The 9/11 Chronicles Part One ~ Truth Rising

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 08/14/2008 - 7:14pm.



Seven years after the attacks of September the Eleventh, a global awakening has taken place, the likes of which the world has never seen. As the corporate-controlled media dwindles into extinction, a new breed of journalists and activists has emerged. Absolutely incredible film.  The experience was so powerful it brought me to tears...      The one film everyone must see this year.  ~  DOCUMENTARY

Join Alex Jones, Luke Rudkowski and others as they set out on a mission determined to expose the ruthless global elite, and alert the masses to the truth about 9/11.

Strap in and get ready to ride along as criminal overlords David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Alan Greenspan, John McCain, and many others are confronted about their lies and manipulation.

 Including interviews with Jesse Ventura, Rosie O'Donnell, George carlin, Willie Nelson and Martin Sheen, this film is unlike anything you have ever seen. the only question after viewing it is, will you become part of the Truth Rising.


The 9/11 Chronicles Part 1 ~ Truth Rising

Time 1:55:06

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 08/14/2008 - 7:14pm.


Paul Magill Smith (not verified) | Sat, 04/11/2009 - 3:35am

I've seen enough evidence, but this documentary has intense social appeal on several levels. Easy to watch because well filmed & edited, it presents incontrovertable evidence of wrongdoing that could originate from several sources. Collusion among several entities is indicated. Without an un-biased independent further investigation the issue is moot. This is what is now called for.

With a good portion of the US population, almost everyone is connected to someone on NYC, and the odds still are the people you know were connected to some who died that day. As time proceeds, truth recedes. I watched the sham of the Warren Commission. and the same entities, or their heirs & proteges, continue to manipulate us worldwide to this day. One thing the perpetrators count on is the statute of limitations, but sorry guys, it doesn't apply in this case. The weight of America's majority make the laws, common or otherwise, AND WE CAN CHANGE THEM, TO.

Thanks to Willie, Martin, Michael, and especially the first guy that called the hit in, but beyond all the MC, editors, & courageous camera people & associates making this necessary film available. (Side note: I probably shouldn't get this personal, but I think Danny Bonaduce's Tourette meds need adjusting. Sorry, Danny, I loved you when you were a kid, but selling out [your country for a living] I just can't handle).

voter2008 (not verified) | Tue, 08/26/2008 - 12:08pm

Greetings! How are you all? I am here to inform you of a insipiring video a colleague of mine has created to inspire more people to vote. I believe the issue is important, so I would like to share this video with you today. Here is the video: Tell me what you think! **************************************************************** Hi Voter2008, Thank you very much for sharing this video and for being awake. It's folks like you reaching out to those not awake that gives the rest of us fighting to save our country much hope. The sleeping American people just don't understand, RIGHT NOW, this 2008 election is our very LAST CHANCE to get it right. There will be no going back to fix this. It is the most important election in the history of the United States! We have a corrupt NWO government ready to eliminate 80% of us useless eaters. It's happening right now, toxic chemicals in our food and water, tainted vaccines, chemtrails, fluoride, aspartame, HAARP created floods, earthquakes, droughts... the list is endless. It's all by design to for the 'elite' to have it all. Thanks for your time spent at KnowTheLies, you are greatly appreciated! If you feel this website is making a difference, please invite your friends and family. We work relentlessly to expose the corruption and to wake up the sleeping, after all, this is our last chance to 'get it right'. Yours in Liberty, SadInAmerica

mr truthenator (not verified) | Sat, 08/16/2008 - 7:38pm

Below is an article by John Lofton that pegs Dobson for what he is. Why not call or email his HQ (info at the bottom of page) and put some pressure on him to at least pretend to be a genuine person? Ask James Dobson not to support the liberal John McCain Open letter to Brother Dobson By John Lofton The Covenant News ~ July 25, 2008 But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil. - Matthew 5:37. A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. - James 1:8. "Finally, I want to give a pledge to you on a political level, and I'm speaking for myself, not Focus On The Family, which is a non-political organization. I can just tell you that I have determined that for the rest of my life, however long God lets me live on this earth, I will never cast one vote for any man or woman who would kill one innocent baby!" - You, sir, in an address to a huge pro-life rally, in Washington DC, in 1990. "I've criticized [Sen. McCain's] continuing support for federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. That bothers me a lot. It leads to killing of babies, very tiny babies. But they are human beings." - You, sir, on your July 8, 2008, radio show in which you said it is now a possibility you might endorse John McCain who also believes it should be legal to abort unborn babies who are in the womb because of rape or incest. Dear Brother Dobson: I am writing to you, friend, not to criticize you or rebuke you but rather to plead with you, to beg you, to beseech you, to please stop thinking about the possibility of endorsing John McCain for president. You cannot do this, sir. And you cannot do this for the simple reason that you have said flatly, categorically, unqualifiedly, vehemently, repeatedly, that under no circumstances would you support McCain for president - period. Yes, I know what you are reported to have said in a statement to the Associated Press about the possibility you will now support McCain. The AP quotes you as saying that "there's nothing dishonorable in a person rethinking his or her positions, especially in a constantly changing political contest." But, McCain has changed on none of the things which were the basis of you saying you would never support him. Your unyielding opposition to him was for things he has already said and done - things he has not changed! As Christians, above all other people, words should matter to us, friend, because not to be credible, to appear to be duplicitous, damages the cause of Christ. And in my 44 years of covering national politics, I have never seen a more flat-out, no-running-room position taken than your correct opposition to McCain. In your official statement on McCain (Feb. 5, 2008), you criticized him for: refusing to protect marriage; his un-constitutional McCain-Feingold campaign "reform" law; and for his wanting to medically experiment on human embryos. You also took him to task for what you called his "legendary temper" and how "he often uses foul and obscene language." You even went so far as to say that if it were Obama vs. McCain in November, you would, for the first time in your life, "not cast a ballot for president." And Tom Minnery, Focus On The Family's VP in charge of public policy, has said, regarding McCain's role in the McCain-Feingold law: "He really dealt us a low blow, we thought, with his McCain-Feingold campaign reform bill, which became law thanks to President Bush signing it into law. That law kept organizations like ours away from broadcast ads that mentioned a candidate by name 30 days before a primary election, or 60 days before a general election. In other words, those of us who have things to say on the issues about candidates - we couldn't say them in front of elections, the very time people want to hear. That really frustrated us about this candidate, this senator" (emphasis Minnery's). I heard you say on the "Frank Pastore" talk show (May 18, 2007), that McCain was a candidate "I absolutely cannot, under any circumstances, go for." I heard you say on KCBI's "Jerry Johnson Live Show," regarding McCain: "He's not in favor of traditional marriage. And I pray that we don't get stuck with him. … I would not vote for John McCain under any circumstances" (emphasis yours). Another reason you cannot now support McCain is because of many things you have said in the past that fit him like a glove and totally rule out you being able to support him now in any way. For example, there is the quote at the beginning of this column, what you said to that 1990 pro-life rally in Washington, D.C. And you repeated this position in a March 1995 letter to supporters, saying: "I am committed never again to cast a vote for a politician who would kill one innocent baby. These little ones have no defense except that which we provide for them. Never will I use my influence, however remotely, to support the shedding of their blood." Well, John McCain, by favoring rape/incest abortion exceptions and federal-funding of medical experiments on human embryos, is, in your words, "a politician who would kill one innocent baby." No exaggeration here; no hyperbole. That's exactly what McCain is. And you also said in that same letter something very insightful, very prescient: "Some would ask, 'Shouldn't we vote for the lesser of two evils when the choice is between pro-abortion candidates?' I believe not. To compromise on so fundamental an issue gives [pro-life politicians/parties] no incentive to defend the pro-life position. By voting for a moderate pro-abortionist who might be more desirable in the short run, we squander our influence on decision-makers. Rather, when a significant number of votes are cast for a third party/pro-life candidate, even in a losing cause, that fact will not go unnoticed by political leaders. They will be more likely to court our support in the future, especially if they lost the last election. That's the way the game is played." Amen, Brother Dobson! Amen! Exactly right! It's way past time when, as Christians, we should have acted like Christians, saying: No more anti-Christian, corrupt, "lesser-of-two-evils" politics, because the lesser-evil is still evil! No more yielding to relativistic "boogey man" scare tactics that seek to make us, in this year's election, hold our respective noses and vote for the "moderate-pro-abortionist" McCain - and that's what he is. Please, Brother Dobson, please, do not support John McCain. Written by John Lofton, a "recovering Republican," is, Editor of The American View. James Dobson previously said: "No Way I Will Ever Support John McCain!" "I've criticized [Sen. McCain's] continuing support for federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. That bothers me a lot. It leads to killing of babies, very tiny babies. But they are human beings." - Dr. James Dobson on July 8, 2008, radio show. Call James Dobson: Focus on the Family toll free phone number is (800) A-FAMILY (232-6459) Also call James Dobson at (719) 531-5181 or 719-531-3427 and also email at We should encourage and inform Dr. Dobson that McCain is not his only choice in this election. There are alternative candidates; Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party , or write in Ron Paul! **************************************************************** Great post! Thank you for your effort in saving our great Republic! We need more folks like you! Thanks for visiting and for your contribution to KnowTheLies. In Liberty, SadInAmerica