NH Bill Proposed To Impeach Bush

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To boost her campaign for a bill that would call for the impeachment of President Bush over the Iraq war, an 87-year-old great-grandmother drummed up support Monday from the whistleblower who leaked secret Pentagon documents during the Vietnam War.

It's unlikely that HR24 would pass, but Betty Hall, a Democrat and longtime representative from Brookline, is hopeful. Hall is the only sponsor of the bill, which is scheduled for debate on Wednesday.

"We are trying to make history by being the first Legislature to forward a petition to Congress under Section 603 of the Jefferson Manual," she said. "I'm feeling very good about it."

Hall was referring to the "Manual of Parliamentary Practice for the Use of the Senate of the United States," written by President Thomas Jefferson in 1801.

In 2004, Hall was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after she wouldn't move away from a Nashua motorcade Bush was scheduled to drive by. The case was later dismissed when a judge ruled the evidence didn't fit the charge.

On hand to support Hall's cause Monday was Daniel Ellsberg, who in 1971 leaked to the media the "Pentagon Papers," secret documents that indicated the government deceived the public about whether the Vietnam War could be won. Ellsberg faced up to 115 years in prison, but the charges were dismissed because of government misconduct against him.

"They are domestic enemies of the United States' Constitution," Ellsberg said of Bush and Vice President Cheney. He said he hopes impeachment proceedings could shed light on classified information from the Bush administration.

In February, the State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee voted not to recommend the bill by a 10-5 vote following a hearing.

Even if HR 24 passed, Andrew Smith, director of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, believes it would have little effect.

"Anybody can petition Congress to do a number of things, but that doesn't mean they will do it," said Smith, who doesn't believe Bush could be impeached in an election year.

"There's just not enough time in the legislative calendar to put something like that in," Smith said. "And Democrats don't have the votes to push this through."

A handful of states have introduced similar legislation, including Vermont, New Mexico, Missouri, Washington, California, Illinois and Minnesota.

Residents of Brattleboro and Marlboro, Vt., voted to have Bush and Cheney arrested and indicted if they set foot in either town. A long-shot U.S. Senate candidate, Laurie Dobson, is pushing a similar initiative in her hometown of Kennebunkport, Maine.

Bush's job approval ratings have fallen to 28 percent nationally, according to an Associated Press poll. Only about 31 percent of the population approves of the way he has handled the war in Iraq.

In New Hampshire, his approval ratings are 26 percent, according to a Granite State poll conducted by Smith's center. Seventy percent disapproved of how he has handled the Iraq war.

AP - Concord, NH - April 15, 2008 - posted at www.roguegovernment.com

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 04/15/2008 - 11:57am.