Lorreta Lynch Threatens Dave Hodges and Other Powerful Radio Hosts for Revealing Truth About the Refugee-Resettlement Program

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Steve Quayle calls her Loretta Lynch(mob). I call her a domestic terrorist who is intent on destroying the Constitution. In the past 24 hours, I have been told by multiple sources that I am going to be prosecuted for anti-Muslim rhetoric by the Federal government. ~ Dave Hodges




I do not engage in anti-Muslim rhetoric. However, in the aftermath of several terrorist events (e.g. San Bernardino) I have unashamedly called for all Muslim immigrants to be screened for suitability to enter the United States.

If they are unwilling to assimilate, they do not belong here. That means if they expect to bring their Sharia Law and intend it to be a replacement for the Constitution, as many do, then they need to be denied admittance.

Further, all backgrounds of any immigrant needs to be investigated. If there is the slightest hint of terrorism or criminal activity of any kind, then they need to (a) be deported or (b) denied entry.

In the name of political correctness, I will not support any religious/political doctrine whose intention is to supplant any part of the Constitution. The American people do not owe their country to immigrants who do not add to the quality of American life. As the sign says, we have the right to refuse service to anybody.

My father's immigrant family had to go through a seven year naturalization period. They had to pass tests on speaking English, the Constitution, and American History.

Now, we labor under despots, like Loretta Lynch(mob) who expect Americans to sacrifice their rights and their safety in the name of her version of political correctness.

Now my name is circulating on lists as I am listed as a target for the criminal intentions to prosecute me for expressing my First Amendment rights.

Is this a real threat? It is real enough that I have consulted with my attorney.


Loretta Lynch and Her Attack Upon the Bill of Rights

I was told yesterday, by no less than 40 people, that  Attorney, Loretta Lynch(Mob), has threatened to prosecute myself, personally, and other talk show hosts for revealing the truth about the Refugee/Resettlement Program which is bringing in hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants from parts of the world who traditionally hate Americans and mean us harm.

Loretta Lynch(mob's) FBI is not even allowed to investigate the background of even one immigrant. This is national suicide. Subsequently, Loretta Lynch should be immediately run from office.

The FBI states that approximately 10% of any Muslim population is radicalized and should be considered a threat to the national security of the United States. That means I don't worry about the 90%, but I do worry about the 10% and I want to know which 10% I have to be concerned about.  

As a result, I have repeatedly called for stopping the importation of Muslims who are not adequately screened for being a security risk. In doing so, I and my broadcasting brethren have drawn the apparent ire of Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

She is threatening to jail any talk show hosts who dares to point out the obvious dangers associated with the Refugee/Resettlement Program.


To Ms. Lynch, I Say "BRING IT ON"!


I broadcast by satellite and we are heard by an estimated two million people between Global Star Radio Network, Superstations WMQM and WMVA, and their affiliates, along with TalkNetwork.com.

Our equipment is sophisticated and these "accidents" don't just happen. The very next day, while interviewing Michael Adams from Natural News, my broadcast partner, James White, was taken down four times AT THE EXACT TIME HE WAS ASKING MIKE ADAMS A QUESTION. There is no way that this was a coincidence.

When The Common Sense Show was small and unnoticed, TPTB left us alone. No More! Even my listen by phone option was taken out on Sunday night, which has nothing to do with the satellite. This was an orchestrated hit.

The DOJ and Loretta Lynchmob are at the top of the list of suspects. The people that many of you depend on to bring you the truth are being attacked.

In short, we are being targeted for exercising our First Amendment Rights  for telling the truth about the danger associated with admitting unscreened Muslim immigrants into the United States.

This is an insane practice and it should be apparent that President Obama and Loretta Lynch don't care about the safety of individual Americans.

I was sent this on December 16 2015. I have received 4 phone calls. This communication is beginning to get legs. "Loretta Lynch Threatens To Shut These Radio Shows Down! Heads up for those who listen to some of these radio broadcasts…




If you go to the last link, you will see how we are being targeted I called one of my sources and asked him about this. He laughed at me and said

"of course you, Hagmann, Quayle, Jones, Wells… all of you ____s are on their list and they have definitive plans for your demise… get real Hodges!"

If you listen to the Independent Media, get used to this. You are going to see shows disappear. You may even see talk show hosts disappear. These are the times that we live in.


Denise Simon Interview

Yesterday, The CSS interviewed terrorism expert, Denise Simon. The details are frightening about what is truly going on.

To listen to Denise Simon speak about how potential terrorists are coming into America, unscreened and unchallenged, this is a must listen interview. Denise Simon is one of the most respected experts on terrorism in the country.

Listen to Denise Simon by clicking HERE






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December 16, 2015 - KnowTheLies


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 12/16/2015 - 9:02pm.


chillacious (not verified) | Sun, 12/20/2015 - 3:15am

"Anti Muslim rhetoric", Also known as TRUTH by
most!! How DARE her pretend to represent America,
or it's Citizens with this BS!!! Anti muslim
rhetoric is protected speech under our First