

The bone marrow, the digestive system, and stem cell health will all be affected by anyone exposed to any level of radiation from the Fukushima meltdown. It can lead to internal and external bleeding, as well as hair loss.

The biggest danger to North Americans is CNS syndrome, which can cause intracranial pressure.

But as dire as the health dangers sound, the impact on the world economy is just as devastating, Deagle said. He estimates that the cleanup costs will total nearly $1 trillion, and it will be the "perfect storm" needed by the New World Order to push all nations into a world debt-based currency.

He predicts a further decline in American wealth, based on a further-deteriorating dollar, which will result in a complete economic meltdown juggernaut within the next six months.

Rachael Woodhouse - March 15, 2011 - posted at GenesisCommunicationsNetwork

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 03/16/2011 - 10:03am.