Excessive Perfume in Workplace... Co-Workers Can Sue!

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A Judge has ruled that a lawsuit over workplace perfume filed by a Detroit city planner can proceed. The lawsuit alleges that perfume from a co-worker made Susan McBride unable to properly breathe, creating a hazardous work environment and making it difficult for her to complete her work.

The city of Detroit sought to have the lawsuit dismissed in court, but the Judge agreed with McBride that her difficulty in breathing with the excessive perfume did, indeed, qualify for protection under federal laws that protect the disabled from workplace discrimination.

That may seem like an odd law to invoke in this case (is McBride really "disabled" due to her difficulty in breathing?) but at least it is recognizing the reality of perfume toxicity.

Let's get straight to the real story here, folks: Perfume-wearing people are toxic to the world, and they create a toxic workplace filled with poisonous, cancer-promoting chemicals that cause healthy people to gasp for breath.

It mostly seems to be old ladies who slosh on the perfume, but it's also a few old men, and none of them seem to have any idea that their toxic scents can be detected a quarter-mile away, upwind!

That's because the senses of these perfume-wearing idiots have been burned out by years and years of chemical assault. They can't even smell their own perfume, so they slop on ever-increasing amounts of the stuff, completely oblivious to the fact that they're creating a toxic cloud of fumes emanating at least ten meters from their body in all directions. They stand in elevators, sit in meetings or walk down hallways, thinking, "Gee, I smell so pretty!" when, in reality, they smell like some disgruntled family member smashed a bottle of perfume over their thick skulls and they never bothered to wash it off.

Synthetic perfume chemicals cause cancer

These people also remain oblivious to the fact that perfumes contain cancer-causing chemicals that are absorbed right through the skin. These chemicals enter the blood where they poison the liver and other organs, causing cancer and cellular toxicity throughout the body.

I also have a theory that this onslaught of chemicals literally affects brain function, causing the brain to recede from sensory reality by decoupling neurons, thus making those people cognitively impaired. You can observe this in the real world, too: Have you ever noticed it's the dumbest people who wear the most perfume or cologne? I do not believe that is by chance: It could very well be a cause-effect relationship between perfume chemicals and brain function.

Keep in mind, too, that dumbed-down mainstream consumers use a lot of perfume-laced products throughout their homes: Laundry detergent, dryer sheets, air fresheners, carpet cleaners, shampoo, shower soap and other products laced with the same toxic fragrance chemicals found in perfumes. This creates a toxic environment in which cancer is accelerated and brain development is retarded.

NaturalNews supports a nationwide ban on perfumes in the workplace. Indoor air pollution in offices across the country is already quite bad due to the toxic chemicals used in building materials (particle board, carpet glues, etc.). It certainly does not need perfumes, colognes and smelly shower soap added to the recipe.

In addition, personal care products containing cancer-causing chemicals should be banned from the marketplace entirely. All perfume products are technically illegally labeled because they don't warn consumers of the cancer risk of their ingredients.

I encourage ALL workers exposed to perfumes to sue for damage caused by exposure to such chemicals. It is only through such lawsuits that employers will enforce "no fragrance" rules and eliminate such toxic chemicals from work environments.

Barely a decade ago, people even SMOKED in the workplace! Today that would be considered ludicrous. And why? Because smoke contains hazardous chemicals and pollutes the air for everyone.

Precisely the same argument applies to perfumes.

Mike Adams - November 28, 2008 - source NaturalNews

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 11/29/2008 - 10:47pm.