HR 3200... WE HAVE ONE LAST CHANCE... Democrats Planning to Force Through ObamaCare Via House Bill Rider

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We're almost finished as a nation and a people, folks... Democrats know without a shadow of a doubt that the American people—who have actually read their Orwellian HR 3200 ObamaCare bill—are turning against their faux healthcare packages in greater numbers each and every day. ~ Sher Zieve

However, as I have written myriad times, our elected officials in both the US House of Representatives and Senate neither care what We-the-People want nor about maintaining our Republic.  Following the Obama-Marxist model, liberal and leftist Democrat leaders have now devised a plot that will instill their totalitarian controls and forever shut us up. 

In Brian Darling's latest Human Events column, he outlines the way in which the Senate plans to ram government-run (sole provider) ObamaCare through and down the throats of the American people.  The Senate plans to attach as a rider its yet-to-be-written version of government-run ObamaCare to the already-passed non-healthcare HR 1586—which addresses the imposition of taxes on certain TARP fund recipients.  Darling outlines the Marxist Democrats' 4-pronged steps (led by Harry Reid D-NV) that will accomplish their takeover of the very bodies of the American people and their ability to receive healthcare ONLY if they support Obama and his and the Marxists tyrannical programs.  By the way, did you know that Democrats also rejected a Republican attempt to have Obama live up to his promise of having major bills published on the Internet for 72 hours prior to Congress voting on them?  They did.  This is not only the most corrupt and depraved White House administration in US history, it is also the most deceptive and covert. 

Note:  The American voter is now—finally and possibly irrevocably (without severe action on our parts)—non-essential to any of them.  No doubt Obama has promised each and every one of them that his election fraud and voter intimidation will be so severe in the future that Marxist Congress people will remain in their offices as long as they support the Dictator-in-Chief. 

Obama and his Marxist adherents are also quietly creating over 60 new judicial positions, in order to stack the courts with totalitarian-leaning judges. 

We're almost finished as a nation and a people, folks.  Have our peaceful options run out yet?  One last chance for us and the lawmakers... 

**Call them now (202.224.3121)** 

Tell them NOT to go along with the unethical Reid-led plan or, while we still can, during the next election you will vote for his or her opponent.  One more time for peaceful actions, folks.  One more time...

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Cher Zieve - September 30, 2009 - source CanadaFreePress

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 10/01/2009 - 2:29pm.