Get the U.S. Out of the U. N and the U. N. Out of the U. S.!

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 09/14/2009 - 9:51am.

As stated in previous columns here, the first thing good, honest Americans must do is to take back Congress in 2010.  No small chore, but signs point to this being the opportune time to do it.  And this change will be good for the country as opposed to the current disaster.

Congress is in the midst of one of its most contentious periods; the Democrat Party is in shambles, divided between the anti-American, anti-Christian liberal factions and what's left of the party's once honest and truly for the working class citizens of this country, very small as it may be, non-liberals.

Republicans have a fair-sized group of RINO's, Republicans In Name Only, who are sort of stuck in the middle of the battle between the ultra left wing liberals and the conservatives, of both parties, but primarily tagged as Republicans.

Any takeover should be done at the expense of Democrat liberals and Republican RINO's.  To rid that legislative body of the scourge of those two elements, replaced by solid God and country loving conservatives would be a highly favorable condition to return to the days when our elected representatives agreed to serve the country's needs above all other considerations; quite often on a wide bipartisan basis.

After removal, or at least downsizing the liberals to a powerless and ineffective group, the next target should be to isolate and render harmless to our country, the current Executive Administration.

This treacherous and corrupt organization is not worth one penny of our money, nor one gram of our air.

Working together for the best interests of America, both parties should concentrate on rebuilding all areas of governance that has suffered from the traitorous efforts of the current Administration to bring America to its knees and delivery efforts to foreign sources, principally the United Nations.

During this phase of recovery, plans and actions necessary to remove the United States from the United Nations should commence.  Part of this process should be the physical removal of the U.N. contingent of these anti-Americans from U. S. soil.  This treacherous and corrupt organization is not worth one penny of our money, nor one gram of our air.  Their principal goal is to make the United States weak and ineffective in world affairs by ruining our economy and currency on the world markets.

Liberals would call this "isolationism" but the truth is that it would be independent leadership without the subservience required by the current United Nations.  Independent relations with other foreign countries having common goals and objectives would be more profitable for each country while pouring huge sums of American taxpayer money into a corrupt organization would cease.

Reclaiming the territory on which the U.N. is geographically located in New York City would be of great benefit to that tax-strapped city as well as to our country.  The air of international corruption and chicanery would cease to exist in that part of our country and the remaining leaders would be forced to find quarters and land elsewhere.

But in order to accomplish any of this we would have to get the conservatives of America together in a common bond of unification.  The several and individual organizations espousing conservative family and religious values as were intended by our Constitution would have less difficulty coming together as a unit, than if it were groups of liberals and conservatives trying to unite.  It could be called "Conservative Americans Party", known as CAP for short and for putting a CAP on big government and taxes.

Then maybe the political parties would be recognized for what they really are, de facto liberals and conservatives and there would be no room for mixes of each within the parties.

Moderates and RINO's would be on their own, with both feet planted firmly, one on each side of the political fence unable to decide.

Jerry McConnell - September 13, 2009 - source CanadaFreePress

Jerry McConnell is a longtime resident of planet earth with one half century on the seacoast of NH.  He is a community activist but promises not to run for President and he feeds ACORN's to the squirrels.  He can be emailed at with complaints or the editor at with favorables.

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 09/14/2009 - 9:51am.