Cell Phone Use... The Alarming Evidence Is In ~ Part 2 of 2

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There are currently over 210,000 cell towers, providing 81% wireless penetration in America alone, and one would be hard-pressed to find an inhabitable place on Earth that is not within range of cell frequency transmissions. [CTIA The Wireless Association June/07]

"The electricity that comes out of every power socket has associated low frequency electromagnetic fields. Various kinds of higher frequency radiowaves are used to transmit information - whether via TV antennas, radio stations or mobile phone base stations."

"Radio, television, radar and cellular telephone antennas, and microwave ovens are the main sources of RF fields. These fields induce currents within the human body, which if sufficient can produce a range of effects."

"A magnetic field is only produced once a device is switched on and current flows."

Magnetic fields penetrate living tissue "easily."

"Magnetic fields as low as around 2 milligauss or a millionth of a Tesla can produce biological effects. Using a cell phone or a PDA exposes you to magnetic pulses that peak at several tens of microtesla, which is well over the minimum needed to give harmful effects." [Bioeffects Initiative report]

"Childhood leukemia is the most frequent childhood malignancy that peaks in the age group of 2 to about 5 years… This peak seems to have been newly evolved in the early quarter of the 20th century and may be due to electrification"… acting as synergistic activators of toxic chemical compounds, I add to the Bioeffects Initiative finding.

"Melatonin is found in nearly all organisms… it helps prevent both Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer. Long-term exposure to extremely low frequency (ELF, = 60 Hz) magnetic fields is associated with a decrease in melatonin production."

"Amyloid beta protein is generally considered the primary neurotoxic agent causally associated with Alzheimer's disease. Melatonin can inhibit the development of Alzheimer's disease and, thus, low melatonin may increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

"Low melatonin production is a likely risk factor for breast cancer… 11 of the 13 published epidemiologic residential and occupational studies are considered to provide (positive) evidence that high MF exposure can result in decreased melatonin production. (The two negative studies had important deficiencies that may certainly have biased the results.)"

"Some modulation patterns are more bioactive than others, for example, frequencies are similar to those found in brain wave patterns. Current public safety limits do not take modulation into account and thus are no longer sufficiently protective of public health where chronic exposure to pulsed or pulse-modulated signal is involved, and where sub-populations of more susceptible individuals may be at risk from such exposures." [Bioeffects Initiative report]

Cell phone researcher Dr. Peter Franch says unequivocally that brain and other "cells are permanently damaged by cellular phone frequencies." This cellular damage, Franch notes, is maximized at low power.

Much like taking repeated blows to the head, rapidly pulsing cell phones signal permanent brain damage. And the high frequency range used in today's digital cell phones is also very close to the resonant frequency of human DNA, as well as the resonant frequency of the human skull case.

As the Bioeffects Initiative report points out: "Published laboratory studies have provided evidence for more than 40 years on bioeffects at much lower intensities than cited in the various widely publicized guidelines for limits to prevent harmful effects. Many of these reports show EMF-caused changes in processes associated with cell growth control, differentiation and proliferation which are the molecular and cellular basis of cancer."

"Windows of intensity align across different carrier frequencies." [Bioeffects Initiative report]

What about all these cell phone relay towers springing up everywhere?
Our bodies - and each one of our trillions of cells - are exquisitely sensitive receiving antennas.

There are currently over 210,000 cell towers, providing 81% wireless penetration in America alone, and one would be hard-pressed to find an inhabitable place on Earth that is not within range of cell frequency transmissions.
[CTIA The Wireless Association June/07]

The work of researchers like Dr. Henry Lai, Dr. Ross Adey and Dr. Jerry Phillips show that such effects as DNA strand breaks are produced not only by short-term exposure at high intensity, but also by long-term, chronic exposure to low intensities - like that increasingly experienced by growing numbers of people from cell phone towers and microwave communication facilities.
Henry Lai found Radio Frequency Radiation like that from cell phone towers penetrates further into a child's small, growing skull.

As my friend Chris Anderson points out, "This is continuous exposure, and it is not optional."

Sydney Australia first city to go wireless say a significant jump in allergies and deaths.

By 2005, more than 500 cell tower disputes around the country ended up in court. But federal law prohibits towns from rejecting a transmission tower on the grounds that it poses health concerns. [New York Times May 1/05]

Now, cell phones small enough to fit inside a cigarette case have decreased reception so base stations must boost their microwave transmissions 15% to 20%.
[New York Times Mar 10/03]

Findings by the Associated Bioelectromagnetics Technologists show that RF exposure from cell phones and cell phone relay towers "is wholly correlated with the repeatedly documented increased incidence of autism - now reported by at least some researchers as greater than 1 per 100 newborn."

A tiny piece of mineral used in your phone called coltan is causing a frenzied rush for its extraction in strip mines across the Congo - exploiting children, razing pristine forests, wiping out up to 90% of all mountain gorillas, and has already led to the rape of more than 250,000 women as old as 75 and girls as young as three.

Since consumers don't have any idea where the coltan in their phones comes from, please stop buying them until guidelines guaranteeing the provenance of cell phone and wireless laptop computers come in.

"The conclusion that, if health effects of commonly encountered RF exposures exist, they must be small, is wrong. The evidence points to a quite substantial hazard. Scientific research has shown that the public is not being protected from potential damage that can be caused by exposure to EMF, both power frequency (ELF) and radio frequency (RF)."

"There is a need for a biological standard to replace the thermal standard and to also protect against cumulative effects across the EM spectrum."

One main conclusion from the worldwide NATO meetings in 2005: "Worldwide harmonization of standards have to be based on biological responses."

"DNA damage (strand breaks), a cause of cancer, occurs at levels of ELF and RF that are below the safety limits. Also, there is no protection against cumulative effects stimulated by different parts of the EM spectrum."

"ELF limits for public exposure should be revised to reflect increased risk of breast cancer at environmental levels possibly as low as 2 milliGauss or 3 mG."

"There is substantial scientific evidence that some modulated fields (pulsed or repeated signals) are bioactive, which increases the likelihood that they could have health impacts with chronic exposure even at very low exposure levels. Modulation signals may interfere with normal, nonlinear biological processes."

"Current standards have ignored modulation as a factor in human health impacts, and thus are inadequate in the protection of the public in terms of chronic exposure to some forms of ELFmodulated RF signals… The collective papers on modulation appear to be omitted from consideration."

Professor Khurana has placed his considerable reputation behind warning: "Unless the industry and governments take immediate and decisive steps, the incidence of malignant brain tumours and associated death rate will be observed to rise globally within a decade from now - by which time it may be much too late to medically intervene."
[Independent Mar 30/08]

"Dr. George Carlo predicts surefire disaster, and the complete destruction of the health care system from electromagnetic radiation alone." Right now, the Bioeffects Initiative report indicates that as many as one in 10 people suffer debilitating effects from electromagnetic sensitivities. EMR expert Chris Anderson predicts, "In the next 5 to 10 years, fully half the developed world's population could suffer disability from EMR. [Chris Anderson EMR expert - correspondence with the author.)

After carefully reviewing more than 100 clinical studies showing that using "hands free" and regular cell phones for 10 years or more can double the risk of brain cancer, PhD Vini Khurana - who has received 14 awards while publishing more than three dozen scientific papers - predicts that cell phones will kill far more people than either smoking or asbestos. Smoking continues to cull some five million people worldwide every year, while asbestos exposure in England continues to claim as many corpses as road accidents. [Independent Mar 30/08]

In September 2007, the EU's European Environment Agency (EEA) and the country of Germany both issued warnings to their citizens advising them to avoid the use of WiFi and cell phones until further long term studies are conducted, citing fears that the ubiquitous use of wireless technology has the potential to become the next public health disaster on the level of tobacco smoking, asbestos, and lead in automobile gas. [naturalnews.com]

Dr. Vini Khurana urges everyone to stop using cell phones immediately. [Independent Mar 30/08]

Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, director general of the World Health Organisation, former Norwegian prime minister and licensed physician emphasized: Making shorter calls does not help,
[Microwave News Mar-Apr/02; Dagbladet Norge Mar 9/02]

The only way to ensure complete protection against being turned into a zombie by cell phones is to avoid using them except in emergencies when no other voice communication is available - at the max, experts suggest, one or two minutes per month.


1. Do not use a cell phone for longer than one minute twice a month.

2. Do not live within two miles or five kilometers from a cell phone tower. Get the tower removed. Or move.

3. In your home, unplug all electrical appliances when not in use. (Switching TVs and similar devices "off" does not turn them off. Intersecting electrical fields result.)

4. Avoid using wireless routers and portable phones.

5. Keep your bedroom free of electrical appliances, especially near your head while you sleep. Use a battery-operated alarm clock - never a plug-in clock radio! Unplug lamps when not in use.

6. Replace dimmer switches with regular switches to eliminate high-frequency radiation - the "dirty electricity" hidden in your home's most likely improperly grounded electrical wiring. (Even if done to Code.)

7. Take the best quality daily vitamin and mineral supplements program you can get your hands on.

William Thomas - posted at http://www.willthomasonline.net/willthomasonline/The_Evidence_Is_In.html

If this isn't enough to scare you... nothing will! ~ SadInAmerica

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