Boot Camp America... HR 1388 The G.I.V.E. Act (Now HR 1444) Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act...

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On paper, H.R. 1388 is the "Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act"; the more innocuous sounding "The Give Act", for short.  But "The Give Act" is not part of Obama's distant future for unsuspecting American citizens, because it hits the House floor tomorrow, March 17, 2009. (Introducing the plan for the generation of government indocrinated, Stazi style, 'uniformed', snot-nosed tattle tales... READ RED ALERT ~ SadInAmerica)

(Your kids will be trained by the government, to honor only the government and the government will be their New World Order PARENTS... Just the beginning of disolving our parental rights.  This bill is NOT what it APPEARS to be! Read this very carefully looking for "KEY" words... ~ SadInAmerica)

 The biting winds of change are blowing through ObamaNation. The same "volunteerism" that kept America running since the days of its founding, wiped out with the stroke of a pen, will no longer be volunteerism. 

It becomes forced labor and like the practice of another era, presses American citizens of all ages and creeds, unknowingly into military service.

Democrat Rep. Carolyn McCarthy is sponsoring the bill with 25 co-sponsors, Democrats down to the last one.  Yeas and Nays 34-3.

The Give Act puts the finishing touches to Public Allies New Leadership for New Times, modeled after Saul Alinsky's "Peoples Organizations" and operating under Michelle Obama with an alleged operating budget of more than $75-million a year. 

According to a Fact Sheet About Public Allies, "President Obama was a member of the founding advisory board of the non-profit organization. 

Michelle Obama was the founding Executive Director of Public Allies Chicago from Spring, 1993 until Fall 1996 (italics CFP's).  She served on Public Allies national board of directors from 1997 until 2002. Obama was no longer on the board when Michelle was hired.

Michelle was also a pioneer in the social entrepreneur movement--leaders who create new approaches and organize to provide new solutions to social problems. 

Like most things Saul Alinsky, H.R. 1388 sounds noble in stating why wide-sweeping change is necessary.  "The Give Act" aims to "leverage investments to increase State, local, business and philanthropic resources to address national and local challenges."

Comprehensive in its power, H.R. 1388 goes straight to the heart of volunteerism in America, impacting everything from the lemonade stands of neighbourhood children, to the residents of senior citizens homes.

"The Give Act" puts tow-headed school children and silver-haired seniors in the official uniform of the new State, and encompasses every walk of life in main-street America.

It could be argued that ladies as sweet as their 4-H cherry pies or school children fed the pablum of being global citizens in American public schools are hardly in a position to know they will be part of Obama's dream for a radically changed America.  But no longer are the vanguards in place to teach them the difference.

The Act in entrenching will will leave no student, or senior behind and no one in between.

American "˜volunteers' from across the spectrum, once pressed into service of the Civilian Community Corps, in the fullness of time, shall be called the "National Civilian Community Corps."  With students and seniors corralled into the same pasture, there will be no detractors left to call then "Obamabots".

You might want to run, but you can't hide from H.R. 1388.

Whether you are young or old, or firmly believe that volunteering means you are offering your time to the good of community work, you will be pressed into Obama's National Civilian Community Corps.

Just in case you don't want to wear the uniform and think the Corps means everybody but you, these are the citizen group H.R. 1388 proposes to cover:

"Increasing service opportunities for our Nation's retiring professionals. 
"Encourage members of the Baby Boom generation to partake in service opportunities."

The National Civilian Community Corps is year-round and will impose itself on children away at summer camp.  Even private schools will not be immune from its membership.
Down through the generations, wearing a uniform has always appealed to the sincere at heart.

According to H.R. 1388, "the Director determines appropriate "Uniforms".

Membership is MANDATORY!

While you were busy worrying about coming up with the rent or mortgage money and the safety of your job, on March 9, committees knowing full well the chill that comes with the word "camp" changed all of their documents to read "campus". 

From Library of Congress

(d) [Struck out->][ Camps ][<-Struck out] CAMPUSES-
[Struck out->][ (1) UNITS TO BE ASSIGNED TO CAMPS- ][<-Struck out]
(1) UNITS TO BE ASSIGNED TO CAMPUSES- The units of the Corps shall be grouped together as appropriate [Struck out->][ in camps ][<-Struck out] in campuses for operational, support, and boarding purposes. The Corps [Struck out->][ camp ][<-Struck out] campus for a unit shall be in a facility or central location established as the operational headquarters and boarding place for the unit. Corps members may be housed [Struck out->][ in the camps ][<-Struck out] in the campuses.

[Struck out->][ (2) CAMP SUPERINTENDENT- There shall be a superintendent for each camp. The superintendent is the head of the camp. ][<-Struck out]

(2) CAMPUS DIRECTOR- There shall be a campus director for each campus. The campus director is the head of the campus.
[Struck out->][ (3) ELIGIBLE SITE FOR CAMP- A camp may be located ][<-Struck out]

(3) ELIGIBLE SITE FOR CAMPUS- A campus must be cost-effective and may, upon the completion of a feasibility study, be located in a facility referred to in section 162(a)(3).
[Struck out->][ (e) Distribution of Units and Camps ][<-Struck out]

(e) DISTRIBUTION OF UNITS AND CAMPUSES- The Director shall ensure that the Corps units and [Struck out->][ camps are distributed ][<-Struck out] campuses are cost-effective and are distributed in urban areas and [Struck out->][ rural areas in various regions throughout the United States. ][<-Struck out] rural areas such that each Corps unit in a region can be easily deployed for disaster and emergency response to such region.

"This is the equivalent of brown shirts and the "Arbeit macht frei"," writes "The Government has the right to require individuals to give 3 years under the guise of "volunteer" service."

Above the gates of Auschiwitz were the words: "Arbeit Macht Frei", ("work will set you free").

"Man is capable of such wrong doing in the name of a cause, again and again throughout history, a charismatic man promises Utopia at the cost of abhorrent acts as a means to it."

In Obama's bold new America, a reversal of the innocence of good works in volunteerism is the first radical change of tomorrow.

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Read it again!

SadInAmerica - March 16, 2009 - Source exerpts from CanadaFreePress and KnowTheLies


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Still choose to G.I.V.E?...  We won't take up anymore of your time, thanks for reading.

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 HELP STOP THIS BILL NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE - or witness the first phase of Nazi history repeating itself here in U.S.


The RED ALERT! ~ SadInAmerica 


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 03/24/2009 - 7:12am.


Justmy02 (not verified) | Tue, 06/09/2009 - 8:13pm

Obama can keep his 'Service to America' crapola. I have served as a 'Candy Striper' in a hospital for two summers running as a young person. I will NOT be told when and where I MUST serve!

This program should be designed and implemented strictly for those who have stayed on the welfare dole for more than a reasonable length of time. Let these folks put in some service in return for the tax dollars that pay their way. But to try to force every American to serve, whether or not the time frame suits THEIR needs, is ridiculous at the least!

When Mrs. O and Mr. Ofraudo take off their $$$ clothing and shoes and do something to pay for their Ivy League educations, then they might be able to persuade others to help. Until then, they need to keep their traps shut!

Anonymous (not verified) | Mon, 04/16/2012 - 9:10pm
Ron Emanuel admits a draft is planned (called volunteer yet mandatory for our children)in camps now reworded to be called campuses.

Anonymous (not verified) | Fri, 04/24/2009 - 1:41pm

Read this and then read the thinly disguised 'volunteer' bill Obama just signed...

December 6th, 1865, the 14th Amendment was proclaimed as ratified. The 14th Amendment, which is private Roman Catholic Ecclesiastical Trust Law, constitutes a constructive, cestui que trust, a public charitable trust, “PCT,” that was expressly designed to bring every corporate franchise artificial person called a “citizen of the United States” into an inseparable merging with the government until the two are united (with the power inhering in the government, not the people)….

Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s. Matthew 22:21

The Word of Divine authority for the separation of Church and State, the basis upon which the United States of America was allegedly founded

….A cestui que trust is fundamentally different from a regular trust, which is express in nature and consists of a contractual indenture involving three (3) parties: Grantor (Creator or Trustor), Trustee, and Beneficiaries. In an express trust, legal ownership is transferred by written contract between Grantor and Trustee in which the Grantor surrenders ownership of property to the legal person, the Trust, to be managed by the Trustee on behalf of those who are to benefit from the arrangement, the Beneficiaries. A cestui que trust, on the other hand, differs from an express trust in several crucial ways:
a. It is not formed by express contract, i.e. overt agreement expressed in writing, but by legal construction, i.e. fiat.
b. A cestui que trust has no Grantor, but, being a constructive trust created by operation of law, i.e. by make-believe, has only co-trustees and co-beneficiaries. The co-trustees are the parties with the duties for managing property for the “public good,” i.e. for the benefit of those designated as co-beneficiaries.

Inasmuch as all law is contract, the contract involved in a constructive trust is an implied contract. An implied contract can be ratified by two (2) means:

a. Acquiescence by silence, i.e. the “government” asserts its intentions concerning your life, rights, and property and you assent, don’t rebut, and compliantly go along with what they claim. In 1871 the Government changed the nature of its contract with the people from law as defined by the original Constitution of 1787 that recognizes law (common law), admiralty (on the sea only), and equity (functioning by voluntary contract between all participating parties), and began relating to people as if they were “citizens of the Unites States” within/under the private, commercial, international, military jurisdiction of the new de facto corporation, i.e. US Inc. They offered people a “new deal,” and almost everyone bought it (based on naïve and foolish trust and assuming that everything was OK).
The people were thereby denied access to law and placed on the ship of state of US Inc. where the captain’s word is law and no one has any rights. As Jefferson phrased the matter, “As government grows, liberty recedes.”

b. You expressly accept “benefits” offered by the government, and thereby finalize the contract by deed. This is similar to finalizing a contract with a restaurant by sitting down at a table, reading a menu, and then ordering and consuming a meal. By your deeds you affirm to the restaurant that you will pay for the meal in accordance with the price stated on the menu. No written contract is signed, but a contract is formed nevertheless.

1. By the above two (2) means people give implied assent that they are bound by an alleged contract with US Inc. in accordance with the terms and conditions that inhere in being treated as a “citizen of the United States ” under the 14th Amendment, and are therefore placed into permanent legal status as a Debtor and Surety for U.S. Inc.. In such a position people leave the ground of sovereignty and all capacity for asserting their unalienable rights in favor of being presumed as having exercised their sovereignty and free-will autonomy for the purpose of going along with the government’s assertion that they sacrifice everything for the “public good,” i.e. the PCT. By so doing people lose their standing in law, i.e. they “die a civil death in the law.” They are placed in the legal position of mortmain (i.e. as if deceased) and are shorn of capacity for asserting their rights, since the presumption is that they have already exercised those rights for the purpose of being placed in the position they are in, i.e. property of the government with a lien against you and everything your life labor could ever create, including your children. The private being (the real individual) is sacrificed for the good of the public (the imaginary collective)

Obama urges citizens to undertake national service
By ANN SANNER, Associated Press Writer Ann Sanner, Associated Press Writer

Washington - Calling on Americans to volunteer, (FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD -ed) President Barack Obama signed a $5.7 billion national service bill Tuesday that triples the size of the AmeriCorps service program (U.S. Inc. -ed) over the next eight years and expands ways for students to earn money for college. "What this legislation does, then, is to help harness this patriotism and connect deeds to needs," said Obama, a former community organizer in Chicago .
"It creates opportunities to serve for students, seniors and everyone in between," he said. "And it is just the beginning of a sustained, collaborative and focused effort to involve our greatest resource — our citizens — in the work of remaking this nation."
Joining Obama was Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, who has been battling brain cancer. Kennedy championed the legislation with Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, and the bill was named in honor of the Massachusetts Democrat.

Kennedy told the audience that included former President Bill Clinton, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former first lady Rosalyn Carter that Obama's efforts echoed those of his late brother, President John F. Kennedy.

"Today, another young president has challenged another generation to give back to their nation," Kennedy said, citing his brother's advocacy for the Peace Corps.

The service law expands ways for students and seniors to earn money for college through their volunteer work. It aims to foster and fulfill people's desire to make a difference, such as by mentoring children, cleaning up parks or buildings and weatherizing homes for the poor.

"I'm asking you to help change history's course, put your shoulder up against the wheel," Obama said. "And if you do, I promise you your life will be richer, our country will be stronger, and someday, years from now, you may remember it as the moment when your own story and the American story converged, when they came together, and we met the challenges of our new century."

Bolstering voluntary public service programs has been a priority of Obama, who credits his work as a community organizer in his early 20s for giving him direction in life. The president cited his work in Chicago as an example of how one person can make a difference.

"All that's required on your part is a willingness to make a difference," Obama said. "And that is, after all, the beauty of service: Anybody can do it."

Obama visited the SEED School of Washington , a public boarding school that serves inner-city students facing problems in both the classroom and at home, for the signing ceremony.

Afterward, Obama and first lady Michelle Obama joined Clinton to plant trees at a national park site along the Anacostia River in northeast Washington . At the Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens , Obama rolled up his sleeves with volunteers from the Student Conservation Association and local public high schools.

"Somebody forgot my boots," Obama joked to the students.

Obama on Tuesday also nominated Nike Inc. vice president Maria Eitel to lead the federal agency that oversees the country's national service programs.
Eitel, who's also president of the Nike Foundation, would have to be confirmed by the Senate to become CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Congress passed the bill last month with largely bipartisan support and Obama is seeking $1.1 billion to fund it next year. Some Republicans complain it is too costly and is an unnecessary intrusion by government into something Americans already do eagerly and in great numbers — helping their neighbors and communities.
The legislation provides for gradually increasing the size of the Clinton-era AmeriCorps to 250,000 enrollees from its current 75,000. It outlines five broad categories where people can direct their service: helping the poor, improving education, encouraging energy efficiency, strengthening access to health care and assisting veterans.

AmeriCorps offers a range of volunteer opportunities including housing construction, youth outreach, disaster response and caring for the elderly. Most receive an annual stipend of slightly less than $12,000 for working 10 months to a year.

AmeriCorps has seen a recent surge in applications, according to the Corporation for National and Community Service, which oversees the program.

In March, the organization received 17,038 online AmeriCorps applications, nearly double those received in the previous month and nearly triple the 6,770 received last March.

Alan Solomont, who chairs AmeriCorps' board, said former President John F. Kennedy's call to service inspired more people to help others than just those who joined the Peace Corps. He said this national service legislation could produce the same effect.

"It is not unlike the moment in 1960 when President Kennedy asked Americans, you know, to serve, but it is certainly going to engage millions more today," Solomont said in a conference call arranged by the White House.

The bill also ties volunteer work to money for college.- yeah right - a carrot on stick

People 55 and older could earn $1,000 education awards by getting involved in public service. Those awards can be transferred to a child, grandchild or even someone they mentored.

Students from sixth grade through senior year of high school could earn a $500 education award for helping in their neighborhoods during a new summer program.


On the Net:

AmeriCorps: [link to]

Corporation for National and Community Service: [link to]

Anonymous (not verified) | Mon, 03/30/2009 - 3:28pm

ODamn Obama. His lies and deception were brilliant.. Just as the Bible has fortold. The great deceiver, the beast with the Golden tongue. He shall deceive the multitudes. Blacks will be mad when his policies really kick in. You will be slaves to a Black man. Obamas civilian (police corp) under the GIVE Act, that everyone comforms His rule. Everything is working at lightening speed. If to many Americans act out before everything is in place the New World Order will be set back awhile. Don't sit idle, spread the word, write your Senators, congressman, everyone. Obama policies must stop. Write your Governor to encourage Supreme State Sovereignty Laws. Get them passed so that your state governor has final say over martial law etc. Keep Obama as powerless as possible. Freinds we are in a for a ruff ride. Resist as much as you can, your children deserve it. May God bless us, and help us all.

Anonymous (not verified) | Sat, 03/28/2009 - 6:55pm

is there a place where we can vote against this? this is bull and should not be allowed all i can say is thank god he is here for only 4 years . i did vote for him but have three sons and will not agree with the boot camp thing.

Anonymous (not verified) | Wed, 04/22/2009 - 12:32am

he can destroy us in 4 years! there is not much to do unless all that is really going on in this country the media starts reporting it,and the people can really hear what a threath obama is. most people think it is the end time for the world, but i think it can be saved if only people wake up before it's too late and we put a stop to it. impeach obama!

Anonymous (not verified) | Sat, 03/28/2009 - 10:32am

This is a load of bullsh*t. Obama or should i say President Hussein is full of b.s. He is the next freakin Hitler. He has a plan to ruin america. This sounds like Nazi garbage and thanks to all who voted to put this crackhead in the presidents seat. now he is showing his true colors and no one likes it.

Anonymous (not verified) | Sun, 04/26/2009 - 11:33pm

I will tell you a load of bs, I was at the shooting range today up in the mountains of colorado and this clown shooting his pistol had an obama sticker on his truck. Talk about a hipicrit! You can barely find ammo right now because the president ordered the destruction of all brass and cannot be recyled to the ammmo manufactors. Thats what i call bull shit!

Sales men of the year:


Jonathan | Sat, 03/28/2009 - 4:27pm

It sure is a load of bullshit! I can't believe that most people aren't even worried about Obama and his intentions. They just blindly follow him around like he is the savior. This very way will lead the masses into their own graves. What are the people thinking? I guess they're so absorbed in sports and video games that they are mesmerized beyond salvation.

Anonymous (not verified) | Tue, 03/24/2009 - 9:18pm

This sounds kind of like Hitler's Youth Corp in the Second World War. I'm old enough to know about it because I was in grammer school during WW II and saw the News Reels when I went to the movies and saw those kids in uniforms and thought I was lucky to be in this country. Later in life I was in uniform, Korea & "Nam'

Dave (not verified) | Tue, 03/24/2009 - 11:54am

S.797 is not linked correctly

Thanks Dave! Got it fixed and added the packaged up version.

Thanks for the visit!