Polio Vaccine Batches Given Between 1955 - 1963 Was Tainted With SV40 Giving Cancer Causing Virus To Millions... BBC

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This report highlights information from an assortment of prominent sources, the BBC being first... As of to-date the British government BBC news archives have two mentions of SV40 and over seventy articles on C class celebrity bimbo Anna Nicole Smith. ~ Gabriel O'Hara

The verdict seems to have been made that the public should be more informed about topics such as Anna rather than one of, if not the most, significant medical delinquencies known outside of the scientific community.

The initial BBC mention, out of two, regarding SV40 was as late as 2002. The institution released the following article on Friday midnight, the 8 th of March:



"Friday, 8 March, 2002, 00:00 GMT


"Vaccine virus "˜cancer link'

"Batches of polio vaccine tainted with "˜simian virus 40' (SV40) were given between 1955 and 1963.

"This was because monkey kidney cells were used in the jab's production process.

"it is conceded that SV40 was present in the early vaccine - and the latest research, published in the Lancet journal, has linked it to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

"This is a cancer of the lymphatic system, which has a role in the body's fight against infection, and affects mainly the over 40s.

"The researchers looked at hundreds of tumours taken from various cancer patients, and compared them with 68 samples taken from non-Hodgkin's patients. They found genetic "˜footprints' of the virus in 43% of the non-Hodgkin's tumour cells.

"Dr Ali Gazdar, from the University of Texas, who led the research, said the results confirmed earlier research on animals which linked the virus to brain and bone cancers, and uncommon types of lung cancer and lymphoma."

Wild Rhesus monkeys imported from Africa were used to produce the Polio vaccine given to millions of humans worldwide. This virus, which its only function is to knockout the body's defence against cells turning cancerous, was called SV40 because it was the 40th virus listed in the African monkeys used to create the polio shot.

There were two kinds of polio vaccines, the injection developed by Jonas Salk and the live polio oral vaccine developed years later by Albert Sabin, and both were infected with SV40.

In hospitals and research laboratories around the world SV40 has been found in several types human malignancies, more than the few cite above.

Depending on how strong a person's unique immune system is SV40, like some other viruses, can take years before its effects are seen. A weakened immune system can see relatively rapid developments of SV40 tumours.

Simian virus 40 is contagious among infected animals. Human children born to mothers given the shot were found to be indirectly infected with SV40.

Humans born after 1963, after the eight year period when the live cancer causing virus was directly administered by unwitting local doctors to millions of people, have been found to be indirectly infected with Simian Virus 40 (SV40).

The United States government National Library of Medicine's official website defines Simian Virus 40 as:

- http://www.nlm.nih.gov/cgi/mesh/2009/MB_cgi?mode=&index=12997&view=concept

"A species of POLYOMAVIRUS originally isolated from Rhesus monkey kidney tissue. It produces malignancy in human and newborn hamster kidney cell cultures."
[7 th Jan 2010]

One of the earliest tests performed was on hamsters by Bernice Eddy, a researcher at the National Institute of Health, after she noticed cells dying from the same kind of monkey kidney cells used in the polio shots.

SV40 produced tumours in the hamsters. She discovered this while the shots were still been given to the public globally in 1960 and at that time her results were dismissed by the NIH.

The same year a Merck corporate employee, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, was given the lead to announce the presence of the virus in the polio vaccine and the name of SV40 he gave it was accepted.

In March 1961 the U.S. Public Health Service quietly told corporate manufactures to screen for SV40 in future vaccines, they did not recall the SV40 infected vaccines developed by Salk or inform the public.

It took a further two years, until 1963, before all the Rhesus monkey SV40 infected vaccines were administered to the public. For the next polio batches the corporations decided to use kidneys from monkeys called African greens .

In an archived TBS documentary interview with Dr. Maurice Hilleman, chief of Merck's vaccine division, he explained that he received an invitation to speak at the Sister Kenny Foundation about the polio vaccines. The Sister Kenny Foundation was opposing Merck's live polio Sabin vaccine.

The following is transcribed from that archived interview:

Maurice Hilleman: "And I said there was an international meeting. God what am I going to talk about. I know what I'm going to do; I'm going to talk about the detection of non-detectable viruses as a topic.

"So I thought gee that damn SV40, I mean that damn vacuolating agent we have, I'm going to just pick that particular one. That virus has gotta be in the vaccines and it's gotta be in the Sabin's vaccine so I quickly tested it. Sure enough it was in there."

Interviewer: "So you just took stocks of Sabin's vaccine off the shelf here at Merck."

Maurice Hilleman: "It was made at Merck."

Interviewer: "But at this point Sabin is still just doing these massive field trials?"

Maurice Hilleman: "In Russia and so forth. So I got down, I talked about the detection of non-detectable viruses. And I told Albert [Sabin], I said "˜listen you and I are good friends'. But I said "˜I'm going to go down there and you're going to get upset. I'm going to talk about a virus that is in your vaccine. You're going to get rid of it don't worry about it, you're going to get rid of it'. So of course Albert was very upset with me. Well, he said basically this is just another obfuscation that will upset the vaccines."

Interviewer: "Why would he call it an obfuscation if it was a virus that was contaminating the vaccine?"

Maurice Hilleman: "Well there was forty different viruses in these vaccines anyway that we were inactivating."

Interviewer: "But you weren't inactivating his though?"

Maurice Hilleman: "That's correct. That's right but the yellow fever vaccine had leukaemia virus in it.

"So anyway I went down to talk to him.

"I said, "˜… I've been around biology a long time. I think this virus may have some long term effects"˜,

"and he said "˜what?'

""˜Well, cancer.'

"Well in the meantime we had taken this virus and put it into monkey- in- into hamsters. So we had this meeting and that was sort of the topics of the day and the jokes going around was that we would win the Olympics because the Russians would all be loaded down with tumors."


"This is where the vaccine had been tested."

Interviewer: "Why didn't this get out into the press?"

Maurice Hilleman: "We had no press release on it obviously. You don't go out- this is a scientific affair within the scientific community.

"But anyway we knew it was in our seed stock for making the vaccine. That virus, you see, is one in ten thousand particles is not inactivated by formaldehyde."

CNBC produced a documentary on the Polio vaccine delinquency. The program has a few pertinent facts buried beneath a mountain of flowerily language, otherwise called propaganda.

Such language refereeing to the polio vaccines as "twin miracles" and the manufactures as "medicine warriors". In the CNBC documentary that did not receive much attention they went to Connuaouht Laboratories where the Salk's vaccine was manufactured and spoke with the Medical Director during that time, James Ferguson.

Interviewer: "When did you first learn that there were actual monkey viruses in the tissue used in the vaccine making process?"

James Ferguson: "Oh well , I think everybody knew that right from the start...

"The monkey kidneys were always contaminated with bacteria and with viruses"

These are the types of personalities near the top of the virus vaccine chain and at the bottom are children. Local doctors, who don't have million-dollar equipment to test corporate jabs, and the public put their immediate blind trust into personality types like these who are unknown by most.

If the media gave SV40 as much airtime annually as Elvis's birthday, or new SV40 research as much airtime as a celebrity death (which typically has prolonged coverage for a few days or weeks) or a European airline crash you would have millions upon millions of people globally who were directly and indirectly infected taking legal action against their governments.

Not only would it overwhelm the court system so much to bring them to a crashing halt, and quite possibly bankrupt some states, it would also spell disaster for the billion dollar vaccine industry.

If it was widely know by the public that the vials injected into their children's bloodstream on blind faith contained animal DNA and animal viruses (which of course are not listed on the ingredients if a parent bothered to check); well, quite realistically billions of people would re-evaluate their faith in this new venture in human history.

These consequences are known by the liable parties. Don't underestimate how much spin and how illogically low all liable parties will go in an attempt to delay such a rational outcome.

Tricky wording or spin can change perceived meanings. Howard Strickler, epidemiologist for the National Institute of Health (NIH), constructed a study comparing the health of people given the SV40 contaminated vaccine and the health of people born after 1963 not given the SV40 contaminated vaccine to conclude there was no difference.

The institution's title could give an air of authority to the study making some people miss the fact that the study is nonsensical. Howard Strickler's NHI study did not mention that both groups were likely to be infected with SV40 directly and indirectly offering no comparison in reality.

If people given the contaminated vaccines (directly infected) and people not given the contaminated vaccine (indirectly infected) both have similar levels of cancers, even if the rate is sky high, a conclusion can be drawn that people given the contaminated vaccines have no greater risk of cancer than those not given the vaccine.

Scientists around the world called it a meaningless study with results that cannot be honestly interpreted at all.

One of the rare CNBC significant questions was asked to Howard Strickler about the flaw in his study not taking into account parents passing on SV40 to their children and SV40 spreading through society; he simply said, "Your points are well taken in terms of that investigation."

Strickler's study under the name of the National Institute for Health is meaningless.

However, meaningless studies have proven to be very useful for interested parties as they can be published in corporate press statements, medical journals and be quoted by industry employees and bureaucrat performing damage control; delaying the consequences (especially before the study is discredited), which happens all the time.

Tricky wording/spin can change the perception of reality.

On the 15 th of July 2001 the San Francisco Chronicle published an article on SV40. The following are two paragraphs from that article:

"Dr. David Schrump was able to gut a common respiratory virus and use it to deliver genetic material called "˜antisense' into SV40-infected mesothelial cells and stop the cells' malignant growth.

"His discovery, which was patented by the government, strongly suggested that SV40 contributed to mesothelioma and that a treatment might be possible."

The government just had to possess this patent. A patent gives exclusive rights and the holders have the right never to allow the production of the patent's "˜product'.

The worldwide introduction of a cancer cure for an SV40 cancer caused by government backing of an SV40 infected vaccine would not be advisable for governments trying to delay responsibility for this medical delinquency and all the repercussions that would entail.

Another example of how low liable parties will go is also noted in the San Francisco Chronicle. Howard Strickler's meaningless studies do not stop when they are found out.

He concocted a false study even more unscrupulous than before. So controversial and ridiculous that the FDA had no choice but to step in and admitted the government-sponsored study was false.

Strickler's false study/spin, helped by a so called independent lab, proclaimed that laboratories all over the world were only finding SV40 in human cancers because all the world's testing machines were contaminated with SV40 despite not getting one hundred percent rates.

The affair was successful in casting doubt on real research and delayed the SV40 issue for a further two years. The San Francisco Chronicle reported the following:

"nine laboratories were recruited to participate in a government-sponsored study to determine if tests were really finding SV40 in tumors or whether earlier detections were the result of laboratory contamination.

"An independent laboratory in Maryland prepared mesothelioma samples for the nine labs.

"When tests revealed almost no SV40 in the tumor samples, some participants questioned the preparation methods used

"The dispute became so contentious that FDA officials were forced to intervene and a neutral arbitrator assigned to mediate.

"Finally, in early 2000, more than two years after the study was initiated, a carefully rewritten report emerged for publication.

"It concluded that contamination was an unlikely explanation for earlier SV40 findings. Then it struggled to explain the discrepancy between earlier detections of SV40 in about half of all mesotheliomas tested and the fact that the nine labs found the virus in only slightly more than 1 percent of the study's tumor specimens.

"The report noted that discrepancy might be because of the inefficiency of the method used by the Maryland lab to recover DNA

"The Maryland lab also had inadvertently contaminated some of the laboratory controls.

"Despite the study's ambivalent conclusions and technical problems, the NCI submitted it to Cancer Research, the journal that had published Testa's study.

"It was rejected.

"In laboratories around the world, researchers continued to find SV40 in a widening range of tumors that now included pituitary and thyroid cancers and some lymphomas.

""˜How long can the government ignore this?' asked Dr. Adi Gazdar, a University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center cancer researcher. "˜The government has not sponsored any real research.'"

As you know by now the evidence shows governments are not ignoring this but undermining and suppressing it.

Since the 1950's the official chances of getting cancer has continually been scaled down to it's current rate that we can all expect to know a relative or a friend who had cancer. The drastic cancer trend has not stopped and is continuing.

The right for the health of humanity has been handed over to a few at the top of the chain most people do not know. To personality types like Salk, Sabin, Hilleman and Ferguson with "˜watch dogs "˜ like Strickler. Known and unknown medical delinquencies could not happen without blind trust by the public.


January 7, 2010 - KnowTheLies.com


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