Eugenics 2.0

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A brilliant eugenics program is currently ongoing in the United States. First men dress up in white coats, appear on television and tell people to stay out of the sun, because otherwise they'll get skin cancer and die... David Rothscum 

Westerners are fascinating people. It's easy for them to see human rights abuses all across the planet, but not in their own "developed" world. They fail to see for example that the idea of eugenics can be found implemented under other names throughout their society.

The last forced sterilizations were supposedly carried out in Sweden and the United States during the 70's, but covert sterilization took over when overt sterilization came under public scrutiny. Many Westerners speak out against the mutilation of young girls that happens in 3rd world countries. A noble cause, but most of them fail to see their own society has similar backwards practices.

A man in Somalia may use a broken piece of glass to injure a young girl, but does it really become different when the same man lays down the broken piece of glass, puts on a white coat, puts a title in front of his name, and cuts the girl open and permanently sterilizes her by amputating healthy ovaries? Is this man no longer a criminal, but now a legit surgeon? Of course not, the man is still a crook.

A brilliant eugenics program is currently ongoing in the United States. First men dress up in white coats, appear on television and tell people to stay out of the sun, because otherwise they'll get skin cancer and die. Their advice is about as well-intended and well-grounded as the advice of the men in white coats who try to sell you a particular brand of toothpaste or a particular cosmetic product.

In reality, melanoma (the most deadly type) is more common in office-workers than in people who work out-doors. We also know why, it's due to fluorescent lighting (see also). Vitamin D which is produced in response to UV-B exposure (which you are only exposed to when outside), prevents cancer. Vitamin D supplementation reduces the risk of cancer by 77%. In other words, the white-coats telling people to avoid the sun are responsible for many deaths.

Unfortunately people nonetheless listen to their "advice", and proceed to stay indoors, creating a hormonal deficiency that is commonly referred to as vitamin D deficiency. This is what white-coats are experts at. Breaking something that's working correctly, by trying to fix what they incorrectly believe to be broken. They create ilnesses, they do not cure them. Whether intentionally or due to sheer ignorance, this is what they do.

The hormonal deficiency leads to a buildup of obesity. This is only logical. Vitamin D is a hormone that the body produces in response to sunlight. Less of it is produced in the winter, due to less exposure to sunlight. A lot of animals go into a deep sleep during this season, their body goes into what is effectively a stand-by mode.

Humans respond less extreme to the change in seasons (we've only recently spread out of Africa), but the effect is still there. The human body shuts down anything that isn't immediately necessary as well during the winter, to preserve energy. What this means is that the body begins storing energy in the form of fat.

It's only logical, but most white-coats seem to fail to understand this. They have the audacity to tell you that natural sunlight that we've been exposed to for generations over billions of years is harmful to us instead of necessary, and that synthetic compounds of white-coat witchbrews never seen before in our billions of years of evolution can cure ilnesses instead of causing them. It's an affront to common sense.

Further contributing to the buildup of obesity is the state of what is marketed as food (referring to the stuff that most people today eat as food is an insult to the kingdom of plants). Any real vegetables or fruit is sprayed with pesticides and radiated to rid it of vitamins. Much of it is laced with weapons of mass destruction like aspartame, fluoride and unbound glutamate. The body uses vitamin C to protect itself against Fluoride, because Fluoride causes oxidative stress and vitamin C is an anti-oxidant. This goes for glutamate as well. The body protects itself against glutamate using vitamin C (see also).

I need to mention that this is all that modern medicine studies. I do not actively go out to study these subjects. I run into it by accident when reading the scientific literature. It's common knowledge to the medical research community as shown by the high number of studies done into this.

There's little money to be made in selling vitamin C though so nobody sees any reason to ring the alarm bell and tell people that their food is poisoned, and that vitamin C can serve as an antidote. Nobody, except for the crazy conspiracy theorists on the Internet who try to stop people from killing themselves through their own stupidity.

When people eat "food" instead of food, they develop vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C deficiency is becoming epidemic. About 15% of US adults were vitamin C deficient in 2006. Twenty-five years earlier, this percentage was much lower, at 3-5% of US adults. This causes them to develop obesity.

The reason is that vitamin C plays a role in burning fat for energy. As the study I linked to mentions, "Vitamin C repletion of vitamin C depleted subjects (500 mg vitamin C/d) raised fat energy expenditure during exercise 4-fold as compared to depleted control subjects". In other words they started burning fat again. This is why vitamin C is also important for anyone exercising. It will improve your endurance as this study showed. All of this explains why a low intake of vitamin C is associated with abdominal (bad) obesity.

The short version of the story is that you'll live much longer and with far less illness if you take vitamin C daily. The more the better. 200 milligram is better than nothing, 2000 is better than 200, and 20.000 is better than 2000. Practically all animals produce vitamin C, except for us, our cousins the apes, the guinea pigs and a few other species, because we suffer from a genetic defect. An adult goat produces 13 gram of the vitamin per day. When sick it produces even more. On top of this is an amount it gets through its diet. Humans are stupid enough to believe that a few milligram is enough for them.

Government agencies are currently involved in a game of dietary limbo-dancing with our vitamin C requirements. The goal of the game seems to be feeding your population as little vitamin C as possible without having them instantly drop dead with their gums bleeding and their mouth devoid of teeth (there's still a debt they have to pay off after all). On top is the requirement for guinea pigs, which as I mentioned earlier need to get all their vitamin C through their diet. If humans were held to the same standard as the guinea pig, they would need anywhere between 820 mg and 2000mg of vitamin C.

Amazingly, less is required for humans than for guinea pigs. The US recommends a minimum of 125 mg to male smokers, and 120 mg to females that are breastfeeding (in reality, babies need vitamin C supplementation to develop a healthy brain, 125 mg is nothing). The United Kingdom recommends 75 mg a day to its population. I'm sure you'll be shocked to hear that the winner is the World Health Organization, which dares to claim that 45 milligram should be more than enough.

All of this madness is responsible for the global epidemic of obesity. Obesity is an ideal way to get rid of people. Obese people die earlier, and breed less. The epidemic could reduce the American life expectancy by up to 5 years. Obese people develop diabetes, which is a perfect excuse to sell people all sorts of pills that end up killing them. Added to that is the infertility. Obese women develop polycystic ovary syndrome for example, and obese men have low sperm counts. White-coats have the guts to recommend hysterectomies to 21 year olds now. It's nothing but eugenics under a new name.

The answer to the problem isn't difficult. Vitamin D supplementation cured half the women in one study with PCOS, within two months. I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but that's OK, the point still stands. 5000 IU should be enough when taken without calcium. If a high enough dose is taken and it is used constantly for multiple months at a time, polycystic ovary syndrome will disappear, amongst other reasons due to the weight loss.

Add to that vitamin C at a dose of multiple gram per day. The ovaries need vitamin C, and vitamin C helps with weight loss. According to some studies the B-vitamins help too. In order of importance for PCOS, we find D, then C, then B. This will cure PCOS, and it works for endometriosis as well. It's surely preferable to castration as a solution, which is now an increasingly common answer.

David Rothscum - July 21, 2010 - posted at SovereignIndependent

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 07/31/2010 - 8:53pm.