Who is Sorcha Faal? Credibility and Disinformation E-mails are Coming In... We Don't Know What to Think...

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 03/25/2009 - 8:25pm.

Hi Folks!  Recently we received several e-mails questioning the only two articles that we ever posted by Sorcha Faal. Our goal is to expose corruption and bring you information that is documented through written documents, newspaper reports, videos and audio sources. ~ SadInAmerica 

We make every effort to bring you information from credible sources around the world.  Many of the events that are taking place are sugar-coated by corporate owned and government controlled mainstream media.  The truth is never told to the American people... if it were, Obama would not have been 'appointed' to the White House. The phoney election was rigged and staged, the media really played it up with whistles and bells, the American people fell for it just as planned.  Most people never heard of Obama... he has no verifiable place of birth or anything else... that should have been a huge clue!  Hell, we don't even know his real name!  The bought and paid for mainstream media sources have NEVER questioned it...

Mainstream media is nothing more than 'designer propaganda' to keep the American people entertained in some manner. 

The news reported by mainstream talking heads is designed to be a distraction, a cover up for something bigger taking place in the background... a few minutes of chatter followed by 12 to 20 commercials then more empty chatter. 

Actually, the truth is hidden in plain view in nearly every TV show... Jericho... 24... Prison Break... Heros, it's all by design... yes there many hidden messages in these type of shows but NO ONE pays attention. 

The huge push for digital TV is NOT for better reception as you were told... watch for future articles on this one.  Folks, you are being lied to 24/7!  It doesn't matter what you read, hear or see, if it is from corporate owned sources, they will control every aspect of what you are allowed to know.

Not every alternative news site is credible and everyone needs to do their homework and decide for themselves. At KnowTheLies we search through many different sources.  We research everything looking for documentation, listen to C-SPAN, alternative talk radio and newspapers.  It's amazing that people around the world know more of what's happening in this country than we do!  It's all in plain view... the picture becomes very clear once the dots are connected.

This is the type of information we go after and do our best to make certain it is accurate and credible always linking back to the original source. 

We definitely should have done more digging on Sorcha Faal sources.  We offer many apologies if either of these two articles... Kissinger Tells President Medvedev... "By September We'll Have CONFISCATED ALL PRIVATELY OWNED GUNS..." and ISRAEL WARNS OBAMA... "Release Madoff or Risk War"! contain any inaccurate information, both of which are from WhatDoesItMean posted by Sorcha Faal. 

We did find this about Sorcha Faal but really nothing else.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

News gathering is a tough job!  Finding the truth is even harder! 

SadInAmerica - March 25, 2009 - KnowTheLies

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 03/25/2009 - 8:25pm.