A Few Things That Must Be Said Right Now...

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A few things that must be said right now. This is information that has to travel far and be accepted by tens of millions before it can begin doing any good. This is the perspective that the people who are going to save us must have. They will take it and engage the enemy with it in their own words, with their own examples. ~ Dick Eastman

All but a handful of people on the internet are leading Americans wrong on this economic crisis.

The crisis started because the money power -- the Fed and the Credit Monopoly -- reduced American purchasing and debt-paying power to such an extent that we could not meet our debt obligations. This is a chronic problem in our kind of economy, but the Money Power deliberately made the problem worse than usual to ensure that not enough purchasing and debt-paying power would be insufficient to pay mortgages and meet payrolls. At the same time the Money Power exercised its monopoly control over energy to set fuel prices high enough to further force bankruptcies and foreclosures, allowing our equity, our wealth, to be captured so they could convert our homes into their rental assets and our businesses into nothingness so their corporations have no competition etc.

And once that was done to us, then we reacted, cutting our expenditures even more than the cut in our purchasing power, so we could keep a margin to keep the wolf from our doors (those who still have doors) -- which reduced the velocity of money (the spending turnover of the average dollar in circulation) and caused further reductions of purchasing power (reduced wages, reduced revenues for our local employers).

And no, president Obama has hired a Jew to pick all the people who are going to find the solutions his administration is going to provide. He has picked another Goldman Sachs Jew to head the treasury department -- the very President of the New York Federal Reserve Bank who engineered the great larceny we have already lived through.

And, what is Obama telling us he is going to give us?  Will it be more purchasing power like the Social Crediters say we must have? Not at all. Instead of giving us purchasing power -- like the G. I. loans after WWII -- so we can pay our debts and put food on the table and lead the country out of recession with economic demand from household purchasing power that has been lacking -- he is instead going to provide us with socialism -- new school buildings and other government spending that will go to communities that support Obama's socialism, that vote for the agents serving the interests of the ruling minority -- those aligned with the money power -- that Obama is representing. He will give us government sector spending, when there is no reason under the sun why he and Congress could not make it household sector spending (like the G. I Bill instead). So only those people who get the government contracts will receive money -- and those government projects will be payed for with borrowed money -- borrowed from the friends and relatives of the Goldman Sachs and Mossad agents that are running Obama's administration.

Mr. Obama is, if you haven't been paying attention, merely a lawyer and a salesman who has been hired to deceive us into thinking that all of this theft is being done for our good, for the poor folk, for the minorities, that at last have been liberated from the awful white yoke. In the language of con artists Obama is a "confidence man" -- he gets you to believe the scam is really your only hope of salvation.

The money borrowed from the international bankers will go to buy political support -- but at the cost of greater and greater debt. There is no cure in this -- it is simply the progress of destruction, similar to drug addiction -- seemingly helping when you take it, but actually putting every more harmful muggings just a little way down the supposedly primrose path.

Everyone who is talking about gold or silver completely deceived by the "hard-money" deception -- and that means about 8 oir 9 out of 10 of the people whose letters and forwardings on the economy reach my inbox. (The money power wants you crucified, as Williams Jennings Bryan put it so well, on a cross of gold. They want you to have to earn scarce gold to pay your debts. They want you to have to aquire gold before you can start your own business.

Sure there is social credit for the Money Power. They have a monopoly on credit -- but the fact is that credit should be a public utility, just as much as the money we have should not be based on debt with interest on loans payed to the credit monopolists -- but we the people should stand in the position of owners and controllers of credit.

I know you are not economists. I know you have no reason to take my word for anything. But simply look at the situation. The money supply has been manipulated and credit withdrawn forcing this crisis -- this kleptastrophe -- so that a small group of people gain. And it is exactly agents of that small group of people that the president elect has surrounded himself with, who he has chosen to build his "team," and to shape his economic policy.

They serve China who now own the industrial capital that provides us with the goods we are depending upon  and they serve the Jewish international bankers who lend the money for all of the new socialism (Federal spending) that Obama is going to provide -- instead of household spending, instead of state spending, instead of local government spending.

You are being enslaved. You can't be quiet about it any more. You really have to do something -- like a hero, like the kind of person you have been conditioned by schools and media never to be. You have to insist that "increasing government spending" is not the answer. If it was the answer then the frame-up wars would have given us a boom. New school buildings are not productive. New roads are not productive. Our industry has not disappeared because of poor roads and old school buildings. It has disappeared because debt slavery has been imposed -- easy credit to get us hooked, followed by tight money to squeeze of of our assets, our leisure time, our standard of living -- all to profit the interests aligned with Goldman Sachs, etc.

Mr. Obama said he would listen to people as Bush has not. He is not doing so. He has put Goldman Sachs gatekeepers all around his administration. No populist is going to get to Mr. Obama. No social crediter is going to get to Mr. Obama. Ron Paul will get to Obama -- because Goldman Sachs and friends want a gold standard. All their lives they have favored the gold standard. They are the creditors, the ones who want the most deflation possible so that the dollars that the debt slaves pay back at interest will have as much purchasing power as possible. (Note -- the bankers want the purchasing power of the dollars you must pay back to them to be as high as possible -- that is not the same as the purchasing power of the household, your spending power. Household purchasing power actually goes up in inflationary environments. Inflation redistributes wealth from the predatory creditor class to their victims. There is good and bad inflation. But, I must add too -- that social credit need not be inflationary at all. There are unemployed people, unused capacity, insufficient demand to run our domestic economy -- and so we can have social credit -- in the form of a dividend check sent to each American -- and it will not cause inflation, but will stimulate the rebirth of American industry and agriculture and creativity. And Obama wants to pay for it be taxing the bad people who have incomes of over 250,000 dollars -- in other words he wants to tax the small local businessmen out of existence so that the corporations' factories in China will have no competiton.

We need social credit -- burt we also need regulation of foreign trade. We need an end to international corporations of all kinds. Every coproation must be national throughout the world. We must end foreign investment. We must not have international money -- we must have national money and naitonal social credit. We also must end national banks -- and have only state banks, regulated as each state sees fit. We must only by abroad what our exports will pay for. And until that is set up we need redistribution of super incomes and super land holdings to once again make it possible for those the elite call "ordinary people" can have their opportunities and happiness.

Mr. Obama is socialism. Social credit is the market system where household demand directs production -- not monopoly corporations who thrive on war and on selling plastic monster action figures based on the latest horror movie to our children -- or $23 dollar CD's that cost only pennies to make, while for every recording artist of the media monopoly there are a hundred or a thousand people of equal talent who would be willing to give their talent away for free if they were able. (Just look at youtube and you will see that we don't need Hollywood, or copyright laws that profit Ted Turner's while the world is deprived of the creative contributions of people long dead, etc.)

To summarize: Mr. Obama has already demonstrated which interests he serves by the people he has already chosen to build his administration and form his policies. Obama has turned his new administration over to the very interests who designed the kleptastrophe.  If you think it is politically incorrect to conclude that the first black president is a con artist working for the same old same old and that you must play along with Obama's charade in order to get along -- then you need to be told that you are betraying close to 300,000,000 people in this country -- black, white, brown, yellow and red -- destroying them, killing them. I think it is time we made an issue of it.

Until next week, if I have the chance.

Every man is responsible to every other man...

Dick Eastman  - Yakima, Washington - November 23, 2008 - source JRENSE

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sun, 11/23/2008 - 11:13pm.