Elementary Kids Learning About Homosexuality, Bisexuality and Other Sexual Orientations!... They Can't Read or Write Though!

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Lesson plans and educational policies are pushing the multisexual agenda—and excluding parents—as seen in newly released materials for elementary school children in California. (Still sucking their thumbs and pissing the bed, can't read or write but they're being taught about sexual orientations! Who's the pervert behind this decision? Kids ought to be learning to dress themselves and put their shoes on the right feet first!... Pathetic! ~ SadInAmerica)

"Opponents of Prop 8 claimed that legalizing same - sex marriage would have no impact on school curriculum. But this proves that even with the traditional definition of marriage in the constitution, school curriculum uses a false definition. Homosexual activists lost at the ballot box, but now they are using schools to re-define marriage--while excluding parents," said Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute.

"Parents need to know what is going on, because this has gone as far as lesson plans for kindergarteners and it is spreading across the state," continued England. "San Francisco is fully implementing these new policies under the guise of "˜anti-bias' laws by endorsing multisexual behavior at all grade levels."

"Activists are targeting education for children in kindergarten through fifth grade. This curriculum does not allow for differing viewpoints on controversial issues like homosexuality and "˜gender changes'," England said.

San Francisco Unified School District recently launched a new Support Services for LGBTQ Youth website. Take a look at the curriculum that it showcases:

In kindergarten through third grade, students read My Two Uncles. Elly, the young protagonist, is anticipating her grandparents' golden wedding celebration—and she is sad, because her grandfather will not invite her uncle's partner. In the end, the grandfather softens a little.

By the lesson's end, students are taught to "realize that some families include gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people." To steer them away from bigoted (traditional values) ideas, they learn to define "homophobia" and "prejudice."

"What kindergartner isn't going to walk away believing they are bigoted or homophobic when their teacher tells them traditional values they are taught at home are hateful?," questioned England.

SFUSD's website also describes transgender restroom and locker room use, outlines transgender sports team and gym policy, provides vocabulary sheets (define "heterosexism"), and more.

Meanwhile, some school districts are explicitly explaining why they are under no obligation to notify parents about any of these sexual orientation lessons and activities. According to them, teaching all students to embrace the multisexual agenda is part of creating a "safe" school environment.

"CRI has found other districts with policies very similar to SFUSD and parents needs to know that their public school is probably in the process of implementing these policies.

California parents need to continually educate themselves on the lessons and activities their children's schools," England said. "They need to be proactive because there is a concerted effort to keep parents in the dark and exclude them from these highly controversial lessons. Parents-not political activists-should be in charge of their children's education-particularly when it comes to sexual education."

ChristianNewswire - April 29, 2009 - source CanadaFreePress

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 04/30/2009 - 4:31pm.


3BEPO (not verified) | Fri, 05/08/2009 - 7:22pm

Fear homosexuality much? Oo

Whether you or ChristianNewswire like it or not. all schools are going to have homosexual/trans youth or coming through their halls. There are going to be some with parents, brothers, sisters or other family who are homosexual or trans. I feel it is better to teach students acceptance and understanding instead of fear and hate. Jesus wanted people to love one another. However, it seems many Christians are willing to overlook the more burdensome and trying tenets of their faith instead of actually living Godly.

I thought the website was about spreading truth to keep freedom alive even in the face of adversity. Instead this article seems to spread status quo vitriol from organized religions. Hopefully we all know the dangers that blindly following any group---goverment party, religion, or otherwise---can bring.