The Dying of Our Great Nation... Doesn't ANYBODY Care?

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A nation does not die over night. It must endure a process of sequential warnings to its people - each one more grave and ominous than the last or at least as detrimental as the preceding warning. My country is now in terminal death throes... all due to TOTALLY avoidable "˜red flags' over a long period of time. It has been the same for millennia for other nations that have ended up on the ash heap of history... ~ Joe Cortina 

Not unlike most diseases there are almost always warnings - symptoms that something is not right - matters which must be tended to IMMEDIATELY - before they get to a "˜point of no return' - a condition of the body - OR the "˜body' of a nation from which the result - a true miracle not withstanding- "˜DEATH' is always the inevitable result. It is my belief that the late great United States of America is at that crisis.

I cannot believe that any adult citizen not having to share a brain (wearing a backwards baseball cap) would not know the causes of our demise - as they have been IN OUR FACE since day one - and the warnings of the wise have been legion and consistent. I personally believe that there are certain "˜qualities' of a successful free society, which must be nurtured and fiercely protected.

I clearly remember a time when Americans would unhesitatingly show outrage at ANY and ALL threats to our most sacred beliefs institutions traditions and freedoms. The very notion of some Jew who had the blasphemous arrogance to "demand" the removal of a Christian tradition in our CHRISTIAN BASED nation would have elicited an outcry that would have made the consequences of any such future insult to the nation UNTHINKABLE! America came first to all patriotic Americans - but that was a long time ago - when there was sound reason for pride in country - and there was no IsraHELL.

When one of these attributes "˜dies' - it is the signal to IMMEDIATELY regroup - restore that lost quality and "˜ double the guard' as it were. The death of such a characteristic should be an alarm to every man woman and child to restore it IMMEDIATELY lest it start a trend. It has been said by great men -"the price of liberty is eternal vigilance". That - is the truism by which every nation that ever was - will live or die.

In my brief journey on earth - I have witnessed the death of not one - but several of these critical attributes - as well as the "˜final' one which I will address last - for without it, all the rest are but hollow ranting of impotent sophists.

It seems as if all of these "˜deaths' occurred somewhat simultaneously with some being stretched over a substantial length of time and progressing from bad to worse - essentially unchallenged. It didn't begin yesterday and it could have been stopped over a generation ago. Now it is probably too late.

The death of propriety.

We used to guard the innocence of our children with a fierce determination. Anything that would be perceived as a threat to their innocence was dealt with swiftly and with almost universal solidarity. Then came the day that our people allowed the "˜invasion' of "˜entertainers' whose radical new "˜noise' was intended to elicit violence, irrationality, and disrespect for anything and everything conventional and wise. It was called rock and roll - then heavy metal - then acid rock and finally today it has become pure demonic violence. It brought us the gifts of "˜free love' - drugs - hippies - irresponsibility as our way of life and an entire new set of role models of perverted abysmally putrid filth. It has evolved into animalistic "˜street dancing' and filthy "˜rap' whose soul is non-stop profanity. Sadly an entire new generation of white youth are now imitating this Negroid primitive savage violence laden profane filth. Where was the outrage?

The death of wisdom.

It used to be that most movies had a "˜moral to the story' - and wisdom was considered one of the loftiest attributes of humanity and all school children knew by heart many of the wise sayings of our Founding Fathers and great philosophers. When was the last time you heard ANY President or prominent speaker declare ANYTHING of real wisdom? The official mantra of the Democrat Party (half the entire population of America) under the reprobate degenerate Clinton - was: "Character doesn't count" remember? What does that tell you about the "˜character' of Democrats? We have dumbed down TWO entire generations of our young people in schools that are a mockery of learning today. I came from a family of educators and have watched this farce proceed unabated for decades. Where was the outrage?

The death of morality.

I clearly remember that to abort a child was considered to be what it actually was - MURDER! I also remember that homosexual perverts were where they belonged - under rocks and not corrupting our children! Pornography was virtually invisible in our society and we protected our children against it. Today we have legalized the murder of the unborn child to unimaginable proportions. We have murdered more innocent babies that ALL of the war related deaths of The Civil War - WWI - WWII - Korea and Vietnam combined! We have gone from a nation of Christian principle to the laughing stock of the remaining moral nations of the world. We now HONOR homosexual perverts and their freely chosen filthy rancid lifestyles We have mocked the sanctity of the sacrament of Holy Matrimony in the most putrid manner imaginable. Where was the outrage?

The death of Christianity.

If you are old enough - remember when virtually all churches taught the TRUE gospel of Christ and every merchant and every person on the street greeted you with a sincere Merry Christmas as the date approached? I defy ANY ONE to locate a TRUE Christian church of any size today in most of America that is not preaching blasphemy - hatred - dispensationalist heresy - material prosperity - killing - war and ANYTHING but what Christ taught us. We are now a nation of Synagogues Of Satan - hellholes of "˜Christian/Zionism' - the ULTIMATE blasphemy and oxymoron. Even our Bibles are now perverted by Jew owned publishing houses. Christmas has now been perverted into a sordid amalgamation of materialistic shopping frenzies and Godless secular holiday mentality - with NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the celebration of the birth of Christ. Where was the outrage?

The death of Truth.

Remember when we could pretty much trust what our President said - or what newscaster said on the radio? Forget it! Politicians lie today with a repugnance that can only be termed dazzling! Many TV add claims are third world jokes. Lies told by corporation herds today are legion. Top ranking government officials in modern times have openly admitted that lying is Ok as long as you don't get caught - remember?

We have a government which lies to us 24-7 - a news media which lies to us 24-7 and now a totally Jew owned television empire which has become the springboard for the destruction of ALL the teachings of Christ through a barrage of Jew lies so sordid and cruel as to be unconscionable. Night after night on the Jew NATGEO and the JEW History Channel and the JEW Discovery Channel we are told as FACT that we evolved from one-celled animals and apes. We are told that Christ was a bastard son. We are told that His blessed mother Mary - was a whore. EVERY night there is a new perversion of the truth in the Bible so as to discredit the Word OF our Lord and exonerate the demonic conduct of the Jew throughout the ages. Where was the outrage?

The death of personal responsibility.

Remember when we were taught by our parents and our church leaders and our schoolteachers and our national leaders that WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN ACTIONS? Not any more. Today - from the President to the judicial to the messages on TV - we are told that its is ALWAYS someone else's fault that we murdered a classroom of students - or shot both our patents in cold blood - or committed armed robbery - or lost our life savings through our own foolishness - or if we are Negro - that it is the white man's fault that are not driving a Cadillac or don't have enough money for our crack cocaine habit - or that it is OK to murder our own child if he or she will be an "˜ inconvenience' to take care of. Where was the outrage?

The death of honor.

I remember honor. It was something to be admired - and had been synonymous with American tradition in military and civilian enterprises. There was a feeling of pride in living amongst people of honor. Even the motto of my chosen military service - the Green Berets - spoke of the character of our time - " Death Before Dishonor". That is gone now. There is NO honor in this land. Corruption has become the only way to success. Lying - brutality - and deception have replaced truth - compassion - and sincerity. Want to succeed in business today? Cheat, lie, steal and deceive.

Our military has turned into murdering thugs - capable of any crime with war criminals for commanders responsible for the murders of over one million innocent helpless defenseless civilians. I trained many young warriors and they were NOT the evil sick demented sociopath killers of today's military. One of these young killers raped an Iraqi child - murdered her 3 year old sister - shot the rest of the family and burned the bodies while partying and drunk with his comrades.

These are everyday occurrences in our modern improved army of rapists and child killers. His justice and punishment for these heinous barbaric sadistic crimes has yet to be carried out. It is years later and he has not been nor ever will be justly punished. Check this out for yourself. Multiply this true horror by a thousand fold and that is what the TRUE face of America's military is today Where was the outrage?

AND FINALLY - the death of sanity.

When I was a child this country was moral and strong. We may have been a more naive and "˜innocent' people but we had the good sense to NOT commit national moral suicide. If we were made aware of horrible injustice - here or abroad - ESPECIALLY if we were responsible - to get involved and make it right. We were intellectually honest enough to not be in constant denial of in- your- face evils and were disposed to "˜ do the right thing'. In other words - we were sane moral responsible people who loved the truth - our freedoms and our sovereignty.

Today we have forfeited TOTAL control of our OWN country to the most evil place on earth - the "˜summer' home of the Devil - ISRAHELL! The Jews control EVERYTHING we see - do and "˜learn' in our Zionist occupied nation. The Zionists control our Judiciary - our Legislative - and now TOTALLY - or Executive. Bush is a 100% IsraHELL loyal Zionist by his own admission. Our new Godless Marxist Negro President is also a Zionist - as is his VP - as was McCain and the airhead Palin - ALL SLAVISHLY LOYAL TO ISRAHELL FIRST BY THEIR OWN ACTIONS AND WORDS.

We have forfeited our economic future - our financial ruin - to Zionist bankers. Our military is run by IsraHELL loyal traitors (treason by definition - by the way - is placing the interests of a foreign power before those of your own nation). Our education system is run by IsraHELL loyal Zionists so as to insure that the next generation will be good little IsraHELL Zionists.

ALL of the news and "˜documentary' specials are owned - operated and directed by Christ hating Zionist Jews. REAL Christian teaching in this occupied country is all but totally destroyed by the Jews. VERY soon anyone wishing another a Merry Christmas is at risk of being arrested for a hate crime. Such legislation has ALREADY been in the mill and with the event of the Obamanation - it will be facilitated.

The destruction sanctity of marriage is now a given and the total acceptance of homosexual perverts in AmeriKa is only months away. ANY speaking out against them will be of course punishable by fines and prison - hate crimes - you know. Our school children will be reeducated and given sensitivity training about homosexual perverts (erroneously called "˜gays' by their Jew supporters and useful idiots) Business will no longer hire any one who is "˜not tolerant' of homosexual perverts. You will either be forced to take "˜sensitivity reeducation training' or be fired. The Jew AT&T is a leader and pioneer in this abomination and one need look no further than their rancid YV adds that brutally mock ALL traditional Christian family values.

We will become the moist hated nation on earth for our cruelty. We will find ourselves in endless serial wars with nations of people who never done us any wrong and have had the misfortune to stand in the way of IsraHELL's agenda of Zionist world domination. We will tax our own people literally to death so that we may finance more deadly ways to snuff out innocent human life and be the cause of more human suffering and world wide misery than any despot in the history of mankind. After all - we are ALLREADY MORE than halfway to beating the Communist record of civilian murders. Isn't that something to be proud of?

Problem is that one day we will bully someone who can fight back and may find ourselves with our own country destroyed - which we will have richly deserved for the misery we have caused. It will be called WWII -Armageddon or whatever you wish. There will only be one "˜winner'. That will of course be the Jew. He will finance BOTH sides of ALL conflicts as he has historically done for millennia - as his "˜god' was- is and always will be money and power. The joke will be on us and the plea of our "˜temporary insanity' will unfortunately not work in that final scenario of global justice.

Taxes will soar to pay for welfare scum and to bail out failed BIG businesses. Our sons will continue to go to foreign lands to murder and rape and pillage innocent people and devastate civilizations not approved by the Jew. Our churches have already been bastardized into the Biblical Synagogues OF Satan as Christ warned us. Everything we were taught will be twisted and perverted - freedom will be slavery - truth will become lies - perversions will become virtues - goodness and compassion will become weakness and cowardice.

In other words we will have lost all our sanity. After all - there can be no other rational explanation for the fact the we had VOLUNTARILY - KNOWINGLY - WILLINGLY - EAGERLY - FREELY decided to forfeit our Christian and pioneer heritage - our Constitution - our hard earned freedoms - our dreams for our children - our traditional ways of life - ALL for the greater glory of ISRAHELL! Where was the outrage?

The final cause? Why of course - by now you have connected the dots yourself and figured it out. It was the "˜final death' - one death too many. It was the one from which there was no return. It was the final insult to our children - our dreams and everything that America meant to all of us - the ultimate indiscretion. It was a collective act of the ultimate irresponsibility. The absence of which created a silence which was deafening to those mortal men who had sacrificed their all for generations yet unborn - men of courage honor and wisdom. ALL of their sacrifices - from George Washington to countless unsung patriots who came later and laid down their lives - their fortunes - hearts and souls for the future well being of this once great nation - all for nothing - because of one collective cowardly act.

The cause is =


Joe Cortina - December 17, 2008 - source  MyNameIsJoeCortina

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.

I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 12/17/2008 - 1:49pm.