Can We Still Salvage What is Left of America... After Bush is Gone?

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Where I live, it seems, every single policy and decision of the American government, seem to be another nail in our national coffin. We are about to die, we are in fact dying by the millions. Of course, none of you have ever been made aware of that. Your mass media are totally silent about that global genocide. ~ An excerpt from the book... 'Destructivism, The Path to Self-Destruction' by Roland Michel Tremblay ~ Free Book

This world is all about irony. When you have absolutely no identity, any identity becomes yours. America meant so much to so many, it was the dream come true, it was what every single country aspired to be. We all wanted to be American, we all secretly wished that our country would be America. And now... well… who wants to be American now? Don't look at me, I'm horrified!

To be honest, we went through hell. From afar we looked at everything that has happened since George W. Bush came to power. We went from being surprised, to being amazed, to being totally disgusted. We could not believe our eyes! What in God's name happened? We witnessed the absolute annihilation of everything we admired. And now, dear me, perhaps our own country, with its own ever lasting dictatorship, is better than America.

My own personal dictator is not as bad as George W. Bush. That man has reached a whole new level of dictatorship, as it is worldwide that he is fooling around, it is humanity that he is playing with. At least my own personal dictator limits himself to my own backyard.

I needed hope, desperately seeking some sort of liberation in my mind, the thought that perhaps somewhere else in this world people were happy to be alive, to exist, to be fully emancipated. Somewhere at least, beyond my own country, someone was living exactly what he or she was meant to live. Absolute freedom, the chance to say what one needs to say, without consequences, no consequences for speaking one's own mind! What a dream!

I thought that this only existed in America… not anymore. I find I can speak my mind much more freely than Americans nowadays. My own dictator does not seem to mind that I spit on George W. Bush and the Republicans, otherwise I would be dead by now. This is how it works in my country. It seems, it is getting worse in America right now. Because no one is speaking anymore, but I speak, and I am still alive.

True, I have not said one word against my own government, I have not denounced anything about what is happening in my own country. I limited myself to speaking for Americans, against their new found dictatorship, against their psychopath leaders. I have not been shot yet, I guess my leaders hate Bush and Cheney as much as I do. For different reasons, no doubt, still, I have never felt that free in my whole life.

You see, in my country, we have always lived under threat from the government. We have always been starving. Unemployment is quickly reaching zero. The Global Warming you are so keen on talking about, we suffer the whole brunt of it. Within years my country will become inhabitable.

Where I live, it seems, every single policy and decision of the American government, seem to be another nail in our national coffin. We are about to die, we are in fact dying by the millions. Of course, none of you have ever been made aware of that. Your mass media are totally silent about that global genocide.

However, I do not wish to talk about this right now. I want to embrace the idea of freedom, of prosperity, of living full on, towards some sort of escape from this reality, the very idea of being an American, or at least, what it used to be.

My President does not like me. All the books and articles I have written, they have been banned in my own country. I have been put under house arrest. Every phone call I make, is recorded and listened to. Every website I visit, the President is made aware of. There are already many websites my country has banished from my computer. I get this screen instead telling me that this is inappropriate content. Search engines are no longer listing anything I was searching for. Soon my government will have severed every single link I still have to the American dream, to what it means or meant to be American, to be free!

And the more I study what is happening in America right now, the less I feel sorry for it. A revolution is more likely to happen in my own desperate country than in yours. An insurgency is just around the corner for us, for you, dear me, it might take you a few decades to see the point of it. And yet, it seems to me, it is getting worse in your own country than in mine. I guess you are not used to living under a tyranny, you are unable to recognize it when it hits you in the face. But it has, believe me, and yet, you remain oblivious to it. I guess it is part of your charm.

My brother died in the last civil war. My father was killed by the government way before the civil war. My mom was a teacher, she was the hope of my country, and yet, she was judged a danger to society, she was shot in front of me in our own house. This is probably the last thing I will be able to convey to you before my Internet connection is cut.

Be careful, because what I have witnessed in my own country, is happening to yours right now, you are inches away from that state of affair. You have already lost all your rights, the American Constitution is now meaningless, just like your Bill of Rights. Your President can now unitarily declare a state of emergency and martial law at any time, just like they always do over here. You have no experience with that kind of thing, we have become experts on how dictatorships develop. So please, be careful. We know what is going on in the US, we witness it all the time over here.

Elections have never been fair in my country, we all knew the outcome before anyone ever voted. The ones in power always remained in power no matter how they were hated by the people. I see you have the same problem in America. Our leaders are war mongers, they always want more power and wealth, they want what our neighbors have, so we have always been at war, it has been one genocide after another. I see you have the same problem in America.

Our mass media are so afraid of the government, none of them would venture to talk about anything else but the most trivial entertainment news. So we have heard a lot about Madonna, since this was judged unthreatening by our leaders. They had no idea. It is rare we hear anything about what is happening in your part of the country, and so anything we are allowed to put our hands on, becomes our whole philosophy of life, our sole reason to exist. That kind of thing is the product of revolutions. Just like the Beatles have been instrumental in the dismantlement of the U.S.S.R.

I love you! I love you all! Even if your country is about to be destroyed and civil war is about to be declared. You have inspired me no end! You showed me, you showed us all, that for a limited time at least, humanity could feel free. Not be free, that is of no consequence, but feel freedom. This is what your American dream is all about, the hope and faith that one day we will all be free, we will govern ourselves, we will have a true democracy by and for the people. It was such a great concept. But I guess, that if even you, my American friends, are unable to make it happen, us, in the rest of the world, have no chance at all.

The dream is all we have left. The dream of democracy and freedom. Oh dear, just to feel the wind on my face on a sunny sky, with a view showing me a wide area over the horizon… this is what freedom has been for me, since forever, nothing else. Perhaps this is what freedom is meant to be, or maybe this is what freedom is now reduced to.

Welcome to my world! The world of the rest of humanity, to which you have been blind for most of your life. Well, I feel somehow pleased that you will get a taste of what we have been going through for most of our lives. It ain't easy out there, you have to fight to survive, you have to become an idealist, and constantly fight for your rights to even exist, and be prepared to die at any time for what you stand for. Cowards survive, the others don't.

America has not known any of that in recent times, it has all changed now. You are no better than we are, you are exactly like us. You will learn to fight for your rights, for your existence, for what you believe in, just like we always did. You will become aware of all the tricks used by untrustworthy leaders, you will read between the lines in the media and instantly see through all the lies, and live though it, just like we did. So painful it is.

Just like us, you have no more rights. Just like us, you have no more democracy. Just like us, you have no more privacy. Just like us, you go to war and commit genocides against your will. Just like us, you have no more freedom. Have you ever wondered if this life was worth living? We always did wonder about that, we never found an answer.

Yes indeed, welcome to my world, welcome to what the world truly is and has always been, a world governed by psychopaths, tyrants and dictators, a world where there is no hope for humanity.

It was so nice for a while to cling to some sort of dream that somehow there was a land of liberty out there somewhere called America…

Roland Michel Tremblay - June 29, 2008 - source

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 07/03/2008 - 12:21pm.