Employee Takes Bath In Nasty Burger King Kitchen Sink... Only After Scrubbing Out The Scum First!

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A video posted on the Internet shows an employee of a Burger King located in Xenia, Ohio, taking a bubble bath inside of a sink in the kitchen, according to a report by Megan O'Rourke of WDTN News.

A video of the whole charade, which was taken by another employee, is currently available for viewing via an LA Times VIDEO blog post by Mark Milian. Unbelievably, employees informed the manager of the fact that the employee was bathing in the sink, but she simply indicated she wasn't interested in watching him and continued doing what she was doing, looking rather bored with the whole affair.

Move Over Ronald, There's a New Clown in Town

According to the LA Times, the employee (who calls himself "Mr. Unstable") reported that the sink was so dirty that he had to clean it for an hour before getting in it to bathe. "I worked on that for like an hour with boiling water," he said (as reported by the LA Times). "We cleaned the nasty
Burger King stuff." Imagine that. The sink was so filthy that the employee felt the need to clean it before he took a bath in it.

Health Commissioner Not Amused

Unfortunately for Burger King, Greene County Health Commissioner, Mark McDonnell, saw the video after it was posted on the Internet and was not amused, according to WDTN. McDonnell immediately dispatched staff to the Burger King to investigate the long list of health code violations. Burger King apparently cooperated with the Health Department, sanitizing the sink twice and disposing of all of the utensils used during the infamous bubble bath. All employees involved in the incident were fired reports WDTN.

Good Thing Bather Is Over 18

WDTN reports that the Health Department doesn't plan to fine the Burger King and is considering whether or not to file criminal charges. Luckily, the employee seen bathing in the video was over 18, as were (presumably) all others involved in the making of the video. Otherwise, there probably would've been a whole host of other kinds of charges filed.

Burgers are Bigger (Just Like Butts of Regular Customers)

WDTN reports how the customers they interviewed are sickened and outraged by the employee's behavior and won't be eating at the Burger King again. This is quite understandable. People don't use their bathtubs at home for
food preparation for good reason. What's probably more troublesome to natural health advocates, however, is that most people are more concerned about how the food is prepared but don't appear to be as outraged about what's in the food.

For those who aren't familiar with current Burger King fare (hopefully this is the case for most readers), there is a
PDF file available with the nutritional information for all of the menu items. The majority of the offerings are loaded with calories and, even worse, trans fat. Anyone with even a basic knowledge of health and nutrition would find the "cuisine" frightening on so many other levels, as well.

Would you Like Some Trans fat and Cholesterol With That?

According to the information provided by Burger King, a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit has 530 calories and a whopping (no pun intended), 6 grams of trans fat, 175 mg of cholesterol, and 1490 mg of
sodium. Want some hash browns with that? A large order of hash browns contains 620 calories, 13 grams of trans fat, and another 1200 mg of sodium. Don't forget the beverage. A large soda adds another 290 calories -- yes, they do serve soda at breakfast time!

Moving on to the lunch and dinner offerings, the fish sandwich contains 640 calories, 2.5 grams of trans fat, and 1459 mg of sodium. Want fries with that? A large order of fries (with no additional salt added by consumer) contains 500 calories, 6 grams of trans fat and 530 mg of sodium.

So, while the bath tub incident is quite disgusting, it is alarming that consumers aren't showing equal outrage at the nutritional value (or lack thereof) of the majority of the menu items. It's pretty sad when the dessert offerings are some of the "healthiest" items on the menu. Seriously, don't even think about eating the dessert -- it's not a health food. Bon Appétit!

Joanne Waldron - September 11, 2008 - source NaturalNews

Joanne Waldron is a computer scientist with a passion for writing and sharing health-related news and information with others. She runs the Naked Wellness: The Gentle Health Revolution forum, which is devoted to achieving radiant health, well-being, and longevity.

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 09/11/2008 - 11:58pm.