Cell Phone Use... The Alarming Evidence Is In ~ Part 1 of 2

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The evidence is in - and it is overwhelming. Even at typical low power, cell phones and wireless technology cause severe biological disturbances in human cells. In August 2007, 26 medical and public health experts their Bioinitiative Report - available online - reviewing all the literature on the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Cell phone researchers not in the pay of mobile phone corporations agree on three things:

1.    Current guidelines based only on the heating effects of cell phones do not address non-heating damage to DNA, nor the effects of frequency modulation used to broadcast information and are completely inadequate to safeguard public health. Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is should not be used as a basis for a safety standard since it regulates against thermal effects only.

So far cell phone "safety codes" only regulate radiation capable of burning skin. It's like saying cigarettes aren't dangerous unless they burn you.

Cellphone manufactures insist that "many studies" show their miniature microwave ovens are safe. But when pressed by the Washington Post to back up their claim, the cellphone industry could cite no studies showing no adverse impact from cellular telephones on human tissues, nervous systems or organs.

Dr. George Carlo confirms: "The industry had come out and said that there were thousands of studies that proved that wireless phones are safe, and the fact was that there were no studies that were directly relevant."

There are more than 15,000 scientific studies reporting the cell phone health hazards. At least 66 epidemiological studies show that electromagnetic radiation increases brain tumors in human populations.
["Cell Phone Convenience or 21st Century Plague?" by Dr. Nick Begich and James Roderick earthpulse.com]


After only two minutes of cellphone exposure, the blood-brain barrier fails, allowing proteins to enter the brain that can cause nerve damage. "Molecules such as proteins and toxins can pass out of the blood, while the phone is switched on, and enter the brain. We need to bear in mind diseases such as MS and Alzheimer's are linked to proteins being found in the brain." So, adds Leif Salford of Lund University in Sweden, is Parkinson's disease. [Electronics Australia Magazine Feb/00]


Cell phone and cell phone tower radiation stress our cells, releasing DNA-damaging free radicals and stress proteins that can migrate through the opened blood-brain barrier and cause degenerative damage in the brain. Dr. Theodore Litovitz, a biophysicist and professor emeritus of physics at Catholic University, explains: "Because stress proteins are involved in the progression of a number of diseases, heavy daily cell-phone usage could lead to great incidence of disorders such as Alzheimer's and cancer."
[Reuters Apr 23/08; wirelessconsumers.org Dec03/01]

2.   Children through teenage years, and pregnant women should be kept away from cell phones and cell phone radiation. 

Alarmed British military scientists have discovered that every cell phone transmission disrupts brain functioning responsible for memory and learning. "Overuse" can cause forgetfulness and sudden confusion, as well as loss of the ability to concentrate, calculate and coordinate.

Children and teens who become hooked on cell phones face a lifetime of learning disabilities, hyperactivity, high risk from driving accidents, greatly increased acute and chronic asthma, hearing loss, vision loss, sleep disorders and cancers - as well as loss of social skills, inability to think and reason clearly, loss of contact with their surroundings.
[India Tribune Sept 17/04]

More than 2 billion people - including at least 500 million children - are using cell phones.

At least 87% of 11- to 16-year-olds own cell phones. In the USA, one in three teenagers uses a cell phone. RF/MW signals currently under discussion for inflicting on wireless classrooms throughout North America and the overdeveloped world will operate in the 2.4 GHz frequency range - two to three times higher than current cell phones. Plans are already underway to boost classroom radiation levels with "upgraded" technology emitting 5 GHz. [Uncensored (NZ) Nov 9/06; irf.univie.ac.at]

These kids may be difficult to replace, because researchers at University of Szeged in Hungary have discovered that men carrying their cell phones on standby anywhere in their clothing throughout the day produce about a third less sperm than those who do not. Of the remaining sperm, high numbers were found to be swimming erratically - significantly reducing chances of fertilization.
[BBC June 27/04]

Put men made infertile by their cell phones together with fashionable beach going women who carry their cellphones in their bikini bottoms and... We could be looking at an inadvertent cell phone cull. Especially if women are culled by bra-makers encouraging them to carry cell phones in their convenient, already cancer-prone cleavage.

The Spanish Neuro Diagnostic Research Institute in Marbella has found that a call lasting just two minutes can alter the natural electrical activity of a child's brain for up to an hour afterwards. Spanish doctors now fear that disturbed brain activity in children will lead to impaired learning ability, as well as psychiatric and behavioural problems.

Brain scans allowed Dr. Michael Klieeisen's team to see what is happening to the brains of cell phone users. "We never expected to see this continuing activity in the brain," he told the European press in new stories blacked out in the U.S.

Dr. Gerald Hyland finds the results "extremely disturbing." Parents who believe they are enhancing their children's safety and social standing by sending them back to school with cellphones could be impairing their health and ability to learn, Dr. Hyland warns. "The results show that children's brains are affected for long periods even after very short-term use. Their brain wave patterns are abnormal and stay like that for a long period. This could affect their mood and ability to learn in the classroom if they have been using a phone during break time, for instance."

These same altered brain waves "could lead to things like a lack of concentration, memory loss, inability to learn and aggressive behaviour. My advice would be to avoid mobiles."
[Mirror Dec 26/01]

Led by Sir William Stewart, the famous British biochemist and president of the British Association for the Advancement of Science biomedical specialists, the Stewart Inquiry report on "Mobile Phones and Health" was released in April 2000. Sir William said he would not allow his grandchildren to use mobile phones.
[Journal of the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine Sept /01]

In Sweden cell phones are being marketed to 5-year-olds. Olle Johansson, Associate Professor of Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm declares: "Parents should take their children away from that technology."
[Dialing Our Cells by William Thomas]

The Australian government's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) described laboratory tests as far back December 1974 showing neurons in the soft skulls of developing fetuses are extremely sensitive to heat during the process of cell division. "The mother's pelvic structure promotes deep RF radiation penetration within the developing embryo or fetus," Dr. Barnett warned. The womb's saline fluid is also highly conductive to Radio Frequencies and microwaves - and the EMF-conductive human body is 65% water-by-weight. Brain functioning may be impaired for life.
[CSIRO June 1994; irf.univie.ac.at/emf; EMFacts Consultancy Mar 26/03]

The age of cell phone users continues to drop as fast as their IQ and attention span. In 2007, the average age of first-time "users" was 10. By next year, International Data Corp forecasts the 9-and-under market will rack up an additional $1.6 billion in revenue for cell phone companies - and add another nine million child zombies in the United States alone.

According to a Eurobarometer survey of children in 29 countries, most had cellphones after age 9. "We're pretty bullish on increased usage by teenagers," exudes Adam Guy, a senior analyst at the Strategist Group. "Usage penetration is exploding."

Four in 10 people, particularly young adults, make cell phone calls to kill time as well as themselves.
[London Telegraph Oct 9/07]

Professor Mild, of Orbero University, Sweden is a Government adviser who led the research says children should not be allowed to use mobile phones. He and others want a revision of the emission standard for mobiles and other sources of radiation, which they describe as "inappropriate" and "not safe".
[London Telegraph Oct 9/07]

Dr. Salford says brain neurons that would normally not become senile until people reached their 60's, are doing so now when people reach their 30's because of cell phone exposure. [
RFSafe.com Nov26/03]

Cellular One's slogan - "Wherever you go, there we are" - takes on ominous overtones as uninformed people are buying cellphones worldwide at the rate of 25 thousand a day and succumb to PR campaigns like the one that shows a picture of a crib and bears the legend: "No Member of the Family Should Be Without One..."
[Independent Mar 30/08]

3.   The risk of contracting cancer from cell phones is about 4% of more than 2 billion users - 80 million people and rising at 25,000 new "users" every day. The risk of premature senility and contracting Alzheimer's is extreme. Most kids brought up using cell phones will be functionally senile by the time they are 30.  You only need 2000 hours on a cell - OR A CORDLESS - phone to qualify for a 2 to 4x increased likelihood of a brain (glioma) or ear (acoustic neuroma) tumor.

On a New Zealand news show, Dr. George Carlo called marketing strategies aimed at children, "grotesque" after identifying as many as 50,000 new cases of brain and eye cancer attributable to cell phone use being diagnosed every year. (Mobile users who wear metal-frame glasses intensify the exposure to their eyes and heads). Based on current epidemiological studies, that number will reach half a million cell phone cancer cases annually within the next two years.
[IsraCast Technology News July 29/05]

After heading a $28 million cell phone study from 1993 through 2001, Dr. Carlos' finding "that RF causes genetic damage" was not welcomed by his cell phone industry sponsors. Ross Adey worked on similar research funded by Motorola in 1991. After he came to similar conclusions, Motorola was adamant that Adey never mention DNA damage and radiofrequency radiation in the same breath.
[WSW July 11/02; wirelessconsumers.org Dec03/01]


It's not just cancer that makes cell phones so dangerous. Lloyd's of London refuses to insure phone manufacturers against the risk of subscribers developing cancer - and early onset Alzheimer's.
[Observer Mar11/99]

"Cumulative DNA damage in nerve cells of the brain can lead to Alzheimer's, Huntington's, and Parkinson's diseases." One type of brain cell can become cancerous from these double-strand DNA breaks at lower than the current Specific Absorption Rate exposure-standard (4 watts/kg).

It is not the total energy associated with the EMF that is critical, but rather pulsed oscillations.

Many repetitions at the higher frequency close to subtle natural rhythms cause non-thermal threshold to be reached in a shorter time. This makes cellular processes "unusually sensitive to non-thermal ELF frequency fields."

Dr. Henry Lai, a 20-year EMF researcher, and colleague Dr. N.P. Singh confirmed double-strand DNA breaks in test animals exposed for just two hours to pulsed, cell phone microwaves.
When you talk on your mobile phone at 800 MHz and 1,990 MHz, whipping anything back-and-forth 800 or 1,990 million times per second is bound to cause breakage in the double-strand DNA of human cells.

EM engineer Alasdair Philips of Britain's Powerwatch looked for people under age 40 using cell phones more than four hours a day, and found them already retired as "unfit for future work" due to early onset dementia.
[EMFacts Consultancy Mar 26/03]


Stunned by an additional $4 billion a year in claims for drivers using cell phones, North American insurers discovered that juggling phones while driving is not causing a 600% increase in accidents. Cell phones are much worse than merely dangerous driving distractions. Tests conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy found that using a cellphone severely impairs a driver's memory and reaction times by disrupting signals to and within the brain. Hands-free mobile phones cause even more crashes because they typically emit 10-times more brainwave interference than handheld units.

Phoning from inside a car or truck is a bad call for everyone in the vehicle - especially children - because the surrounding steel structure amplifies cellphone emissions "by up to 10-fold," the UK House of Commons Science and Technology Committee reports.

University of Toronto investigators report that the heightened probability of cracking up your car persists for up to a half-hour after completing a call.

"That's comparable to the risk of crashing while driving dead drunk," exclaims Dr. Chris Runball, chairman of the B.C. Medical Association's emergency medical services committee. Motorists talking on cell phones are actually more impaired than drunk drivers with blood-alcohol levels exceeding 0.08. It doesn't matter whether the phone is hand-held or hands free. [Human Factors and Ergonomics Society]

William Thomas - posted at http://www.willthomasonline.net/willthomasonline/The_Evidence_Is_In.html

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 06/18/2008 - 11:33am.


Anonymous (not verified) | Thu, 07/10/2008 - 1:05pm

RMG July 10, 2008, 11:00 a.m. This subject came to my attention this morning and to say the least it is frightful. Are we as a nation destined to destroy our country/world? What purpose results from inventing appliances as fast as possible without bothering to make them safe to use? There appears to be NO necessity under the given circumstances of harming every single living person from developing into the individual that is intended by our Maker.

John (not verified) | Fri, 06/27/2008 - 10:37am

Has any research been done with Television transmitters in regard to health? Digital TV stations tend to be lower power than the "˜analogue' but still higher than cell phones in order to have a larger range. Then although usually installed in more remote locations, analogue UHF TV stations can have an ERP of up to 1000KW (1000,000 watts) or more! Analogue TV has signals which are pulsed and include strong 50Hz (60Hz in the US) components, to give interlaced pictures of 25Hz (or 30Hz) frame rate. http://graffiti.virgin.net/ljmayes.mal/var/tvsync.htm So if mobile phones are causing a problem it would seem very likely that analogue TV stations are and whether digital or analogue, they have pulses which potentially interfere with the brain and living cells. Should TV stations be closed down? For various reasons I think that would be a good idea!