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Most of us go through our days using words to form sentences in an effort to communicate with others. We do not question from where they come, the nature of the abstraction they represent, or why we use them.


In essence, the study of words is really just the exploration of complex symbols that have been passed down to us through the ages. These symbols are able to enter the human mind through a variety of media. A brain can be triggered to thought through external stimuli acting on all of our senses. Many symbols can represent sounds, sights, noises, tastes, feelings, and thoughts.

Two of the most powerful symbols are X and Y. Taken individually, we can learn much from their usage in our language to understand some of the concepts they represent. However, it is when X and Y are considered together that they start to tell an intricate tale of the mysteries of life.



-Is a double consonant, representing [ks], [gz] sometimes [z], once in a while it can even vanish into thin air when it is used in a faux fashion, and sometimes it sux out [cks].

-Marks the spot. It is specific. It can mark the exact point of importance on a map.

-Means "away from". When a pirate found his X on the map, he could extract his treasure. As most pirates hoarded more treasure than they could ever spend, an archaeologist might later excavate the site and examine the relics to extrapolate the story of what happened and excite the fancy of the public. The curators at a museum will only a take out a small portion of the treasures to show as an example. Okay, enough with pirates and their booty. X also represents what once was, but no longer is. A former lover is often referred to as The X.

-Is abnormal and often mysterious. Extraterrestrials and X-men possess extraordinary powers, but normal people also search for the elusive X-factor to bring success to their sports teams or businesses. It is dangerous, but intriguing. Cartoon bottles of booze have X's across the front. Pornographic magazines showing sexy vixens are X-rated. X-stasy is a dangerous drug that induces feelings of euphoria.

= 10 in Roman numerals. Furthermore, 1 and 0 are the basis for the binary numeral system, which allowed for the information revolution to take place.

-Is the Greek letter "Chi."

-Is a kiss when it is followed by an O in a letter. It is also "equis" when it is spoken in Spanish.

-Is a miss. Game shows use a big red X, accompanied by an obnoxious buzzer, to indicate an incorrect answer. The same X is used in baseball to signify a strike. Although the X might be unfortunate for some players, it is a success for the opposing team who gets a chance to answer or the pitcher who was able to best the batter. Understandably, a strike in bowling is also an X, which represents the successful upheaval of all ten pins.

-Is a pyramid from plan view (directly above).

-Was once used to denote a signature or a sworn oath. Some argue that this is because the X was the symbol of the Seal of Hashem in ancient Paleo Hebrew, standing for truth, completeness, and perfection. The X can also be the Christian cross. The word for Christian in Greek was Χριστιανός, roughly meaning "'household' or "˜partisan' of Christ." Even without understanding Greek, this becomes relevant because the alphabet of English was most certainly adapted from the "Alpha, Beta…" of the Greek.

-Is multiplication. When placed between two numbers, it creates something much larger. It creates a product and gives dimensions. Rotate the symbol 45 degrees and it becomes addition, the means by which a sum is created.

-Represents the cardinal directions of North, South, East, and West. (The word "cardinal" itself can bring religious themes, a color, and an animal to mind.)

-Is made of 2 intersecting lines.

-Describes a square. Connect the outer points, and there you have it.

-Is a type of ray. Exceptionally expensive in the days of HMOs.

-Is the most addressed variable. Students have been solving for x for years.

-Is the label of a generation of human beings born from the 1960s to 1981.

-Is the shape and name of the 23rd chromosome of every woman on the planet.


-Is the big question of human existence. Men throw their hands towards the heavens, in the posture of a Y, and cry out, "WHY?" This interrogation leads to the specific intrigues of who, what, where, and when. It is the essence of all science and exploration.

-Is ambiguous. It can be used as both a consonant and a vowel. It is thought that is a combination of the I and the V, with the Spanish name "i griega" actually meaning "Greek I." This becomes more relevant when considering what I and V have meant throughout the ages.

-Represents the affirmative. Short for "Yes," it is frequently used in filling out paperwork.

-Describes a triangle. Pretty obvious.

-Shows two lines merging into one or one line splitting into two. It could also be showing three lines coming from a singularity. In this way, it is somewhat reminiscent of triptychs, trilogies, triumvirates, and the Trinity.

-Is the other variable in the equation. When more complex problems are addressed, the second variable is usually assigned to good old y.

-Is the generation of humans born after X. Roughly, these are the children born between 1980-1995.  

-Is the shape and name of the 23rd chromosome in every cell of every single man on the planet.

The Origin

The two symbols when in relation to each other are much more powerful than when separate. In the Cartesian coordinate system, they are all that are needed to plot anything in 2-dimensional space. When both x and y = Zero, they meet at what is known as the "origin."

Additionally, when the square and triangles represented by these symbols are used in drafting, most any complex shape can be created consistently and accurately. Architects and designers have used these tools for centuries to transfer information from our ideas into 2-dimensional reality.

Phonetically, "XY" would be something of a combination of "see," "she," "G" and "zee." It is also somewhat ambiguous, but sounds an awful lot like what the Chinese call the life force that flows throughout, Xi. All of our studies into the nature of reality have "-ology," or "a la Xy" tacked onto the end. For example, "Xy-a la-Xy" is the study of the natural material world. "Xy om a tree" is the creation and exploration shapes and their relations. Any investigation into the world based on the analysis of numbers (n's) is referred to as a science, or a "Xy Ns". (Rotate the symbol of N 90 degrees and you have our next topic.)

It should, therefore, be no surprise to us that one of the only words to keep the "xy" beginning of its label is the musical instrument that uses the simple principles of nature to bring forth many different wavelengths of energy to entertain our ears - the xylophone.

Furthermore, when X's egg (X) accepts Y's sperm (X or Y), "she" and "he" produce a child (eg., you). This is "Xynetics." Unfortunatley, we are taught to believe that Gregor Mendel's tinkering in the late 19th century was the earliest exploration into the essence of life and creation. Looking back, it seems that others were able to understand that we began as a single cell, within which, many energetic fibers came together to form what you today know as "I." However fascinating, our own alphas are only mere symbols, or expressions, of the original Alpha.

The Omega

One could not enter into a discussion about X and Y and neglect Z. Z is the plane that allows our imaginations to manifest in 3-dimensions. It also meets X and Y at the origin.

It was originally written like a 3 in antiquity. For those of us who still remember cursive, this should seem similar to the lower case Z. Furthermore, the lowercase Greek Xi (sound familiar) is a loopy E that would complete the symbol, which would look like an 8, which is itself a vertical symbol for infinity. Or could it be representing cell division? The uppercase Greek symbols for XYZ and the various derivations throughout history provide some further clues.

Phonetically, Z is a combination of both X and Y. It sounds much like the third letter of the alphabet, C, and the place from which life is believed to have arisen. Could this be the C of Islam, the Crescent moon of the god Isis? It is the C that was used to spell the English version of the followers of Christ, who were formerly known by their symbol as X-ions. It is only appropriate that it is the third letter of the ABCs.

But how does one put it all together?

XYZ: Sheez? Seas? Geez? Cheese? Xi Zeus.. She is us.. Xi is us.. XYZus.. XYZuit.. Is that why the Capital J looks like a fish hook? This is the symbol for the fisher of men. And now that it is mentioned, does not our god's big G also look like a hook to snare some hungry fish? (And even "joy" can be traced to "Jeh-o-va.")

This all begins to make sense when we understand how the "word of God" was spread throughout history. Missionaries traveled to different parts of the world trying to spread their message, but the problem is that most native people already had their own gods and means of communication. The missionary was forced to communicate with these people with symbols in dirt and sounds from the throat. What results is the a religion that is based upon a religion that once upon a time was based upon some sort of belief system. It is not merely a coincidence that in Spanish "Jesus" is pronounced A-Zeus or that Da Vinci's painting of God looks just like the bearded Zeus of old. But the concept of these symbols transcends gender, images, and labels.

A few Z-words can offer us some dizzying insight. Zebras combine both black and white neatly into one fantastic animal. Zombies are dead creatures who have been brought back to life as well as people whose souls have been removed. Zoo "a la Xy" is the study of all things that are, or once were, alive. A zenith points directly above. ZZZs also represent our thoughts while we are off in dreamland. Zoroastrianism was an early and influential religion, which revolutionized the way earlier humans viewed existence.

We have been told by churches and institutions that God is the Alpha and the Omega. We accept this, but yet we take our symbols for granted and use them to mean many different things, which inevitably results in confusion and contradiction. We have allowed other people to define what our words mean. Those that control the language and the "letter" of the law hold unchecked power. They can also exploit these symbols and sounds to market products to the masses.

We have already gone through Generation X and Generation Y and two important questions should be asked: Who is in charge of labeling generations of humans? And, what generation comes next? As for the former, it is difficult to comprehend who is pulling the strings at the very highest levels of society. A cursory study of secret societies would quickly point us in the right direction. (There is a big old G in the middle of the symbol of Freemasonry and a big X in the symbol of Skull and Bones.) Addressing the latter, it is the ominous Generation Z.

This is alarming. But there is no need to be pessimistic, as the answer has been there the whole time. It can be broken down to a simple, yet familiar and ancient, equation: 


Unfortunately, we have been the ones adding the constants. Without them, it would be much easier to figure out the terms before we each reach.... Z.

by Kyle Hunt - February 9, 2008 - posted at www.opednews.com

Kyle Hunt is currently living and working in Silicon Valley. He graduated from, and briefly worked for, Amherst College in Massachusetts. Kyle double majored in Psychology and Theater & Dance. He is an amateur philosopher, athlete, artist, and an occasional writer.

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 02/13/2008 - 3:11pm.