Leaked White House Memo Proves Obama Is Secretly Planning For A 3rd Term!!!

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It's against the Constitution of the United States to hold the office of  president for more than 2 terms. There is plenty of historical precedent set as to why this should be the case. In 1799, Jonathan Trumbull Jr., the governor of Connecticut who was George Washington's military secretary strongly had urged Washington to run for a 3rd term. ~v Matt Bradson

Trumbull encouraged Washington stating, "…you will not disappoint the hopes and desires of the wise and good in every state, by refusing to come forward once more to the relief and support of your injured country."

Quite similarly, our beloved country today is "injured," and using a similar backdrop of turmoil and hardship; there is growing talk in strong and powerful political circles that Obama is positioning himself to do what Washington didn't do.

Trumbull stated that if Washington at the time, didn't seek a 3rd term, then "the next election of President, I fear, will have a very ill-fated issue." This type of reasoning and the parallels behind it hold truer today than ever in our nation's history.

The fact that Hillary Clinton, who had a big falling out with Obama would be the Democratic nominee and the huge mess on the Republican side has increased the prospect of Obama issuing executive order and paving the way to run for his sought after 3rd term.

Although George Washington had many compelling reasons at the time to not run for a 3rd term; seeking sojourn and retirement. He also cited the heated political climate of the time, similar to today.

Washington despised the fact that politics had amounted to candidates "attacking every character, without respect to persons."

This is exactly how it's playing out on both the Democratic and Republican sides.

Obama's statements and hesitation in endorsing Democratic candidates has been a big giveaway of his intentions.

The fact that Joe Biden, citing his reasons for mourning his son's death and not being in that state of mind or time in his life to run has caused Obama to take more drastic measures here.

His running mate Biden declining the presidential bid last month on October 21 2015 was the big move that has forced Obama to take matters into his own hands. He indeed has.

Obtaining this classified white house memo  shows Obama's true intentions.


Even though we have the 22nd Amendment which limits a person can be elected more than twice, that seems to be merely a small obstacle for Obama. When he pushed Obamacare and imposed on peoples' freedoms to choose their own healthcare, did he try to abide by the US Constitution…

Quite frankly, when has Obama ever let the US Constitution stop him from what he wants to do?

This leaked White House memo confirms that the Obama administration is planning it all out.  Obama will use an executive order to rule he can run for a 3rd term.

Whenever he has ran into opposition or had to deal with bipartisan political issues, Obama simply uses the stroke of the pen and issues his executive order.

Historically he has issued more executive orders than any president in US history.

Obama has cunningly deployed another form of executive action known as a presidential or executive memorandum or memo and he has issued these memoranda more than any president.

He is taking advantage over the fact that there is no constitutional provision or statute that spells out and allows or disallows either an Executive Order or and Executive Memorandum.

Although both an executive order and executive memorandum that he writes out in small print have the full force of the law.

What's not certain is what the aggressor could be the memo alludes to.  Perhaps Obama is considering a full on war to try to keep himself in office.

Just like executive orders don't require any action from Congress whatsoever, and carry the same force, Obama conveniently issues presidential memoranda for whatever he pleases to accomplish.

This way he doesn't have to deal with Congress or roll his sleeves and be involved in the nation's political process. This has many prominent legal scholars, and political activists very concerned.

Finally, executive orders are numbered. After the 20th century, presidents that issues executive orders put a number next to each one.

However, Obama has found the loophole he needs by issuing these memos or memoranda which don't have a requirement to be numbered. So there is no accountability into how many he's issuing and throws government transparency out the window.

It makes sense, since Obama has been using these sneaky tactics for so long. A memorandum sounds so much of a less threatening word than an executive order.

George Washington, who was such a noble man and fought for the freedoms of every individual citizen of this country would probably be rolling in his grave knowing the type of maneuvering Obama has been doing as president.

Well the American people won't stand for it.  It won't matter what he does, no 3rd term!

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 12/03/2015 - 5:41pm.