Insurance and Pensions Scam... You'll Be Dead Before You Get a Damn Penny!

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Having first heard on the BBC yesterday (March 3) of the European ruling that stated that car insurance premiums could not be lower for women regardless of the fact that they're safer drivers and that new rules for pensions were set to come in at the end of 2012, which would penalise men in terms of the value of any pension they may receive on retirement. ~ Neil Foster

I just thought, yeah, just another scam by the bankers to rob the public of more of their cash.

However, again on the BBC this morning they had two "˜expert' talking heads for the insurance and pensions industries.

The car insurance "˜expert' stated that a way round this equalisation of premiums was for women to buy smaller powered cars. This of course is just a thinly veiled greenie policy which was also tied in with the mention that technology would be a factor.

I thought when this was mentioned that we were going to get more propaganda about the merits of utterly useless electric cars with speed limiters.

Well, the electric car wasn't brought into the mix but the mention of cars being fitted with "˜black boxes' similar to those in aircraft made my ears prick up.

They want to record the way you drive, where you've been and how long it took you to get from one point to another. This of course will allow government to tell us that "˜speed cameras' or "˜surveillance cameras' as they should be called, will be scrapped or disconnected in the rolling back of the police state. However, the "˜black box' will record your speed and movements, thus allowing automatic tracking and issuing of speeding tickets.

Put this together cameras, equipped with microphones I'd imagine, being installed in cars, apparently to scan your face for signs of fatigue for example, and you have total surveillance when going about your everyday business.

I wrote yesterday (March 1) about Agenda 21 and the UN's plans to get us all off the road and this is also part of that. With the inevitable increasing premiums, not only for women, combined with skyrocketing fuel prices, it will make it in reality unaffordable for most ordinary people to run a car at all.

There will of course be the push for people to downgrade to smaller, electric cars which are limited to a certain speed and distance per charge thus further curtailing the public's ability to travel long distance in a reasonable length of time.

Can you imagine the size of the "˜petrol' stations required to park electric cars, each needing at least 20 minutes to charge up?

What about pensions?

Well, again I thought that on first hearing that men were going to get less for their money, that this was just a balancing act for the feminist lobby to make them feel that "˜equality' was being practiced by the financial services industry by screwing both sexes, if you'll pardon the pun.

But, after this morning's propaganda piece from the BBC I had to have a rethink. Of course, it is about more profit for the financial sector, but, when the presenter and the pensions "˜expert' agree that it's better to convince the pension broker that you're health isn't great and you could well die before collecting your pension, to reduce your premiums, one has to wonder why they're pushing deception as a policy.

On every insurance or pensions application form you are told at the end when you sign on the dotted line that if the information supplied is either incorrect or false then that policy is void.

If you are now being encouraged to convince pension brokers that you're as unhealthy as you can lead them to believe then that is surely coercion to lie on the application. In police parlance that is called "˜entrapment'.

It would also seem that to do this would have the detrimental effect of barring you from life insurance since you've already gone out of your way to convince the pension broker that you're as sick as you need to be to get a cheap premium.

Are we going to see the life insurance brokers now come out and tell us to convince them that we're as healthy as possible to get cheaper life insurance premiums?

You see, if you lie on one application it will inevitability, not only make that policy null and void but also the other policies you may have.

In this way the financial services industry will rake in premiums from the gullible and never pay out on any policy because you've broken the terms of the agreement by being, at best economical with the truth relating to your health and at worst lied blatantly at the encouragement of the pension brokers.

Of course, if you are actually ill and die within a certain time frame whereby the insurance company is not obliged to pay out they win and let's not forget that the retirement age is being pushed up gradually to ensure that you'll be dead before you ever get to collect that pension you've paid for.

The first link above is of course another example of "˜equality' for women. The second talks of scrapping the retirement age altogether which ultimately means that pension companies will use whatever upper limit is given for the official retirement age. If there is no limit and you are in such dire financial straits that you can't afford to retire, what then for your pension? Guess what? You'll NEVER collect it!

So even if you're accepted by the pensions or insurance firms then they actually do have a good idea that you won't be around to collect. Just in case you are, they're simply going to  use your own written words, which they encouraged you to write, against you, to cancel your policy and they win again.


Neil Foster - March 2, 2011 - posted at OneWorldScam


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 03/09/2011 - 12:50am.