Change You Can Believe In… Change Your Voter Registration!… Just Do It!… Make it Your New Years Resolution!

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Fri, 01/01/2010 - 12:03am.

It's time to do something the political parties will notice! And what they WILL notice is… (in no particular order), demographics, party affiliation, voting district, race, previous voting record. Changes in those numbers get noticed by the national political election committees. ~ Faith Carr

WHO: Every American Citizen disenfranchised by our Political System

WHAT: Change your Voters Registration

WHEN: Wednesday - January 13, 2010 - During your lunch break

WHERE: Your local County Supervisor of Elections Office

HOW: Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, change your registration to Independent, Green, Libertarian, No Other Party Affiliation, Socialist, whatever alternative that is available in your county.

Simply go in the office get the one page registration form and re-submit. If you go with a few people so much the better.

These voter rolls are used by every party, media outlet, pollster, fundraiser, and government office to count and contact us.


Our actual voting records are also used as the basis of "Likely Voters". When those stats are checked the registration change will be highlighted. If you're a registered Republican or Democrat and change your party to something else, believe me it will be noticed.

Contact your local media about your intent even if they don't cover any actual event there may be on the day, a tsunami tide of registration changes will be covered.

I don"t know about each of you but… I'm tired of being ignored, taken for granted and laughed at by my elected representatives. From my Congressman, my two Senators, my party leadership, and the President.

I'm exhausted from the economy that is taking money from my pocket and giving it away, no strings attached, to industries that profit from all I believe in.

I weep at the destruction of the American Dream where hard work, education, loyalty and innovation could be rewarded with upward mobility. With a stable and secure future. Where there were laws and regulations to protect us from bankers, con-men and the thieves who would, insidiously and LEGALLY, take everything from us, then come after whatever is left.

Where our Constitutional Rights are waived with impunity and without our consent.

I'm terrified of insurance companies, government funded mercenaries, bankers, huge multinational corporations, consolidated media, and their relentless attacks right here, on the street where I live.

And they tell us we're supposed to be afraid of terrorists? Ha, we laugh at terrorists! Terrorists have nothing on our corporations! Americans can handle terrorists. It's our overlords that strike fear deep within us. Job loss, illness, foreclosure, all the nightmares of citizens in third world countries.

We have become a nation of victims at the hands of risk free corporate criminals. From war profiteers to our no longer locally owned bank.

We are no longer a nation of law, we are now a sad shadowy remnant of the promise, the example, we once held out to the world.

Our national bus is still in the ditch and there are many eager greedy hands leisurely shoveling the dirt over us all. While their limousines roll on down the very roads we paid for.

Change your voter's registration. January 13, 2010 (or whenever you've got a chance to do it) Be counted as the opposition to the new status quo.

And show up in DC on March 20th.

Or, we can always just call for a revolution, and get right to it. I'm up for that too, and I"ll bring the eats.

Faith Carr - December 24, 2009 - source OpedNews

Faith Carr is a 53 year old, frustrated political activist. Just getting ready for the economic crash. Resistance is Futile…

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Fri, 01/01/2010 - 12:03am.