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There is so much phony baloney in the voting this year it is almost laughable how anyone can watch what is occurring and not see that it is all a big joke!



Look at these numbers in the recent Kansas Primary where four different districts calculated what I call an impossible feat. WE are being told to believe that these numbers are randomly brought about by voters in each district, yet these numbers prove anything but random. They prove computerized and manipulated.

Kansas - Congressional District 1-4
February 9, 2008

Huckabee 3,415 63% Huckabee 2,186 56% Huckabee 2,885 53% Huckabee 3,141 67%

McCain 1,272 23% McCain 982 25% McCain 1,476 27% McCain 857 19%

Paul 537 10% Paul 484 12% Paul 684 12% Paul 477 10%

Romney 125 2% Romney 175 5% Romney 283 5% Romney 70 2%

Uncommitted 32 1% Uncommitted 15 0% Uncommitted 27 1% Uncommitted 10 0%

Four districts and the voting was consistent to a flaw. Each district stayed within a parameter of 6-7% without a change in position.

Huckabee averaged between 53% & 67% and never changed position.
McCain averaged between 19% & 27% and never changed position.
Paul averaged between 10 & 12 and never changed position.
Romney averaged between 2% & 5% and never changed position.
Uncommitted averaged between 0% &1% and they remained last.

Now what wrong with these numbers. They are all proof that this contest was rigged like probably all of the contests going across the country. This is statistically impossible in my opinion, it is computerized, and considering how strange the voting has been this year with no one dominating, it makes it even more suspect. And the fact that Romney had such a horrible showing even behind Paul makes little sense due to the fact that Huckabee won hands down, even though Romney suspended his campaign. And if Huckabee won hands down you would never believe McCain would come in second. But of course they are not going to let Paul get advertising. But these numbers are rigged.

Now granted Romney suspended his campaign, of course this means nothing, he still keeps his delegates until he concedes. Huckabee winning by a landslide in Kansas proves that McCain is not going to walk in. The Republican party does not want McCain, Rush Limbaloney is making sure that is the case. So It would not surprise me that Huckabee challenges enough to bring this thing to the convention. Ron Paul should not think that there wont be a brokered convention, leaving Romney to pull something out of his hat. Nothing has changed, in fact after Super Tuesday things have gotten better for Ron Paul and weirder for the field.

First of all like I said, the Republican Party is not behind McCain no matter what the PTB want. Of course I personally have always believed that the Clinton, Arkansas, Huckabee, was the secret choice to come out on top. Secondly, Romney did not quit he just suspended his campaign. Those that understand Mormon Prophecy will realize Romney has something up his sleeve. Now if Huckabee starts winning Primary after Primary, what is the MSM going to do, they will begin to support Huckabee, he fits the bill just as good in their opinion. Any support now for Huckabee literally means a brokered convention. If Paul gets out he is making a huge mistake!

What does not make sense is whoever is operating this obvious voting rouse with these machines seems to be playing with this like some dodgeball game, it is like a bunch of kids are holding the buttons and there are saying, who can we make win this time, except Paul, but that even seems contrived. No one is a clear front runner for any of the parties. This is the most nefariously led voting and strangest operation I have ever witnessed. The fact that Paul is seemingly backing down because Romney is out, which is not true, means he is getting bad advice. He sounded to me he was being eloquent giving a concession speech, and trying to maintain his Congressional office.

And look, the first primary after Super Tuesday, McCain gets his butt served on a silver platter. The voting shenanigans are so obvious it makes one think that someone wants the voting system to get busted. Has someone moved into the power-play that no longer sees it according to the NWO crew, yet they are making it appear as if they do? It almost appears that someone is making it look like business as usual with all out total control of the voting, but because they keep allowing someone else to win and the obvious and ridiculous figures coming from the states that prove with out a doubt that something stinks big time, it almost appears as if someone is setting the NWO up for a huge fall.

The truth is Paul could never have won the normal way, so someone inside realized that they needed to set up the other candidates for a huge collapse leaving Paul sitting alone. Look for a major scandal to come out on McCain next.

The illusion is getting crazier by the second, but this is too odd to ignore and I wanted to say something. I could be wrong, but this is too much fun to watch play out, because this is totally abnormal to any election I have ever witnessed in my lifetime!

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sun, 02/10/2008 - 12:26pm.