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Looking up cell phone numbers has never been easier, thanks to the technology of the Internet. It seems like just yesterday that we were limited to the large, bulky phone directory or directory assistance over the phone. And, let's face it, neither one was a sure bet...

In addition, finding numbers for individuals and businesses outside our local calling area was also a bit of a chore.

Now, however, times have certainly changed! The convenience and practicality of the Internet now allow us to find phone numbers for nearly any individual or business, anywhere in the world.

Online White Pages - Best For Landline Number Searches...

The online White Pages are simply the best, all-around source for locating that desired landline number. You can search by entering as little as an individual's last name, or narrow down your search by entering the city, state and/or zip code. While these are great for looking up an address or phone number when you know who you're searching for, they are practically useless when you are trying to conduct a reverse phone number lookup. Not only can you not use the White or Yellow pages to look up an unknown number for information, when it comes to cell phone numbers, phone directories don't list mobile numbers at all.

Most individuals who use cell phones want to maintain their confidentiality. For this reason, cell phone numbers are not listed in telephone directories. There is something incredibly appealing about only receiving phone calls from individuals that you choose. No unwanted telemarketing calls!

Specialized Reverse Cell Phone Directories...

There are now search engines like Reverse Phone Detective which allow individuals to search for a cell phone user by entering their cell phone number. There are a number of reasons why you may choose to conduct one of these "reverse phone lookup" services. You may want to figure out the source of a caller on your Caller ID or cell phone bill, you may want to track a harassing caller, or you may simply want to track the whereabouts of an old friend.

For this reason, reverse phone lookups have become increasingly popular. Many times, these search services are found online, and they can be used for a small fee. Generally speaking, the membership fees for these services are low, and they allow you to make unlimited searches by simply paying one flat fee.

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 01/20/2010 - 10:03am.