Bill Clinton's 'Conflict of Interest' in Haiti...

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Similar to the principle of 'Operation Gladio', and just as Dick Cheney is reported to have left 'stay-behinds' in government,(Sy Hersch statements) there is a problem of former officials 'hanging on' after their office expires, to continue their influence, even when massive conflict of interest is present, such as in the case of Bill Clinton's ambassadorship appointment to Haiti in 2009.

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, Bill's wife, reportedly had stashed funds in bank(s) in Haiti, as well has other reported secret accounts.

If citizens thought Cheney and his stay behinds in government were a problem look at this: we have a situation where the former President Clinton has these financial foundation groups, and his wife, code named 'Queen Melusina', has secret bank accounts (see the secret Clinton accounts at ) and has been Tier One top client of mega scamster Bernie Madoff, and now Bill Clinton with his Haiti 'appointment' by Marxist -puppet NoBama, er, OhBummer,, Barry Davis Soetoro Obama, and the building of one of the largest US Embassies ever and the US interest in Haiti banking, it all reeks of conflicts of interest too numerous to count. Bill and Hillary's monies need to be separate from political office influence and only one of them should hold political office or appointment at a time, since it is too easy to 'blend' tax exempt donations with other funds and secret accounts.

It does seem apparent there is confusion in the world banking system and possible theft of missing accounts...

Comment by Casper...

"The only thing WE can confirm regarding Haiti is that Hillary had funds stashed in the Bank there but by the time she arrived the funds had vanished." And, "The massive embezzlement situation at Bundesbank continues. More than a thousand accounts were looted and lawsuits, we hear, will follow. This Banking situation is far far larger and more important than Haiti.

* The Auditors have now found their way to the QUEENS bank in Canada.

* Vast sums are missing from Royal Bank of Canada. Looks like Bundesbank Redux.

The Banks and Wall Street are about to pay themselves another $148 BILLION in bonuses.***

* Meanwhile actual unemployment is between 17.3% (U-6) and 21.9% (shadow-stats). Full time jobs lost in December=647,000. Foreclosures in 2010 estimated to be between 7 and 10 million. Ten States are Bankrupt. Six million are on Foodstamps. By year-end one third to one half of all U.S. Mortgages to be underwater (upside down). Household asset values down 12 Trillion. Credit Contraction in November down 17.3%, the biggest one month fall in recorded history. The FDIC is broke. The crash in Commercial Real Estate is now underway. Detroit looks like a war zone. Mich., Calif.,& Oregon unemployment approaching 25%.

* Recovery well underway says Obama, Geithner, Bernake and media pawns.

* Following Virginia and New Jersey Governorship loss's by Democrats, Kennedy Massachusetts Senate Seat in serious jeopardy as citizens in most liberal State in most liberal area of the country shout "NO" to 2100 page Healthcare Abomination.

* Why do they not listen to We The People? Because the CONTROL and DISTRIBUTION of TRILLIONS of Dollars gives them enormous additional power. Note that they have already arranged things so that Unions are exempted from Healthcare Taxes and Trial Lawyers scam lawsuits remain fully protected (no tort reform). Louisiana gets 300M for it's vote and Nebraska Citizens exempted from fees FOREVER. And second, required monthly payments of several hundred dollars per month (average) coming in from every citizen nationwide, not to mention enormous cash flow coming from business's, gives them unencumbered cash flow to Securitize and sell without the previous problem of underlying asset deflation (sub-prime mortgages). With no benefits to be paid out for four years this charade is a money raising and new derivatives event more than a health care event."

(End of Casper's comment.)

Here we have a convenient chronology of events. Bill Clinton, who has foundation(s) that receive millions of dollars, gets ambassadorship to Haiti.

After Bill's wife, code named Queen Melusina, loses control of her alleged money laundry,
The Central Bank of Iraq, The Clintons apparently need new digs, so the very following year early in 2010 an earthquake which some sources allege is an artificial 'Tesla Quake' befalls Haiti, killing hundreds of thousands of Haitians.

The new U.S. Embassy awaits and Bill heads for Haiti (along with thousands of U.S. Troops) where there are, reportedly, banking digs! A very convenient chronology, indeed! Who is the Haiti earthquake tragedy convenient for? Who will it ultimately benefit, financially? Do not donate to Bill Clinton, nor any Bush family member.

Is it any wonder that reports of
murder contracts being placed for "Ozawa, Bill Clinton, and the Bushes", etc. are erupting ?

First Mukasey, and Fitzgerald wimped out and failed to arrest the biggest CONS in the US, and now Holder sits in the wings waiting, too.....waiting for what? What, maybe a handout not to arrest them?

January 19 , 2010 - source InformAmerica

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 01/25/2010 - 7:57pm.